Arches Lane, Circus West Village, London, SW11 8AB GB This show is now closed.
This show is now closed.

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Burlesque'd description

Burlesque'd Live!

Step into the glamour and magic of Burlesque'd, A cirque-musical fusion.

Burlesque’d features Emmerdale star Kelsey Beth Crossley and West End showgirls including Charlotte Gooch (Top Hat, Flashdance, Dirty Dancing).

Come breathe in the diamonds, lace and glitter and step into a "La Vie En Rose" world!

Created and choreographed by Ashley Luke Lloyd, Burlesque'd is an immersive dream world of beauty, mystery and dreams whatever your shape or size!

"Empowering body confidence from around the globe!"

Burlesque'd tells the story of passionate showgirls with the zest to shine!