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Kay Kay shenfield
Great show

Liked the staging and the humour.

17 November 2017
Nehal Nehal London
Brilliant and clever. Bravo

The play is about Rupert Murdoch's invasion in the British press, beginning with the purchase of The Sun from The Daily Mirror group. The plot centres around the first year of The Sun, where the sole goal is to defeat The Daily Mirror in readership by the end of the year. Backed by a cracking good script and great dialogue delivery gives the play a head-start. Add to this the superbly creative set design (the set is not only horizontal, but uses the vertical dimension as well. A corner of the set is set-up (sorry for the pun) as a multi-storey office, while one part of the stage descends into the basement and re-appears at the appropriate moment. The timing of the descent & ascent of this part of the stage is impeccable! The sound design is another delight - the use of typewriters, banging of type-set alphabets (before the advent of desk top publishing) and the use of printing noises is absolutely brilliant! The cast does a superb job as well. Fantastically crisp, well-timed and emotive dialogue delivery and very gutsy acting. Bravo!

12 November 2017
Linda Linda Bedford
Best play we have seen for a long time.

An excellent play. Actors were superb and enjoyed every minute.

10 November 2017
Camilla Camilla London
Sun shock horror

For those who remember the early days of aggressive tabloid journalism in the 70's and the rise of Rupert Murdoch, then this is for you. Told in a very funny and irreverent way. Murdoch appeared as a mix of Rigsby and Uriah Heap.

01 November 2017
Joan Joan Bicester

I thoùght it showed the background as to the way papers found a process to create stories and what happened to those that gave their time willingly. All for money which is the way of our world now.

21 October 2017
David David Teddington

Powerful production, gripped from start to finish, and Richard Coyle was outstanding as Larry Lamb.

20 October 2017
James Thomas James Thomas London
The Set, the Set, The Set.

Why didn't you ask about the set? It was fabulous.... unbelievably realistic and true-to-life. Almost worth the price of admission in itself.

13 October 2017
N. N. London

Good story, informative and entertaining. Recommended!

15 September 2017