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<strong>Jacqueline</strong> Jacqueline TR3 6HS
good quality show

Excellent acting

30 October 2015
<strong>James</strong> James London
Clever and Amusing

Great story, very clever and amusing, excellent acting by everyone. A really great night out. Jim Reeve

21 October 2015
<strong>Graham</strong> Graham Oakworth

Nothing to write home about

20 October 2015
<strong>Frederick</strong> Frederick Beccles
Classic comedy

Entertaining and wonderful acting.

16 October 2015
<strong>Kathleen</strong> Kathleen Waltham cross
Extremely hilarious

Excellent show, really enjoyed it, acting was extremely good, laughed out loud, so funny, would recommend it to anyone

05 October 2015
<strong>Colin</strong> Colin Brentwood
Best at being Ernest

We very much enjoyed the show. It was a very good production of a play I have seen many times before. All the actors & actresses were excellent. It has good sets. For anyone who likes this sort of theatre I recommend that you go and see it.

01 October 2015
<strong>Karen Hume</strong> Karen Hume Oslo
Colorful, educational for youngsters!

The world is blessed to have David Suchet! And the whole cast are just sooooo fabulous! My husband in Norway gave me a plane ticket to go to London to see the show! as a birthday present! Even though we have given everything we own away, he said it is a must before leaving the planet earth! Best evening ever! (next to loving each other.....) Best regards Karen

27 September 2015
<strong>Stacey</strong> Stacey East St KIlda

I am a great fan of this play and this was the first time I had seen it performed live. Loved David Suchet as Lady Bracknell and miss Prism was perfect. A lovely time at the vaudeville theatre

25 September 2015
<strong>Ronald</strong> Ronald Broadway Ilminster
Great to see David as Lady Bracknell

We enjoyed the show but the actors were talking very fast. If I had not known the play I would have found it difficult to follow. Also Cecily's little girl voice was irritating. The scenery sets were fantastic

24 September 2015
<strong>Alexander</strong> Alexander Oslo
Amazing. Simply amazing.

A great show. A great cast. David Suchet was as god in a female role, as in every male roles he has played. No less admirations for the rest of the cast. Amazingly talented actors, passionately performing a classical text, bringing something new in Wild's play. If you want to feel good, to laugh from heart, to see something greatly and masterly made - I recomend that it is IMPORTANT to see The Importance of Being Earnest. Alexander Angelov

19 September 2015
<strong>Shelley</strong> Shelley Pontypridd

We loved this show, an absolute ensemble piece, but the standouts were Cicely and Algernon, brilliant to watch even when they weren't the focus of the scene, i'd recommend it to anyone who wants a laugh

03 September 2015
<strong>paul</strong> paul Gillingham
The Importance Of Being Suchet

Forget his wonderful TV performances, David Suchet's stage presence is gargantuan. Having seen him on stage before, I knew what to expect, but this was absolutely terrific. These period pieces are sometimes difficult to find the humour in, not so this adaptation, I didn't realise how funny this play is. The (in the main) young cast must revel in the chance to 'up their game' competing against an old 'pro' like Suchet. From the Robert Downey Jnr lookalike, Philip Cumbus to another veteran, Michelle Dotrice, the cast gelled very nicely together. A wonderful experience, especially as it was a birthday treat for my Wife and me. Many thanks to those who brought it into being and those who performed it.

24 August 2015
<strong>Susan</strong> Susan Skipton

David Suchet was excellent, supporting cast not so good

29 July 2015
<strong>Claire</strong> Claire Burton on Trent
Great acting!

The play is taken to another level of enjoyment when the actors are so superb. Suchet is of course brilliant, but the rest of the cast gave insightful and witty interpretations.

25 July 2015
<strong>Henry</strong> Henry Maidstone
Great entertainment

The show was great fun to watch and the three set designs were quite impressive and really help to set the scene. The plot was very easy to follow and it was amusing watching the story unravel on stage

20 July 2015
<strong>Claire</strong> Claire London
Genius writing deserves top class acting- and this is what you get. An absolute joy.

This is a theatrical triumph from beginning to end. From perfect set, to fabulous costumes, and superb acting, transforming an 1895 classic into a modern gem. I had a smile on my face from beginning to end, as did my 13 year old son.Do not miss the opportunity to remind yourself of the true brilliance of a talented author. Inspiring.

16 July 2015
<strong>Kathleen</strong> Kathleen Redmond
A+ acting and witty script

Two out of the four people in my party don't usually enjoy the theater, but all four of us enjoyed this show immensely. The witty script and comedic skills of the actors kept us all entertained up to the last minute. A fantastic choice for our London theater event.

09 July 2015
<strong>Narwinder</strong> Narwinder Bedford
A must see

Super show & superb cast. Very funny. One of the best productions we have seen.

02 July 2015