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Stuart King

Review: FIX at the Pleasance Theatre

Fix - Pleasance Theatre A house in the woods, its old woman occupant and a storm closing-in. What looks like a simple ‘pitch-up, fix washing machine and leave’ scenario for repairman Kevin, takes on an altogether darker and more sinister tone in Julie Tsang’s new play at The Pleasance.

Unfortunately, what promises to be a compelling yarn unravels somewhat as things progress.

We learn that it is no coincidence that Kevin (Mikey Anthony-Howe) is the man who finds himself face to face with Li Na (Tina Chiang) and ghosts from his past.

Rachel Wingate, Ali Hunter and Richard Bell have collectively designed a production which benefits from creepy lighting and sound effects which gradually draw-in, unsettle and unnerve audience members in Jen Tan’s minimally directed, budget conscious piece.

But whilst it strives and partially succeeds in conveying atmospherics, overall, the 2 cast members can only work with what they’ve been given, and ultimately the promised riches of Chinese mythological superstition (yellow dragons, white serpents etc) and the supernatural, never quite reach their potential and they serve merely to take a man back to his childhood to relive a harrowing experience which was long-ago consigned to his subconscious.

The ultimate purpose remains something of a mystery for the characters, as is the intention of the playwright in writing the piece.