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  • Running time: 2hr 45min. Incl. 15min interval.
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Hamilton in London

Experience the revolutionary energy of Hamilton as the award-winning musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to captivate audiences in the West End. Since its debut on Broadway in August 2015, Hamilton has garnered widespread attention and critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. This cultural phenomenon promises an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Why you should see Hamilton The Musical

  • Hamilton contains an electrifying fusion of history and hip-hop, resulting in a groundbreaking musical that has revolutionised storytelling.
  • Has obtained an impressive collection of accolades including 11 Tony Awards and 7 Olivier Awards.
  • Talking of awards, Hamilton has also won a Pulitzer, something few musicals have accomplished.

Hamilton the Musical – The story

This is the life story of Alexander Hamilton, inspired by the 2004 biography from historian Ron Chernow. The score mashes up rap, R&B and operetta, creating an unmissable portrait of the man whose face graces the ten dollar bill, and without whom the USA would probably be a very different place. He made history, and this musical is set to do the same. As President Obama added, “It’s a story for all of us – about all of us.

The cast album was streamed online by literally millions of Americans. And all over the nation people are singing those tunes at work, at home, in the streets. Seldom has a stage musical scored such a massive hit with people of every age, gender and race. Premium tickets were on sale for over five hundred dollars at one stage, pricing many audience members out of the market completely, and tickets on the Black Market were, apparently, going for three times that much. The show's Daily Lottery for ten dollar tickets was so badly over-subscribed the lottery website crashed. All of which means this is probably going to end up one of the shows of the decade, and it's already being eagerly awaited in London's West End.

Join thousands of audiences from across the world and witness firsthand the cultural phenomenon that is Hamilton. Don't miss your opportunity to be part of history – secure your tickets today and prepare to be amazed by the magic of this musical.

Hamilton Official Theatre Tickets

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Hamilton Ticket Information

  • Booking until:

    Saturday, 29 March 2025

  • Running time:

    2hr 45min. Incl. 15min interval.

  • Age restrictions

    Ages 10+. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied and sat next to a ticketholder who is at least 18. Children under the age of 3 won't be admitted. Everyone must have their own ticket to enter.

  • Important Information

    Latecomers won't be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

  • Cancellations & Refunds

    Once booked, tickets to Hamilton are usually non exchangeable and non refundable as per our terms & conditions. In practice, however, we will do our best to accommodate your request as long as we are notified at least 48 hours before the performance. Please contact us for more information.

Next Performances for Hamilton at the Victoria Palace

today 15th Jun 2024 2:30pm from £68.00 7:30pm from £98.00
Monday 17th Jun 2024 7:30pm from £68.00
Tuesday 18th Jun 2024 7:30pm from £47.00
Wednesday 19th Jun 2024 7:30pm from £68.00
Thursday 20th Jun 2024 2:30pm from £62.00 7:30pm from £68.00
Friday 21st Jun 2024 7:30pm from £86.00

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Hamilton reviews

4.7 out of 5 642 reviews

What to expect:

  • Recommended for:
  • Teenagers (86%)
  • Couples (88%)
  • Theatregoers (93%)
Latest customer reviews

All reviews are from customers who have been invited to leave a review just after seeing Hamilton.


Not my cup of tea

Be a Hip Hop Fan

T Reviewed on 12 June 2024 by
North Las Vegas, United States Of America


So much to watch on stage at one time

Modern music. Fantastic dancers . So much to watch

M Reviewed on 11 June 2024 by
Exeter, United Kingdom


If you have travelled from afar & you are resting pre the show make sure you set 2 alarms. Wr didn’t & when we woke up the Show was over! !!! And we received this review request for the Show we booked but never made it too!!

J Reviewed on 06 June 2024 by
Kew, Australia



Brilliant show, very active and entertaining

S Reviewed on 06 June 2024 by
Warrington, United Kingdom


Creative, absolutely genius

Brilliant show, bit complicated story so not suitable for young children. But incredible singing, genius music, what was not to like?

A Reviewed on 06 June 2024 by
Herts, United Kingdom


Awesome and worth seeing.

Took my 13 year daughter to see the show as it is her favourite. We both loved it. Worth a visit to see it.

G Reviewed on 04 June 2024 by
Tonbridge, United Kingdom


Brilliant entertainment

A terrific 2 hours in a beautiful theatre. Highly recommend.

E Reviewed on 04 June 2024 by
Kilbrittain, Ireland


Excellent show , theatre seating VERY uncomfortable

Hamilton is excellent show, catchy music, super talented performers would recommend.

C Reviewed on 02 June 2024 by
Mullingar, Ireland



L Reviewed on 02 June 2024 by
Clovis, United States Of America


Vibrant theatre experience

This was a fun theatre experience. It was educational, but in an exciting and contemporary way. The lyrics were witty. There was humour and pathos. I’d recommend it sincerely.

S Reviewed on 31 May 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


Had I known it was Rap and Hip hop we would nevber have booked

The noise level was deafening, the seats, absolutely no room to move and we are slim though my husband 6'4" - our mistake - we had no idea it was rap and hip hop! We left at half time to retain our sense of hearing!!

N Reviewed on 29 May 2024 by
Remuera, New Zealand


Fabulous version

It was just so very well done. The rap presentation was refreshing

I Reviewed on 29 May 2024 by
Driffield, United Kingdom


The music was so loud I couldn't understand what the cast was singing. Left the show before intermission. I love Broadway and thought I might like this show. Didn't and would not recommend it. Waste of money!

D Reviewed on 26 May 2024 by
Florence, United States Of America


Show was good very professional. It would help to know the story about Alexander Hamilton before seeing the show. I found it difficult to understand the story as the majority of the show was through singing and I missed a lot of the story

K Reviewed on 25 May 2024 by
Richmond, Australia


Absolutely Amazing!

W Reviewed on 24 May 2024 by
Airdrie, United Kingdom


Friendly service

Special hanks to the ticket office, excellent and unwaited service. Added to the positive experience to follow the show.

A Reviewed on 24 May 2024 by
Helsinki, Finland



B Reviewed on 15 May 2024 by
Winnipeg, Canada


Entertaining from beginning to end!

K Reviewed on 14 May 2024 by
Ft Lauderdale, United States Of America



Sorry not for us

T Reviewed on 14 May 2024 by
Macclesfield, United Kingdom


Great show

B Reviewed on 11 May 2024 by
Camarillo, United States Of America


Great show

A fantastic show that will have you laughing and crying. A great set in the background for the cast to display their talent.

K Reviewed on 11 May 2024 by
Mansfield, United Kingdom



B Reviewed on 05 May 2024 by
Chatsworth, United States Of America



I thought it was a great presented and acted show lighting was superb although sound was a little dull in places. It tells the story in a modern way with both singing and rap. I consider it a modern form of Shakespeare. Would return again

S Reviewed on 05 May 2024 by
Uckfield, United Kingdom


Insight to history

T Reviewed on 26 April 2024 by
Helsinkk, Finland


A real extravaganza!!

Fabulous - great singing, excellent script, energetic and exciting but also very moving. Loved every minute!

T Reviewed on 26 April 2024 by
St.martin De Villereal, France



W Reviewed on 25 April 2024 by
Derry, United Kingdom


A creative twist on politics

L Reviewed on 20 April 2024 by
Benoni, South Africa



C Reviewed on 16 April 2024 by
Rehburg, Germany


Phenomenal Show

Phenomenal show , can't believe i waited so long to go see.

T Reviewed on 15 April 2024 by
Gorey, Co. Wexford, Ireland


A theatrical masterpiece

A Reviewed on 14 April 2024 by
Horsham, United Kingdom



excellent show. not a fault

W Reviewed on 05 April 2024 by
Dundee, United Kingdom



P Reviewed on 03 April 2024 by
Neuhausen, Germany


Nothing less than amazing ⭐

S Reviewed on 01 April 2024 by
København S, Denmark


Fabulous, entertaining and performances and music were amazing

A Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by
Oxford, United Kingdom


Amazing! Can’t wait to see it again!

R Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by
St. Thomas, United States Of America


Hamilton not what you think

I was disappointed with the show. It was too long, boaring for lengthy periods, the subject is remote history and not that attractive and lack of action and drama was evident.

M Reviewed on 30 March 2024 by
Herzliya, Israel


Must see

Brilliant. Fantastic music and screenplay. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend to anyone.

T Reviewed on 28 March 2024 by
Oslo, Norway


Thoroughly enjoyed this theatre production

The show was spectacular. Very interesting story and presentation. Music was superb. Voices were incredible. It was funny and gripping at the same time. I felt I learned something about American history and Alexander Hamilton’s role in it.

S Reviewed on 27 March 2024 by
Kamloops, Canada



The best I have ever seen! Cried a lot, this show felt strong and enormous amounts of energy came over the public. Overwhelming cast! Nothing beats this show; Hamilton!

E Reviewed on 22 March 2024 by
Lisse, Netherlands


A must see!

N Reviewed on 21 March 2024 by
Surrey, Canada


We've seen this play three times now, and by far this production was the best.

This was the third time my husband and I have seen "Hamilton" and it was by far the best.

B Reviewed on 17 March 2024 by
Cardiff By The Sea, United States Of America


Bland set, bland costumes, poor acoustics for vocals

The stage set was strange. It looked like a stable, whilst most of the show was set in residences and government buildings - very odd. Not much in the way of costumes either and the vocals were quite muddy up “in the gods”. If you know the story - enjoy, if you don’t it was hard to work out what was going on as you couldn’t hear the words.

H Reviewed on 15 March 2024 by
Cheltenham, United Kingdom


Learning from history

F Reviewed on 01 March 2024 by
Geneva, Switzerland


A brilliantly staged production.

I was a little lost at times as it was very fast paced but it was a very good story about the war for independence. There were no weak performances and the singing from all on stage was exceptional. The staging and choreography were beautifully done. Overall 10 out of 10 from me. Don't think anyone under 16 would be able to follow it unless they had an interest in American History.

J Reviewed on 28 February 2024 by
Nottingham, United Kingdom


Powerful, sensitive, touching

Amazing story, powerful music, excellent performance. I cheered, I cried, I enjoyed. I recommend reading the lyrics in advance, if you are not a native English speaker, it is a lot of words. See the show!

M Reviewed on 25 February 2024 by
Rävlanda, Sweden


Creative, different, topical!

T Reviewed on 22 February 2024 by
Crozet, France


Great show….Not so great venue.

S Reviewed on 22 February 2024 by
Norwich, United Kingdom


Historic and creative genius

R Reviewed on 21 February 2024 by
Dublin 11, Ireland


So cool!

D Reviewed on 16 February 2024 by
Münster, Germany


Amazing experience

The show was just fabulous. It’s been made very creatively .. the choreography is just too good and the dancers do it amazing justice. All the cast have been well selected and do their roles perfectly. The singing is outstanding and the heart wrenching acting towards the end with the subtleness in the singing brought me to tears .., just too god overall.

P Reviewed on 15 February 2024 by
Barnet, United Kingdom


Good night out.

Great show and singing was fantastic. The acting and story telling was brilliant and made the audience think of the play and let their imagination work. The view from the Grand circle was great as it gave us a insight of how the actors moved on stage as this can be missed from the stalls. The only downside was the lack of leg room.

F Reviewed on 11 February 2024 by
Devizes, United Kingdom


What an outstanding show! The cast were all amazing. Definitely worth going to see! My daughter wants to see it again!

D Reviewed on 11 February 2024 by
Swindon, United Kingdom


Hamilton in London

I was super excited to see the amazing story of Hamilton in London… Great cast and I will come back

J Reviewed on 10 February 2024 by
Atlanta, United States Of America


Congratulations to “Angelica”

We were at the last performance before the actor’s maternity leave. We wish her the best of luck!

D Reviewed on 09 February 2024 by
Bratislava, Slovakia


Very creative in delivering a musical

I Reviewed on 08 February 2024 by
Tko, Nt, Hong Kong



S Reviewed on 06 February 2024 by
Malmö, Sweden


Great songs and singers.

R Reviewed on 01 February 2024 by
Kendal, United Kingdom


Imaginative, original, essential viewing

Highly original and imaginative. Great story, staging and music all brilliantly performed put together and performed by a terrific cast.

P Reviewed on 31 January 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


Excellent show

Amazing talent from all the cast, fantastic to watch

U Reviewed on 28 January 2024 by
Northampton, United Kingdom


An uplifting, upbeat epic

This is moving, inspirational, entertaining and heart warming.

J Reviewed on 27 January 2024 by
Southampton, United Kingdom


Great show and deserving of all the accolades

Great show and perfect venue. We thoroughly enjoyed the show and can understand all the accolades and awards it has received. Bravo to all involved.

C Reviewed on 22 January 2024 by
Melville, Australia


Powerful message! Stunning show!

R Reviewed on 20 January 2024 by
Stone, United Kingdom



Show Suspended; weekend coming from my country to see the show ruined. Hope the actress is ok. Pity

J Reviewed on 20 January 2024 by
Madrid, Spain


Dynamic theater experience!

A powerful high energy production proving that human experiences and desires remain constant throughout the ages of mankind.

P Reviewed on 19 January 2024 by
Bedford, United States Of America



One hell of a show. Gripping story and really expressive actors, great musical and dance numbers.

A Reviewed on 16 January 2024 by
Tallinn, Estonia


Fantastic show!

Highly recommended. An amazing young cast - great acting, singing and dancing!

J Reviewed on 15 January 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


75% was unintelligible

Absolutely terrible... 75% unintelligible. Could not understand the lyrics... it was as if they were singing in a foreign language.... I'm completely baffled how it became anything like successful in the UK..

R Reviewed on 10 January 2024 by
Leeds, United Kingdom


As a drama teacher the show left myself and my wife glad that we were in the room where it happened. All the actors were incredible especially Ava who plays Angelica due to her being with child. If you love the Hammy film then you will love this more!

G Reviewed on 06 January 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


Loved the show shame to be evacuated before the end!

Great show, good seats in Royal Circle- shame we didn’t see the last 15/20 minutes as evacuation- don’t know reason. Lovely staff, good bar service too.

C Reviewed on 05 January 2024 by
Perth, United Kingdom


Amazing, amazing, amazing!

The music, the song, the acting, the dancing - everything was nust amazing! I definitely will watch it again as there was so much to pick up on. The whole cast was brilliant but my favourites were the King and the actor who played Thomas Jefferson was fabulous in both of his parts!

A Reviewed on 03 January 2024 by
Alcester, United Kingdom


Must see

Loved it

P Reviewed on 31 December 2023 by
Eersel, Netherlands


Great production

Modern music snd dance score to tell a historic story. I’m not a fan of rap/hip hop but this was so well done it didn’t matter.

N Reviewed on 31 December 2023 by
Colchester, United Kingdom


A performance to remember

S Reviewed on 30 December 2023 by
Ellicott City, United States Of America


Last duel scene was the most intense bit of theatre I have seen

C Reviewed on 24 December 2023 by
Tiverton, United Kingdom


Breath taking

I bought the tickets in New Zealand for my daughter and I not knowing anything about it and by the time we came out we were both speechless! The singing was “ next level “ and the dancing was incredible.

D Reviewed on 24 December 2023 by
Auckland, New Zealand


Awesome! Must see!

T Reviewed on 20 December 2023 by
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong


Fantastic show

I just loved it so much. It is funny and sad and so much fun to watch. Will definitely be going back to watch it again. I have watched it on Disney plus as well but enjoyed it more going to watch it

M Reviewed on 16 December 2023 by
Ashford, United Kingdom


Amazing show! Music and antingen absolutely fabulous

J Reviewed on 16 December 2023 by
Örebro, Sweden



N Reviewed on 15 December 2023 by
Mundon, United Kingdom


A must see

Went to see Hamilton with my two daughters and granddaughter and it was a fantastic night. We laughed,we cried and had a fantastic night. Can't wait to go back and see it again !!!

C Reviewed on 11 December 2023 by
Belfast, United Kingdom



M Reviewed on 11 December 2023 by
London, United Kingdom


Fabulous show

Must see

D Reviewed on 09 December 2023 by
Woodford Green, United Kingdom


Best show I’ve ever seen

C Reviewed on 09 December 2023 by
Salzburg, Austria


Mrs Dougan is disabled and would like to Mathilde, a member of the Disability Assistance Team, for her help. Overall we really enjoyed the show

L Reviewed on 05 December 2023 by
Barrhead, United Kingdom


Just incredible

Everything about this show is spectacular! Great story very well told in the world of music.

D Reviewed on 02 December 2023 by
Wantage, United Kingdom



S Reviewed on 25 November 2023 by
Bushey Heath, United Kingdom


Unusual but great choreography

Go see it but read the history before you go. It’s very well acted and sleek performances by all

P Reviewed on 16 November 2023 by
Bromley, United Kingdom


Vibrant energy

Loved it, there were times when I missed out on the subtitles of the poetry

J Reviewed on 09 November 2023 by
Bristol, United Kingdom



Its thought it would be hard to enjoy hamilton in the theater after watching so many times it on disney with the original cast.... BUT the actor from the london`s cast are AMAZING! everything was perfect! Thank you for your great job!!!

M Reviewed on 08 November 2023 by
Barcelona, Spain


Excellent theatre on all fronts

R Reviewed on 07 November 2023 by
Denver, United States Of America



Victoria Palace theatre is beautiful. Hamilton is incredible.

S Reviewed on 03 November 2023 by
Kenora, Canada


One of the best shows

The show is a triple threat. *Fantastic soulful vocals * Dancing that would make the likes of Chris brown and Michael Jackson raise a glass! * Acting that brought history to life and spoken word to rival any talented lyricist!

D Reviewed on 02 November 2023 by
London, United Kingdom


a must see!!

Believe the hype! An amazing show that everyone can enjoy. Standing ovation more than deserved. Highly recommend ?

F Reviewed on 01 November 2023 by
Shrewsbury, United Kingdom


Nice but…

Very good songs and acting but maybe too narrative and static

M Reviewed on 31 October 2023 by
Vilvoorde, Belgium


2nd time seeing Hamilton, still absolutely amazing!

A Reviewed on 29 October 2023 by
Leonding, Austria


Outstanding evening’s entertainment

C Reviewed on 26 October 2023 by
Kilrush, United Kingdom



A Reviewed on 25 October 2023 by
Pennala, Finland


Everything I expected and more

D Reviewed on 24 October 2023 by
Loughton, United Kingdom


talented singers and dancers

Very enjoyable

G Reviewed on 23 October 2023 by
Bury St. Edmunds, United Kingdom



What a show from beginning to end!

H Reviewed on 22 October 2023 by
Chesterfield, United Kingdom

08 May
Emmie Newitt

West End production of HAMILTON announces new cast

by Emmie Newitt | Wednesday, May 8 2024, 09:45

The new cast enters the room where it happens next month.

hamilton west end 2024Alex Sawyer, Jay Perry and Nathania Ong headshots.

West End production of HAMILTON announces new cast
04 Mar
Emmie Newitt

West End shows to see this Mother's Day

by Emmie Newitt | Monday, March 4 2024, 18:16

Celebrate Mother’s Day in London in style with an unforgettable experience at one of the city’s captivating shows. Here’s our guide to the best shows to see in London for this special occasion.

mothers day london theatres

West End shows to see this Mother's Day
15 Sep
Emmie Newitt

From Broadway to London: 5 Irresistible Reasons to Catch Hamilton in the West End

by Emmie Newitt | Friday, September 15 2023, 09:44

If you’re a theatre lover or remotely interested in musicals, chances are you’ve heard the buzz surrounding Hamilton. This groundbreaking production has taken the world by storm, and lucky for Londoners, it has been in the West End since 2017. Jam-packed with a captivating storyline, exceptional music score, and unrivaled performances, Hamilton is a must-see for theatregoers. Here are six of the reasons why catching Hamilton in the West End is an absolute must for any theatre enthusiast.

the company of hamiltonThe Company of Hamilton. Photo Danny Kaan

From Broadway to London: 5 Irresistible Reasons to Catch Hamilton in the West End
25 Apr
Eleni Cashell

New HAMILTON cast announced

by Eleni Cashell | Tuesday, April 25 2023, 17:51

Hamilton 2023 castThere's some new faces joining the room where it happens at the Victoria Palace Theatre.

The new Hamilton cast will have their first performance on 19 June 2023.

New HAMILTON cast announced
21 Feb
Eleni Cashell

HAMILTON extends West End run

by Eleni Cashell | Tuesday, February 21 2023, 15:08

Hamilton They're not throwing away their shot, as HAMILTON is extending its West End run until March 2024.

Running at the Victoria Palace Theatre, the show has also announced its first ever UK tour.

HAMILTON extends West End run
14 Oct
London Box Office

Hamilton Extends to meet demand - Tickets on sale to 30th September 2023

by London Box Office | Friday, October 14 2022, 09:15

Some shows just keep on giving, and this is one of them. The producers of the multi award winning West End production, created by the US composer and actor Lin-Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON, have just revealed booking is extending at the Victoria Palace Theatre to Saturday 30th September 2023. So now you have plenty more time to discover this awe-inspiring historical musical for yourself. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Hamilton Extends to meet demand - Tickets on sale to 30th September 2023
16 Jun
London Box Office

Hamilton extends!

by London Box Office | Thursday, June 16 2022, 10:09

The West End version of Hamilton, produced by Jeffrey Seller and Cameron Mackintosh, is extending to 17th December 2022, more proof that the show has legs. It’s proving incredibly popular. The Victoria Palace Theatre is your venue. There’s more. From 12th July 2022 The show will be on stage Mondays to Saturdays at 7.30pm, and Thursdays and Saturdays at 2.30pm.

Hamilton extends!
06 May
London Box Office

New cast for Hamilton!

by London Box Office | Friday, May 6 2022, 14:18

The West End version of Hamilton’s producers, Jeffrey Seller and Cameron Mackintosh, are delighted to announce a fresh new cast. Their first performance takes place at the Victoria Palace Theatre on 21st June 2022, and tickets are on sale until 1st October 2022. The Olivier, Tony and Grammy award-winning production opened at the Victoria Palace in December 2017 until lockdown in March 2020, resuming in August 2021.

New cast for Hamilton!
02 Feb
London Box Office

The West End production of Hamilton extends ticket sales!

by London Box Office | Wednesday, February 2 2022, 10:27

Jeffrey Seller and Cameron Mackintosh, the proud producers of the West End production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON, are pleased to announce a booking extension. Tickets for Hamilton are now on sale until 10th July 2022 at the Victoria Palace Theatre. An Olivier, Tony and Grammy award-winning production, it resumed post-covid in August 20212 and has thrilled audiences every since.

The West End production of Hamilton extends ticket sales!
23 Jul
London Box Office

Hamilton – 2021 West End Cast confirmed

by London Box Office | Friday, July 23 2021, 12:57

Update for Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre

It's thrilling to see the West End cast of Hamilton confirmed. No wonder Jeffrey Seller and Cameron Mackintosh, producers of the West End production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's HAMILTON, are so pleased to reveal full casting for the return performances of this massive international smash hit. The fun kicks off on 19th August 2021 at the Victoria Palace Theatre. Will you be in the audience?

Hamilton – 2021 West End Cast confirmed
29 Apr
London Box Office

Hamilton – 2021 West End Dates

by London Box Office | Thursday, April 29 2021, 09:15

Update for Hamilton at the Victoria Palace Theatre

This awesomely good Olivier, Tony and Grammy award winner took to the London stage for the first time in at the beautifully-restored Victoria Palace Theatre during late 2017, where it thrilled us until the first lockdown. Now the producers Jeffrey Seller and Cameron Mackintosh are pleased to welcome the show back, with a cast to be announced soon.

Hamilton – 2021 West End Dates
01 Feb
Phil Willmott

How Hamilton keeps making history

by Phil Willmott | Wednesday, February 1 2017, 09:37

Hamilton the Musical - London With the imminent transfer of Broadway mega-hit musical HAMILTON to the West End if feels like we’re gearing up to something extraordinary.

Co-producer Cameron Macintosh has even kicked long-running hit BILLY ELLIOT out of the Victoria Palace Theatre and virtually rebuilt it to house the show and this week the press was full of stories about how hard or difficult it is to book tickets, depending on the experience of the writer.

How Hamilton keeps making history
01 Sep
Davor Golub

HAMILTON at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, Broadway

by Davor Golub | Thursday, September 1 2016, 13:11

Hamilton The Musical How does one even attempt to review HAMILTON? In the United States the show has become a theatrical phenomenon unlike any I have experienced in my forty years of theatergoing. It has won 11 Tony Awards including Best Musical, the Pulitzer Prize, has hundreds of teens attending its weekly Ham4Ham concert outside the theatre’s stage door and can command thousands of dollars per ticket for a prime orchestra seat.

HAMILTON at the Richard Rodgers Theatre, Broadway
15 Jun
Phil Willmott

HAMILTON: The Musical that can stop traffic

by Phil Willmott | Wednesday, June 15 2016, 08:02

Hamilton The Musical - London I was in New York recently and decided to check out the smash hit musical Hamilton to see what all the fuss is about. No chance, I pulled every favour I could but no one could get me a ticket, the production is booked up solidly for at least the next year. But they do a daily on-line lottery. You have to register by a certain time and at 4pm you get an email letting you know if you've been successful or not. I imagined if I tried that every day for a week the odds were I'd win a ticket, I mean, how many other people would apply that much determination? Wrong again. 4pm brought disappointment every day.

HAMILTON: The Musical that can stop traffic