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Hamlet starring Andrew Scott at the Harold Pinter Theatre
29 Mar
New Shows
Phil Willmott

Move quickly to get tickets for the West End transfer of Andrew Scott’s HAMLET

Hamlet starring Andrew Scott at the Harold Pinter Theatre It's no surprise that the Almeida Theatre is to transfer their smash hit production of Hamlet to the West End, starring Andrew Scott and Juliet Stephenson and directed by Robert Ike.

Ecstatically received by critics and those audiences who were able to get tickets for the premiere at the small Islington venue, it's fantastic that more people will be able to see it in the West End.

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An American In Paris
27 Mar
Phil Willmott

Saigon stumbles on Broadway whilst Paris soars in the West End

An American In Paris Often visitors from New York will ask me what theatre I'd recommend they see whilst in the U.K. And, honestly, that's quite a difficult question to answer. So many hit shows have either already been seen in New York or are about transfer there.

This cross-fertilisation began in the late 1980s, a strange decade in the history of New York musicals when they weren't producing anything of note whilst the British were dominating the world with Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals like Cats and Phantom of the Opera and mega hits also produced by Cameron Macintosh including Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, both of which earned their reputations in the West End before taking American Theatre by storm.

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Thomas Michael Voss
26 Mar
Phil Willmott

London Box Office Critic and Choreographer, Thomas Michael Voss, dies of Cancer

Thomas Michael Voss It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden death from cancer of London Box Office critic at the age of 42.

He regularly reported for us especially on new dance productions enriching our coverage of London Theatre.

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Ian McKellen
22 Mar
Phil Willmott

Sir Ian McKellen to star in a fringe theatre fundraiser

Ian McKellen When enterprising young theatre maker Jez Bond had the opportunity to build a smart new theatre behind Finsbury Park tube station he knew he'd need a lot of influential friends.

It's been extraordinary how successful he's been in involving all sorts of people from the industry, right from the beginning when may of us were invited to presentations of the plans and even site visits during the building process.

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Three Star shows
21 Mar
Phil Willmott

THE MISER & STEPPING OUT: Is it worth seeing three star shows?

Three Star shows If you ask most people who work in the theatre they’ll tell you they hate the system whereby shows are allocated a quality rating of 1 – 5 stars. It means audiences make a snap judgement based on the scoring and don’t take time to consider the content of the review and decide for themselves whether they’ll enjoy a production or not.

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