Stuart King

Review: ALGORITHMS at Park Theatre

Writer/performer Sadie Clark has been performing ALGORITHMS (her ‘Bisexual Bridget Jones for the online generation’) at various locations since 2018 and in that time, has been the beneficiary of critical praise, awards, and has had the material developed for other media.

Sadie Clark in Algorithms at Park TheatreSadie Clark in Algorithms at Park Theatre.

Benefitting from a relatively simple staging with a few props and a costume change, Brooke traverses the emotional shambles of a break-up whilst simultaneously trying to hold down her job as a dating app code writer. The irony (and awkwardness) is palpable — except perhaps to her nauseating American boss. Meanwhile her mother continues to drop those subtle little hints about weight loss and how to make oneself appealing to a red chinos wearing property developer, which any girl would relish. Juggling the expectations of others whilst trying to find a replacement for Almira and a suitable dress for her milestone 30th birthday would be enough to induce a breakdown in anybody, and Brooke looks pretty close to needing a hug (but definitely not from the aforementioned red chinos wearing property developer)!

Ms Clark’s performance benefits from a pace and rhythm borne of performing one’s own material. The observational humour is both genuinely funny and peppered with the sort of references and observations which a stand-up comedian knows to include when conveying a story. The end result is a delight.