Emmie Newitt

BABIES-A NEW(BORN) MUSICAL to have staged concert performances in the West End.

An exciting next step in the development of a new British musical has been announced.

babies the musical lyric theatreBabies - A New(Born) Musical artwork.

BABIES - A NEW(BORN) BRITISH MUSICAL will have three staged concert performances later this year.

The brand-new British coming-of-age musical, written by rising stars Jack Godfrey (42 Balloons) and Martha Geelan (who will make her debut as a musical book writer), will perform at The Lyric Theatre from 10-12 November 2023.

What is BABIES about?

BABIES is a joy-filled, heart-wrenching comedy about growing out of growing up.

The musical follows nine year 11 students as they are tasked with looking after babies. They're not the real ones but the plastic simulator dolls that they've been tasked with looking after for an entire week. Featuring a blistering pop-rock score, they will discover that becoming a parent isn't just about changing nappies. Friendships are put to the test, dreams are questioned, and the true meaning of responsibility rears its terrifying head.

Commissioned to finish the musical after winning British Youth Music Theatre's award for New Music Theatre in 2021, BABIES has been on one exciting journey. It had an initial run at the New Woseley Theatre in Ipswich and has had development workshops in 2022 and 2023 prior to a performance at West End Live and released four tracks from the musical. The latest news of concert performances this November is a brilliant step for this new British musical.

BABIES - A NEW(BORN) BRITISH MUSICAL will perform at The Lyric Theatre from 10-12 November 2023.