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Booking until: Saturday, 25 May 2019

Running time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Tickets from £22.00
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Recommended for ages 7+, children under 4 will not be admitted. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by adult during the performance. 

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The producers cannot guarantee the appearance of any particular artist, which is always subject to illness and holidays.

Circle row A Restricted View warning - Balcony wall (row A). It is recommended that these seats are for customers who are 5’8” (173cm) or taller but are suitable for most adults.

Booking from:
Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Booking until:
Saturday, 25 May 2019

Running time:
2 hours and 45 minutes

See Wicked for witches, special effects and great family fun!

If you love The Wizard of Oz you’ll enjoy Wicked, the madcap story of the two witches who star in Dorothy and Toto’s splendid adventure, in which Glinda the good witch and the Wicked Witch of the West take to the stage, wowing full-house family audiences night after night. One coveted Grammy award for the show album, three Tony awards and an Olivier award make this one of the West End’s most popular family musical productions.

Wicked – The story

Glinda the good witch and the green faced Wicked Witch of the West were young once. This is the story of their youth, and how they became the women they are. Wicked tells the tale of a deep friendship between the two girls, who meet as sorcery students at Shiz University. Glinda is popular and pretty, but Elphaba is green, constantly misunderstood because of her colour and manner.

It sounds like a simple plot. There are some splendid special effects. But behind the flames and drama there’s a surprisingly poignant tale. The real beauty of Wicked is that it leaves you wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. How would you respond to loneliness and isolation… would you turn out like the Wicked Witch of the West? There are some excellent comic moments to relieve the drama and with a storyline like this, no wonder Wicked is such a great night out for grown-ups as well as children.

Wicked is famous for creating an amazingly powerful theatre atmosphere and manages to pack the house every night. The cast have received rave reviews. And the show’s score is rapidly embedding itself in our culture, just like the scores of so many great West End musicals.

Wicked song list

Wicked is a wonderful crowd-pleaser and the special effects, beautiful costumes, cool choreography and clever plotting make it a favourite with people who, as a general rule, don’t like musicals. Act one of the show’s catchy score includes twenty or so catchy tunes including No One Mourns the Wicked, Dear Old Shiz, The Wizard and I, What Is This Feeling?, Something Bad and Dancing Through Life. Popular, I'm Not That Girl and One Short Day, A Sentimental Man and Defying Gravity.

Act two thrills audiences with rousing songs including Thank Goodness, Wonderful, As Long As You're Mine, No Good Deed, March of the Witch Hunters and For Good.

Wicked theatre tickets

Bear in mind that Wicked does contain adult themes, and it’s recommended for children over 7. We offer excellent seat and ticket availability and a wide choice of seat options, from premium and full price tickets to discount Wicked tickets, with prices to suit every budget.

Age Restrictions:
Recommended for ages 7 and over (children under 4 not admitted).

We have a great selection of cheap Wicked tickets. We can help you save up to 70% on Wicked tickets! If you're looking for discount theatre tickets have a look below for our latest offers for Wicked at the Apollo Victoria.

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Press Reviews

Eight years in the West End would tire some musicals, but it's only matured Wicked into one of the country's strongest and most enduringly popular shows. Enlightening, hilarious, heartbreaking and suitably magical – if you haven't seen it yet, do Harper's Bazaar

We must all be off to see this Wicked and wonderful vision of Oz Evening Standard

The hit musical with brains, heart and courage The Sunday Telegraph

Prepare for a riot of colour, drama, magic and fun in this spellbinding show OfficialLondonTheatre.com

A thrilling theatrical experience with brains, heart and courage Metro

Customer Reviews

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based on 3235 reviews


London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Amazing and very inspiring performance!

London Box Office customer

family fun

London Box Office customer

Great but too hot

Great show, but not one for Summer. The theatre was sweltering and it ruined the experience.

London Box Office customer

Extremely hot in threatre difficult to enjoy the show

London Box Office customer

Wickedly Hot Theatre

Show was well done and very enjoyable. Like most places in London this summer, the Apollo Victoria theatre was not at all prepared for the heat in London and it make the theatre unbearable. See the show, but avoid going on a hot evening in London.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

I couldn't sit in my seat and stood up back the whole show. There is more leg space on a plane. It was boiling inside and the Apollo was selling cheap hand fans for 10 pounds each. Good show though. Kids enjoyed it.

London Box Office customer

Great evening

The show was amazing. The temperature in the theatre was almost unbearable.

London Box Office customer

Top notch performers telling a beautiful story. A must see!!! No air conditioning though... avoid watching in the summer, especially in those days temperatures reach 30+

London Box Office customer

Wicked experience

Wicked is such a fabulous musical but our whole experience was marred by the inadequate cooling system in Apollo Thestre Victoria. It was a terribly hot day & when we were seated we felt very uncomfortable & as the show progressed the heat really got to us. My sis gave up & went down to the foyer to watch it on the small screen while I stood next to the cooler so I would not feel nauseated by the perspiration from people seated on either side. Hope they could improve the ventilation & cooling systems in the theatre.

London Box Office customer

Good show but

The show was good, however, it was too hot and There was one AC behind us very noisy Also I could not hear the actres very well when they speak normally

London Box Office customer

Brilliant show

London Box Office customer


Took my niece to see her first west end show. I surprised her with Wicked. What a good choice that was. She had an absolute spell bounding time

London Box Office customer

Marvellous music

Fabulous show. Slightly weak story line but who cares! Loved it.

London Box Office customer

If it’s summer and warm, wear shorts and bring a hand held fan as the theatre isn’t airconditioned.

London Box Office customer

Must see show

Visually entertaining amazing voices from main leads

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Simply Stunning!

Show is great but the theatre is a little warm and stuffy. You can see lots of people fanning away. We went in summer i.e. end July. So if you could bring a hand fan, it would provide some relief.

London Box Office customer

A disappointment

As a classical musician, i realize this show is really not about music, it’s more of a spectacle than a musical experience, the singing was very uneven, some of them are very flat with pitch which really drives me crazy, and the style of sing is more like screaming and shouting for dramatic effects. There is nothing subtle about this show. I have heard so many people say it’s a great show, I must say it was a big disappointment!

London Box Office customer

Wow! Absolutely Fsntastic!

London Box Office customer


Third time to see this show but first time in London. Great especially the prop!

London Box Office customer


everything was fantastic. The actors were especially good at singing! the story and songs were good too, entertaining, addicting, and fabulous! Wickedbis an awesome show.

London Box Office customer

A world class act

The show itself is amazing. Truly amazing. The one problem that we had there, along with other people, is the lack of air conditioning in the theater. It was so hot at some point that we couldn't really enjoy the show.

London Box Office customer

Very entertaining! Must see!

London Box Office customer

Best of the best

London Box Office customer

Magically musical

The show was wonderful but absolutely horrible in the theatre itself due to the weather!! Unbearablly hot...why has no air conditioning system been installed??

London Box Office customer

Must see

London Box Office customer

It is a must see for any age

Any age would enjoy ... very very entertaining!!

London Box Office customer


Don’t be late! I was alittle late and had to stand in the lobby watching from a small tv screen for 20minutes until we were taken to our seats.

London Box Office customer

Wicked IMPROVES with age!

I have seen the original opening on Broadway as well as the original opening in London. I have also seen the show 4 times now and each time it has improved! The actors and technicians have created a show that never ceases to entertain. The cast all had beautiful voices and developed their characters with originality and delight! It's alway s a pleasure to visit London and attend theatrical events!

London Box Office customer


Well acted and amazing singing voices. Great show you won’t be disappointed.

London Box Office customer

High performers

London Box Office customer

Incredible, fascinating, to see it again and again!

London Box Office customer

Beautifully executed, wildly entertaining

Took my eleven year-old during her first trip to London. She has been going to Broadway shows since she was five... Wicked has rocketed to the top of her “favorite” list! However, I would not recommend the show for children under the age of 10.

London Box Office customer

Whether it was the sound or pronunciation it was hard to make out some of the words at times.

London Box Office customer

Fabulous anywhere!

Sometimes when you've seen a show with the actors that are best known for it, you're afraid of being let down. Of the main actors in this version there was only one that was lacking, and he was still good, just not excellent. The story is unique and fun, the sentiments are heartfelt, and the message resounds long after you see it.

London Box Office customer

Great show

Confusing story line, awesome performance and music

London Box Office customer

Absolutely amazing....

I treated my wife too a show in London as she's never been, and i haven't been too London myself for 35 years, I'm not a lover of theatre, but i would highly recommend Wicked too anyone, the acting and singing was amazing.....

London Box Office customer

Wonderful voices

London Box Office customer

Dreadful diction!

None of the script was spoken or sung clearly. The wizard was the exception to this comment. The chorus was dreadful - not one word was clear. One of the principal actors thought that to emphasise a point, it was essential to screech.

London Box Office customer

Must See!!

London Box Office customer

A wonderful show must see!

London Box Office customer

The rest of the story

London Box Office customer

A classic magical story

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Visually stunning

Surprisingly engaging storyline. Excellent singing and some really visually fantastic moments.

London Box Office customer

Glad I saw I once

London Box Office customer


Dramatic and majestic, comedic and tragic, an enthralling expansion tank n a classic tale. A great experience for a night's entertainment.

London Box Office customer

Wonderful story that makes you think!

London Box Office customer

A Wonderfully Wicked Evening

This show is a must-see, and I have now seen it 6 times, in different cities in North America and UK. This presentation was my absolute favourite. The voices are tremendous, the acting is suburb. This director has some added touches that I have not seen in other shows, like the green bottle under the hat when Alphaba 'melts'. Anyone who sees this story will be inspired by the impact that labels have on people, and how people's personalities are impacted by those around us. If you ever wondered how someone 'so good' could become 'so bad' see this show! I love it!

London Box Office customer


Generally I loved the show.

London Box Office customer

All-time fave still makes me cry

Wanted to compare this to Broadway’s Wicked...it is just as wonderful!!

London Box Office customer

Enchantingly dazzling!

London Box Office customer

Magical! A must see show specially for witches & Wizard of Oz story enthusiasts!

I took my 8 year old daughter to see Wicked, she love Wizard of Oz and was curious about the untold story of the witches. The sound & music was great and the actors are superb! We were seated further at the back, I should have selected the ones closer to the stage :( Next time I will book a better seat

London Box Office customer

Mauro Italy Bologna

Spectacular on a scenographic level

London Box Office customer

storyline great and non-stop singing.

get there on time and get settled.

London Box Office customer

Wonderful, entertaining, colourful, musical

Absolutely amazing and definitely worth the money. We sat in the circle and the view was great! We would recommend watching the Wizard of Oz before watching the show though!

London Box Office customer

Just as good as the New York show!

London Box Office customer

Great theatrical direction and acting/singing

London Box Office customer


Unfortunately I could not connect with the music. Songs were not ‘singalong’ material and seemed to be more based upon American Style cheerleading stuff. I wanted to enjoy the show as I love Theatre but I could not relate to the story. The show wasnt for me.

London Box Office customer

Fantastic! Great cast

London Box Office customer


Loved the show. it was great. highly recimmend it

London Box Office customer

wonderful story, music and acting, you must see !!

captivating and energetic history, fantastic music and magnificent interpretations

London Box Office customer

Didn't enjoy this unfortunately.

Really looking forward to this but glad to get to the end unfortunately. Story line was poor and I felt it was a bit of a barbie story for kids in the first half. Music / singing was screechy at times though green witch had a great voice. Theatre and seats were good..Show was not for every one and not for me.

London Box Office customer

Imaginative - alteration

London Box Office customer

Very entertaining, for all audiences

London Box Office customer

Nice show

London Box Office customer

A must see

London Box Office customer

Wow blown away amazing voices amazing acting amazing set.

Please please go and watch it was highly recommended to us and the all round performance didn't disappoint . Amazing that's all we can say. Would we watch again. YES

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Amazing Show!!!

I saw Wicked 8 years ago and this time took my 10 year old daughter for the first time and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I can honestly say that I was blown away again with this fabulous show. Absolutely amazing!!!

London Box Office customer

Good value

London Box Office customer

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Wicked Apollo Victoria Wicked the musical hit, which tells the story of the wicked witch in the famous “The Wizard of Oz” has been attracting thousands of audiences to the West End for over 9 years. To use the word spectacle would not give justice to this production as it is pure musical theatre ecstasy for both eyes and ears, yet despite its great visuals and vocals there is something lacking in this world of Oz.

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Wicked The multi award-winning musical Wicked has announced the new leading cast members, due to join the show from Monday 21 September 2015.

Leading the new company at the Apollo Victoria Theatre will be Savannah Stevenson as the good witch Glinda, and Emma Hatton as the green-faced Elphaba.

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Wicked What is this feeling, so sudden and new? My excitement at seeing Wicked again, that’s what! Kerry Ellis returns to this record breaking show in a blaze of green glory.

In my mind, a show like Wicked needs no introduction; it’s hard to imagine walking through London Victoria without seeing the eye-catching green signs adorning the Apollo Victoria Theatre. After winning over 100 international awards and defining the careers of many musical theatre performers, I have to remind myself that Wicked has only been around for 9 years. But like any musical, it often goes through cast changes to keep the performances fresh. So I went along to watch this spectacle once again but now with a new leading lady playing the green witch Elphaba herself.

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Wicked Upgrade Exclusive

10 Sep 2014 by London Box Office in Discounts and Offers

Wicked The Musical Take advantage of our fantastic Wicked exclusive, buy a third price seat at £45 and we will upgrade you to a top price seat worth £65. Must be booked by Friday 12 September 2014.

Now the 10th longest-running show in the West End, and flying into its 9th spellbinding year, the multi-award-winning musical Wicked continues to astound audiences of all ages with its enthralling story, incredible songs and dazzling technical wizardry.

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Wicked becomes the West End’s 10th Longest Running Show!

11 Jun 2014 in News

Wicked Wicked has now become the West End’s 10th longest running show. Currently in its 8th spellbinding year at London’s Apollo Victoria Theatre, this Broadway export new musical has now been seen by over 5.5 million people since its London premiere in September 2006.

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