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Final cast announced for DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL IN CONCERT at the Lyric Theatre.

The final cast has been announced for the European premiere of the multi award-winning manga stage musical.

death note the musical lyric theatre castGeorge Maguire, Jessica Lee and Carl Man, photo provided by the production

DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL IN CONCERT will play at the Lyric Theatre from 7 - 11 September, this was in response to the highly successful and limited run at the London Palladium this month.

The cast of DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL in Concert.

Olivier award-winner George Maguire (Bonnie & Clyde), Jessica Lee (Miss Saigon) and Carl Man (Wicked) will join the cast at the Lyric Theatre. Boaz Chad and Patrick Munday will join the ensemble.

The rest of the cast continuing from the three sold out performances this week at the London
Palladium includes Aimie Atkinson, Rachel Clare Chan, Christian Ray Marbella, Dean John-Wilson, Joaquin Pedro Valdes and an ensemble featuring Charlotte Coggin, Jade Copas, Eu Jin Hwang, Yojiro Ichikawa, Deena Kapadia, David Kar-Hing Lee, Jasmine Leung, Jojo Meredith, Marcel Li-Ping, Janine Somcio.


Based on the best-selling Japanese manga series of the same name by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata/Sheuisha, DEATH NOTE THE MUSICAL focuses on a bright but dissatisfied high school student, Light Yagami in Tokyo. He comes across a discarded notebook that is owned by a mythological god of death named Ryuk. Light discovers that he can kill anyone by writing their names in the notebook and starts to take justice into his own hands by filling the notebook with the names of the nation's most wanted criminals.

However, a detective only known as 'L' is soon begins to track him down..

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DEATH NOTE: THE MUSICAL in Concert will take place at the Lyric Theatre from 7-10 September.

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