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The Philanthropist
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Trafalgar Studios (One)

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Monday, 3 April 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 22 July 2017

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Press Reviews

Simon Bird and Lily Cole are a treat in this intellectually witty, emotionally acute tragi-comedy The Telegraph

Christopher Hampton’s wickedly funny tale of the foibles of life in a university town Time Out

Customer Reviews

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based on 9 reviews


London Box Office customer

Great cast

A strong cast, not best-served by a plot which didn't go anywhere and wasn't sustainably witty, although it had some great moments. Nearly dozed off once or twice!

London Box Office customer

Interesting period piece

Not as bad as some reviews suggest, this is still Christopher Hampton so well written, even if one of his early works. Doesn't quite transcend banality, though this is arguably intentional. Reminiscent of some of Ayckbourn's 70s bourgeois comedies, but probably not quite in the same league. Matt Berry plays himself, Lily Cole is passable (though the accent is a bit wobbly), the guy from the InBetweeners is pretty good!

London Box Office customer

Quirky, amusing, a must for Matt Berry fans

London Box Office customer

Not for everyone

Verbose, overacted by some, humor not for everyone. have to acknowledge that many people laughed multiple times.

London Box Office customer

Didn't work

This play just didn't work. The first scene had no connection whatsoever to the play but was quite shocking. What was the point of it? The rest of the plot was just as silly. Why would Philip write a letter to Liz asking her out, about half an hour after he devastatingly broke up with his fiancé? The Braham character was a caricature. The story about the assassination of the PM and cabinet was pointless.The promiscuous student couldn't act.Nothing gelled.Sorry.

London Box Office customer

Worth a visit

Quirky play. Be prepared to listen as the dialogue is quick and clever. Really enjoyed it. Fantastic purple velvet suit on Matt Berry exquisite!

London Box Office customer

Review: THE PHILANTHROPIST at Trafalgar Studios

24 Apr 2017 in Reviews

The Philantropist I really don't like writing bad reviews. I know all too well the heartache and hard work that goes into making a piece of theatre and I'm very aware that just because I don't like something it's no reason to deter someone else who might enjoy it but on this occasion I really struggle to think of anyone who'd enjoy this revival of Christopher Hampton's desperately dated and unfunny comedy, played ineptly by woefully, inexperienced and ill equipped performers.

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Trafalgar Studios (One)
14 Whitehall, London, SW1A 2DY GB

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  • Year built: 1930