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About Phantom of the Opera Tickets

Phantom of the Opera description

Phantom of the Opera

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s triumphant show tells the sad tale of a deformed, masked mystery man and his obsession with Christine, a beautiful young singer. Opening in Paris in 1911, an auctioneer selling the contents of the Paris Opera House tells the story of the Phantom, transporting the audience back in time to enjoy this thrilling tale.

Phantom of the Opera – The story

A mysterious masked man dwells beneath the Paris Opera House. So few people actually see him that some even think he’s a ghost. But a lovely young singer, Christine, catches his eye and a powerful take of love and tragedy ensues. There’s a rival for her love, the Phantom is completely obsessed and he’s determined to take his revenge. But can love really conquer all?

A tragic tale that has touched the hearts of millions

This multi award winning West End theatre show keeps attracting audiences from all over the world night after night. The Phantom of the Opera has to be one of the greatest love stories of all time, accompanied by a stunningly lovely musical score from the pen of master musical writer Sir Andrew Llloyd Webber. You’ll adore the wonderfully romantic music, heartfelt acting and amazing period costumes, set in an atmosphere of true gothic splendour. And you’ll adore the famous chandelier scene!

Phantom of the Opera - 25 years on stage

It’s moving. It’s thrilling. It’s terrifying. And you'll be surprised how many of the show’s tunes you already know. They’ve become part of our social fabric, testament to Sir Lloyd Webber’s considerable song writing talent. The title track, Music of the Night, will bring shivers to your spine, as will the rest of the score, which has given birth to the all-time best ever selling cast album.

It’s award winning stuff, with three Laurence Olivier Awards and a total of seven Tony awards. More than 100 million of us have seen the show during its 25 years on stage and it’s still going strong, with a smash hit sequel in the wings, Love Never Dies.

The Phantom of the Opera song list contains twenty seven beautiful melodies that complement the stage action perfectly, creating an ambience and atmosphere you’ll remember forever. Hit tunes include The Music of the Night, Hannibal, Think of Me, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again and the all-time classic, All I Ask of You.

The Phantom of the Opera theatre tickets

The Phantom of the Opera is perfect for a hot date or a romantic occasion, but bear in mind it’s a fairly dark tale that might frighten young children. We’re pleased to offer really good seat and ticket availability, with a broad range of seat options including discounted, premium and full price The Phantom of the Opera tickets, catering for every budget.

Please Note: the sides of the Grand Circle are side view restricted. The rear of the Stalls and Royal Circle are restricted by the overhang.

Useful Information

  • Booking until:

    Saturday, 28 September 2024

  • Age restrictions

    Suitable for 8+. Anyone under the age of 16 has to be accompanied by an adult aged 18+. Under 4s will not be admitted

  • Important Information

    This production contains scenes that some people may find distressing and includes the use of: gunshots, flashing lighting effects, theatrical smoke effects, and pyrotechnics.

    Everyone must have their own ticket to enter. Children under 16 must be accompanied and sat next to a ticketholder who is at least 18. Children under the age of 3 won't be admitted. Latecomers won't be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

    The sides of the Grand Circle are side view restricted. The rear of the Stalls and Royal Circle are restricted by the overhang.

    Seats in the Balcony have restricted legroom.


    We aren’t able to admit any children under the age of 3 and every customer must have their own ticket. To help us make sure everyone enjoys the show, your little ones need to be able to sit in their own seat without any assistance.

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Phantom of the Opera reviews

4.8 out of 5 based on 3563 reviews

What to expect:

  • Recommended for:
  • Families (81%)
  • Teenagers (82%)
  • Couples (93%)
  • Theatregoers (95%)
Latest customer reviews
Unforgettable show! I will be back again and again !

Absolutely fabulous casting! Actors play so well, I was feeling part of the show and forgot about everything! Unforgettable !!!

Reviewed on 04 December 2023 by , Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The best music!

Third time we see the Phantom. Because it is the very best. I do think tonight cast was excellent

Reviewed on 03 December 2023 by , Trondheim, Norway

Must see

Reviewed on 23 November 2023 by , Cork, Ireland

Must see!

Het is zeer indrukwekkend en professioneel. Absolute aanrader!

Reviewed on 23 November 2023 by , Kaggevinne-diest, Belgium


I've always wanted to see the phantom of the opera ever since i was a teenager but it had to be with someone really special I'm now 47yrs and I went with my soul mate we both loved everything about it absolutely fantastic thank you ?

Reviewed on 22 November 2023 by , Belfast, United Kingdom

Just amazing!

This cast was superb! Have seen the show before but honestly enjoyed it so so much. Very moving as before. Phantom was fabulous Jon Robyns Christine Daae played amazingly by Lily Kerhoas and Raoul was the wonderful Joe Griffith-Brown. Rest of cast equally entertaining and brilliant. Loved loved loved!

Reviewed on 11 November 2023 by , East Tilbury, United Kingdom

Simply fantastic

Is the first time we go ti the THEATRE. I love all the performance. At the and I cry. The phanton was incredibile I love it.

Reviewed on 10 November 2023 by , Istrana Treviso, Italy

A must see

Reviewed on 10 November 2023 by , Siggiewi, Malta


Reviewed on 09 November 2023 by , Santiago, Chile

Magnificent show

This is the best production I’ve ever seen. Everything about it was top rate, especially the voices of the main characters.

Reviewed on 06 November 2023 by , J, United States Of America


Scenery was incredable! Moust memorible for my 60 yars of live

Reviewed on 04 November 2023 by , Stockholm, Sweden

Fabulous, exciting, mesmerising

Thoroughly enjoyable Actors performed brilliantly Would recommend to anyone I know

Reviewed on 04 November 2023 by , Spilsby, United Kingdom

Wonderful music and acting!

Reviewed on 02 November 2023 by , Älvsjö, Sweden


Reviewed on 29 October 2023 by , Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands


We liked where we sat to view the show anyway at the end when everyone stood up to applaud I couldn't see the cast as I'm severely disabled and couldn't stand up to see the cast.

Reviewed on 29 October 2023 by , Loughborough, United Kingdom

The change of script from what I saw a few years ago, make the show much better

The ending scene was definitely modified from what I saw a few years ago at the same theatre, making the flow of the drama much better.

Reviewed on 24 October 2023 by , Calgary, United Kingdom

Great show

Great show, great actors and storyline. I loved it ?

Reviewed on 22 October 2023 by , Merstham, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 20 October 2023 by , London, United Kingdom

Some new presentations

The only small disappointment was on "Christy" as carrying not enough passion though high pitch was fine while singing by Comparing to the many times I watched this play.

Reviewed on 17 October 2023 by , Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Great show

Reviewed on 12 October 2023 by , Ilkeston, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 10 October 2023 by , Vienna, Austria

Please don't sit in J29...obstructed view and not adequate for anyone ove 68 inches tall.

Reviewed on 06 October 2023 by , Oak Park, United States Of America

All round excellent entertainment

The scenery, special effects and costumes are amazing and the singing was of the highest quality.

Reviewed on 01 October 2023 by , Newark Notts, United Kingdom

Phantom good

A splendid performance off everyone Excellent musical. No regrets that i came all the way from The Netherlands

Reviewed on 29 September 2023 by , Zwijndrecht, Netherlands

Very creative great show

Reviewed on 28 September 2023 by , Eastbourne, United Kingdom

A Must See for Everyone

Reviewed on 27 September 2023 by , Albany Creek, Australia


Reviewed on 27 September 2023 by , Tallinn, Estonia

Best show ever

My wife and I have missed the show in USA for over 30 years so coming to London it was at the top of our bucket list

Reviewed on 26 September 2023 by , La Verne, United States Of America


Reviewed on 25 September 2023 by , Regina Beach, Canada


Thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this show - the theater setting was marvelous as well . . . Over the top !

Reviewed on 25 September 2023 by , Wichita, United States Of America

Great show

Reviewed on 23 September 2023 by , London, United Kingdom

fabulous.....love sir andrew lloyd weber

Reviewed on 22 September 2023 by , Pittsburgh, United States Of America

Incredible! Amazing! Fantastic! Wonderful!

Reviewed on 20 September 2023 by , Auckland, New Zealand


Reviewed on 18 September 2023 by , Berlin, Germany

Excellent show

Everything about the show was incredible, we thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to everyone.

Reviewed on 18 September 2023 by , Lancashire, United Kingdom

Amazing, a must see

Reviewed on 16 September 2023 by , Nairn, United Kingdom

A classic that never disappoints!

Reviewed on 15 September 2023 by , Victoria, Gozo, Malta


Reviewed on 15 September 2023 by , Auckland, New Zealand

Amazing voices!

The show was amazing. This show was better than the one in New York.

Reviewed on 13 September 2023 by , Longwood, United States Of America


I attended the show with my wife and was amazed at how the show unfolded to reach its final climax. I bought the tickets as a birthday treat for my other half and didnt think the show would be to my taste.......boy how wrong was I

Reviewed on 08 September 2023 by , Loughborough, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 06 September 2023 by , Greenock, United Kingdom

Enjoyable Afternoon

Fabulous seats enough room for my long legs and a great performance. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience from someone who can take or leave theatre Great easy transaction from London Box Office tickets

Reviewed on 01 September 2023 by , Nottingham, United Kingdom

Must See

Reviewed on 23 August 2023 by , Plymouth, United Kingdom

Terrible Casting

Really bad Christine…too much Vibrato cause no pitch. Guessing she is really new actress and not familiar with this stage, very nervous and careful. The music and conductor are not helping with these new actors. No dynamics to push or lead the roles join the music. The choir also sounds no sense of depth, boring and no characters. Very expensive ticket, more expensive than other Musicals. But quality is the worst.

Reviewed on 22 August 2023 by , Taoyuan City, Taiwan (province Of China)

Dark, emotionally moving performance

I loved the show. The music was amazing and the talent of the cast was outstanding.

Reviewed on 12 August 2023 by , Loughborough, United Kingdom


We have seen the show in New York and Adelaide and now in London. Loved them all but particularly the chandelier in London. Very powerful music. All the soloists were stunning!

Reviewed on 04 August 2023 by , Clarendon, Australia

Impressive great costumes

Reviewed on 03 August 2023 by , Cagnes-sur-mer, France

Must see

Sit in the Dress circle

Reviewed on 28 July 2023 by , Glasgow, United Kingdom

Fantastic stage set and switch over of scenes

Watched the show with my daughter. Sat in really good seats (C30/31). Couldn’t fault it. It was brilliant!

Reviewed on 27 July 2023 by , Wrexham, United Kingdom

2nd time experiencing POTO, outstanding

I've visited this theatre twice, and I had an amazing time in both occasions. The singing and acting were top, and the current casting was my favourite.

Reviewed on 18 July 2023 by , Dublin, Ireland


Reviewed on 05 July 2023 by , Beckenham, United Kingdom

Wonderful all around, must see

Reviewed on 05 July 2023 by , Barcelona, Spain


Reviewed on 05 July 2023 by , Elkhart, United States Of America

Came all the way from nz was the best money and time I spent in the uk

Mesmerising everything and more than expected The best experience ever

Reviewed on 30 June 2023 by , Derby, United Kingdom

Fantastic!!! Very dramatic! All the actors really played their parts well, especially the Phantom!

Seats were squishy, but the play was terrific! The Phantom brought me to tears!

Reviewed on 27 June 2023 by , Winnipeg, Canada

Unforgettable performance

Reviewed on 24 June 2023 by , Grapeland, United States Of America


Reviewed on 24 June 2023 by , Guelph, Canada


Reviewed on 23 June 2023 by , Taipei, Taiwan (province Of China)

Not to be missed

A brilliant singing fest although the storyline is starting to show its age.

Reviewed on 21 June 2023 by , Atherstone, United Kingdom

Visually spectacular, musically boring

The staging was spectaculaire but the music was very mundane,uninteresting and repetitive.

Reviewed on 20 June 2023 by , Levallois, France


Reviewed on 19 June 2023 by , Tel Aviv, Israel

The music, the voices!!

The whole cast sang beautifully!! What a beautiful story.

Reviewed on 18 June 2023 by , Montevrain, France

I’ve waited 25 years to see this show

It was amazing and a spectacular lighting and production . Well done to all involved. You are a credit to the phantom of the opera . Loved every minute . Best way to celebrate getting the all clear from kidney cancer. Thank you for making my dreams come true seeing this amazing production xxx

Reviewed on 18 June 2023 by , Redcar, United Kingdom

Dream come true

I have wanted to see this for many years. It was wonderfull.

Reviewed on 17 June 2023 by , Stavsjø, Norway


Reviewed on 17 June 2023 by , London, United Kingdom

Excellent singing acting and special effects

Reviewed on 11 June 2023 by , Newport, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 05 June 2023 by , Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Still amazing after all these years

Reviewed on 03 June 2023 by , Horseheads, United States Of America


Great show and amazing atmosphere!!

Reviewed on 01 June 2023 by , Siracusa, Italy

Fabulous Show

Reviewed on 26 May 2023 by , Berwick, Australia


Fantastic show high quality musicians singers and staging… one of the best productions of Phantom ever Christine and Phantom were unbelievable Thank you for a great evening

Reviewed on 20 May 2023 by , East Kilbride, United Kingdom

A must see

Reviewed on 19 May 2023 by , Leeds, United Kingdom

Must see

Reviewed on 18 May 2023 by , Norwich, United Kingdom


The performance is so perfect it brings the beautifully written music to even great heights!

Reviewed on 18 May 2023 by , Singapore, Singapore

The Worst i've ever seen (it's my eigth time)

Reviewed on 17 May 2023 by , Moralzarzal, Spain

It was everything we hoped for.

We are from the US, and wanted to enjoy a show while here in London. Loved every minute. Superb. One little problem - need more restrooms for the ladies!

Reviewed on 13 May 2023 by , Jacksonville, United States Of America

A long running show for a reason

Singing is amazing, everything else cleverly produced.

Reviewed on 11 May 2023 by , Ongar, United Kingdom


The atmosphere was great, the singing was fantastic as were the costumes. If you have mobility issues the grand circle is not for you. However for us front row in the grand circle was so good.

Reviewed on 06 May 2023 by , Gawler West, Australia

High quality theatre

Reviewed on 05 May 2023 by , Bournemouth, United Kingdom


The best show I have ever seen, simply magical

Reviewed on 29 April 2023 by , Brentwood, United Kingdom


The experience was a disappointment, the lack of story and character with nothing but miming

Reviewed on 27 April 2023 by , Halifax, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 25 April 2023 by , Lisboa, Portugal


Reviewed on 24 April 2023 by , Cannock, United Kingdom

A must see musical

A very polished and professional performance. Great music, acting and staging, thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Reviewed on 24 April 2023 by , Camborne, United Kingdom

Superb evening

Reviewed on 23 April 2023 by , Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

What a show

Brill performance after 37 years has to be a show you must not miss

Reviewed on 19 April 2023 by , Lightwater, United Kingdom

Brilliant ?

Loved it. Took my daughter for her 14th birthday, she absolutely adored the show. So glad we we attended.

Reviewed on 15 April 2023 by , London, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 15 April 2023 by , Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Breathtaking show

Reviewed on 13 April 2023 by , West Bromwich, United Kingdom

Very old style show - rather disappointing

Seen a lot of shows in London in the last 5 years and this was the worst. The music was rarely inspiring, the story was poorly scripted and unconvincing. The sets and costumes were very impressive, but the climactic event with the chandelier happened rather early, leaving the second half anti-climactic. It was rather a relief when it was over.

Reviewed on 12 April 2023 by , Zagreb, Croatia

A real WOW effect

Reviewed on 07 April 2023 by , Morges, Switzerland

Fascinating and inspiring

Great artists, impressive stagesettings. Really good dancers, only slight niggle, the wine is by far overpriced for its quality. There is room for improvement.

Reviewed on 05 April 2023 by , Innsworth, United Kingdom


Superb production of Phantom of the Opera. The cast were perfectly selected and performed their roles exquisitely.

Reviewed on 27 March 2023 by , Cape Town, South Africa


Jag har sett Fantomen på Operan åtminstone 10 gånger på Her Majesty’s samt i Stockholm och i Köpenhamn. Min absoluta favorit. Naturligtvis har aktörernas standard varierat under de 20 åren jag sett den. Dagens huvudrollsinnehavare tillhör inte de bästa.

Reviewed on 25 March 2023 by , Skurup, Sweden


Reviewed on 23 March 2023 by , Cowes, United Kingdom

astonishing and beautiful

It has been the highlight of my first visit to London. All senses are involved, and the sound and light effects were impressive. I couldn't believe that I was already crying with great emotions on the first 10 minutes of the play.

Reviewed on 22 March 2023 by , Saskatoon, Canada

Nice and entertaining

Nice and entertaining

Reviewed on 21 March 2023 by , Vernet, France


Reviewed on 20 March 2023 by , Solothurn, Switzerland

Must see, fantastic performance

This was an incredible performance and everything I expected it did not disappoint. The actors were fantastic with beautiful voices, the costumes were vibrant colourful and so much detail. The stage set, the pyrotechnics were surprising and added to the drama of the show. Would definitely see it again.

Reviewed on 18 March 2023 by , Marlow, United Kingdom

The best musical I've ever seen.

Reviewed on 17 March 2023 by , Athens, Greece

09 Nov
Emmie Newitt

4 Reasons Why You Must See THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in the West End

by Emmie Newitt | Thursday, November 9 2023, 16:10

The West End has been synonymous with spectacular theatre productions for decades, and one timeless masterpiece that continues to captivate audiences is THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

phantom of the opera west endThe Phantom of the Opera logo.

4 Reasons Why You Must See THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA in the West End
13 Oct
Emmie Newitt

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announces West End extension with new images

by Emmie Newitt | Friday, October 13 2023, 14:03

The musical marks 37 years in the West End with an announcement of its booking period as well as new production images, including Jon Robyns as The Phantom.

phantom of the opera londonJon Robyns as The Phantom & Lily Kerhoas as Christine. Photo by Johan Persson.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announces West End extension with new images
07 Jul
Emmie Newitt

New cast for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announced

by Emmie Newitt | Friday, July 7 2023, 11:52

A new cast has been announced for Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at His Majesty's Theatre from Monday 31 July 2023.

Lily Kerhoas and Joe Griffiths-Brown in Phantom of the OperaJoe Griffiths-Brown and Lily Kerhoas to join Phantom of the Opera

New cast for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announced
09 May
Eleni Cashell

First look at the new cast of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 

by Eleni Cashell | Tuesday, May 9 2023, 11:23

Phantom of the OperaListen to the music of the night while checking out these incredible photos of the new cast of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.

Running at the newly renamed His Majesty's Theatre, the new cast include the return of Jon Robyns as The Phantom alongside Holly-Anne Hull as Christine Daaé.

First look at the new cast of THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA 
18 Jan
Eleni Cashell

New lead casting for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announced

by Eleni Cashell | Wednesday, January 18 2023, 12:43

The Phantom of the Opera There's going to be some new and familiar faces performing at THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA over the coming months.

Jon Robyns, Paige Blankson, Earl Carpenter and Holly-Anne Hull will join the cast from 3 April 2023. Killian Donnelly, who is currently playing the Phantom, will leave the show on the 4 February.

New lead casting for THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA announced
28 Apr
Phil Willmott

Change is in the air at The Phantom of the Opera, but would the Phantom approve?

by Phil Willmott | Wednesday, April 28 2021, 11:38

Phantom of the Opera You will recall that the plot of the blockbuster musical begins when the Phantom, who is said to haunt the shadows of the Paris Opera House, takes exception to some of the decisions made by a new management.

Change is in the air at The Phantom of the Opera, but would the Phantom approve?
22 Jan
Phil Willmott


by Phil Willmott | Friday, January 22 2021, 20:51

Phantom of the Opera The West End’s sumptuous, romantic, multi-award winning, and longest running hit Phantom of The Opera has announced that post Covid performances will begin on June 5th at Her Majesty's Theatre.

Great news because, infused with a whirl of big sweeping melodies by our greatest living composer, it's a gorgeous looking production immaculately maintained at the highest level.

19 Jan
Josephine Balfour-Oatts

Celebrating The Staying Power of The West End's Longest-Running Musicals

by Josephine Balfour-Oatts | Sunday, January 19 2020, 10:44

Phantom Of The Opera Question: What do Les Misérables, Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia and The Lion King have in common?

Answer: Look down, look down.

Celebrating The Staying Power of The West End's Longest-Running Musicals
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Our Guide to Which West End Theatre Tickets Make the Best Presents for Your Loved Ones

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Christmas Shows in London Theatre tickets can make great last minute Christmas presents and can be enjoyed throughout the year but how do you choose the perfect show for the loved ones in your life?

Here’s our run down of the week’s top selling productions in London, with a guide to who might enjoy them most.

Our Guide to Which West End Theatre Tickets Make the Best Presents for Your Loved Ones
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Celebrate Halloween in the West End

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Halloween With Halloween fast approaching there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy a spine tingling night in the West End.

Celebrate Halloween in the West End
15 Apr
Christian Durham

Review: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Her Majesty’s Theatre

by Christian Durham | Friday, April 15 2016, 14:40

The Phantom Of The Opera - London PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has been an integral part of the West End for over a generation. For years, it was a sold-out success and alongside other Andrew Lloyd Webber shows such as CATS, STARLIGHT EXPRESS and EVITA spread British musical theatre around the planet. So revisiting such a show after a quarter of a century brought with it some trepidation and nostalgia. However within 5 minutes of the show’s beginning I had forgotten I was there to review and was swept up in its visual and musical splendour.

Review: PHANTOM OF THE OPERA at Her Majesty’s Theatre