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10 Nov
Jess Morrissey

Review: PICASSO at The Playground Theatre

Picasso.jpgPicasso, by the late Terry d’Alfonso, marks the launch of London’s newest venue, The Playground Theatre. Located in Latimer Road, West London, this building has evolved from bus depot to experimental workshop space to theatre.

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The Exorcist
06 Nov
Nicola Wright

Review: THE EXORCIST at the Phoenix Theatre

The Exorcist Regarded by many as one of the most iconic, and disturbing horror films ever made, The Exorcist was released in 1973. Banned by some cinemas the audience were desperate to see if this multi award winning film would live up to the word of mouth hype. Written originally as a book by William Peter Blatty and two years later as the film, this stage version which began at Birmingham Rep, has been adapted by John Pielmeier and remains as faithful to the book as the confines of a stage production will allow.

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04 Nov
Hugh Wooldridge

Review: ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS at Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Romantics-Anonymous.jpg100 years ago, musical theatre as we know it was invented at the Princess Theatre in New York by the unlikely trio of Jerome Kern, Guy Bolton and PG Wodehouse. In 1917 alone, this trio had five shows running simultaneously on Broadway.

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04 Nov
Isabella James

Review: OF KITH AND KIN at Bush Theatre

ThOf Kith and Kin is is an incredibly dramatic new play by Chris Thompson, directed by Robert Hastie, which pulls the audience along a roller-coaster of emotions in three contrasting acts.

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Reasons to be Cheerful
02 Nov
Stuart King

Review: REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL at Theatre Royal Stratford East

Reasons to be Cheerful Back in the late 70s during the heyday of disco, the UK music industry suddenly found itself confronted with the anarchic punk and new wave movements. Ian Dury and the Blockheads were at the forefront of that groundswell which ruffled and challenged establishment conventions.

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