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Stuart King

Review: AN ACT OF GOD at The Vaults Theatre, SE1

An Act of God - The Vaults British comedian Zoe Lyons headlines this irreverent take on God’s return to the world of man, during which she discards the decidedly outdated Ten Commandments and replaces them with something more fitting for the modern era.

Ably assisted by modern technology and her angels Michael and Gabriel (Matt Tedford and Tom Bowen), in a mere 90 minutes, God effectively deconstructs many of the niggling inconsistencies and anomalies which have confused and irritated mankind since... well, since she created it.

AN ACT OF GOD serves as both a mocking rebuke of our general mishandling of planetary matters and a stylishly acerbic alternative to the usual schmalzy Christmas cheer. We learn to acknowledge and accept God’s failings, of only so that we can reduce our dependence on him/her and be less of an annoyance - especially with our incessant prayers!

I found myself wondering whether Ms Lyons had penned the razor sharp observational material herself... but the programme notes reveal that it was none other than David Javerbaum (formerly of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart), and not only was he gracious enough to try-out the show on Broadway in advance of this London run, but he even rewrote some of the material for a more UK-centric audience. But that in no way diminishes Ms Lyons’ trademark comedic pregnant pauses and knowing glances which she utilises to great effect.

From start to final bow, you’ll find yourself wryly smiling, chuckling and in occasions guffawing openly at the knowing playfulness and irreverence towards taboo subjects.

If Big Bang Theory and Will & Grace are your thing, this will be right up your street, and if you’re wondering what to get 5 or 6 friends for Christmas, take a gaggle along to this intimate fun venue and you’ll be in their good books well into Spring. Highly recommended.

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