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Stuart King

Review: HAPPILY EVER POOFTER at the King’s Head Theatre

Happily Ever Poofter - King's Head Theatre With the merest hint of a fairytale set, a flounce of frilly cuffs and staggering boots (which occasionally defy gravity), Richard Watkins’ is absolutely slaying ‘em at the King’s Head Theatre in his creation, HAPPILY EVER POOFTER.

Photo by Rah Petherbridge.

Prince Henry has the sass and campy bravado of a Disney Prince and Princess rolled into one, as he shares with his audience feelings of ‘difference’ and of being at odds with the established norms of his kingdom. In his eagerness to fit-in, he embarks on a quest to search for his tribe and enlists the vocal encouragement and support of his King’s Head audience of citizenry. The journey is a simply joyous concoction of risqué lyrics transposed onto some rather familiar sounding ditties and the romp proves a total blast from start to finish.

Much tongue-in-cheek and topical adult humour is deployed during his vigorous learning curve in search of true love, but whilst he never strays into didactic territory, Watkins does manage to off-load a few choice salvoes at those self-appointed bastions and guardians of entertainment industry morality. Cue supportive and knowing cheers from all seats. For those in need of a break from grey skies and winter gloom, the run (complete with occasional unicorn) continues until Sat 8th Feb.