Elaine Martini

First look: STANDING AT THE SKY'S EDGE, Gillian Lynne Theatre

Set in one flat, this musical tells the story of three families from 1960 to the present. A sentimental and engaging narrative about life, culture, and history. All told through their connection with the iconic Park Hill estate in Sheffield.

Standing at the Sky's Edge Cast. Photo Brinkhoff/MoegenburgStanding at the Sky's Edge West End Cast. Photo Brinkhoff/Moegenburg

Set decades apart, we follow the stories of three very different households. It all starts as they move into one of the flats of the largest listed building in Europe. Harry and Rose, in the 60's, a young working-class married couple. Joy and her cousins, in the late 80's, a family of immigrants from Liberia. And Poppy, in recent years, is a Londoner looking for a fresh start after a difficult breakup. 

The three storylines start to evolve slowly in a beautifully intertwined way. On a larger scale, it's also an account of British history, local culture, the building, and the community. The audience connects deeply with each of the characters as they face changes and challenges. The characters swirl around the stage, each with their narrative and period, but also merging in one. Their tale is told through humor, vulnerability, and romance creating a unified chronicle of human stories.

The music, by the respected English musician Richard Hawley, is a powerful immersive journey into different emotions. Perfectly executed by the on-stage band and performed in an impactful and captivating way by the cast. The costumes and light design work perfectly alongside the play, conveying the time period and emotions. 

This is a show that will take you through the ups and downs of life. A journey of surprise and circumstance, joy and tragedy, love and heartbreak. It ultimately leaves the audience with a sense of renewed hope. A true portrait of triumph through strength, love, and community. It is, in the end, relevant to each one of us, creating a beautiful and powerful account of humanity, in all its facets.

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