Nastazja Domaradzka

Review of The Lion King

The Lion King - Lyceum Theatre Julie Taymor’s musical staging of the classic Disney cartoon, now in its 16th year in the West End, gives audiences from all over the world the chance to reconnect with their inner child and to enjoy a truly magnificent and creative spectacle. The story, about a lion cub who must win back the trust of his tribe after being unjustly exiled, still inspires and resonates with audiences of all ages.

If like, me, you grew up enjoying the film, the live West End version will bring back a lot of wonderful memories. Experiencing the original songs in a theatre full of people, who like me, knew every line, felt like a childhood dream came true.

The puppetry and the artistry of the production deserves all the praise that it has been given over the years. In a world full of advanced technology and digital gadgetry it is so refreshing to see creatively designed costumes and puppetry that rely on the skill of the actors to engage the imagination of the audience.

The Lion King still seems fresh and innovative after 16 years

The opening number ‘’Circle of Life”, sung by the amazingly gifted Brown Lindiwe Mkhize (Rafiki) and the other members of the ensemble is completely enthralling aurally and visually. As puppet animals parade into the theatre from every corner the audience can completely immerse itself in Simba’s worlld. There are incredible performances from many members of the cast but I have to particularly mention Howard Gossington (Zazu) and the unforgettable comic duo of Richard Frame (Timon) and Keith Bookman (Pumba).

This show has been delighting audiences all over the world for years and will most likely continue to do so for many more to come. It's an absolute "must see".

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