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Rehearsal images released for MARIE CURIE THE MUSICAL

The English language premiere of the new musical opens in London next month!

marie curie musicalAilsa Davidson in Marie Curie Rehearsals. Photo by Pamela Raith

Here's a first look at Marie Curie The Musical in rehearsals. Directed by Sarah Meadows, the London premiere runs at Charing Cross Theatre from 1 June - 28 July.

A story of life and death, Marie Curie The Musical has already captivated audiences in Korea and Japan with its sweeping score and story. This is a bold look at how Marie Sklodowska Curie changed the course of science when she discovered the lifesaving potential of radium to cure cancer.

The cast of Marie Curie The Musical's London premiere includes Ailsa Davidson as Marie Curie, Chrissie Bhima as Anne Kowalska, Thomas Josling as Pierre Curie, Richard Meek as Ruben DeLong and Lucy Young as Irene Curie/ cover Anne Kowalska. They are joined by Isabel Snaas, Christopher Killik, Dean Makowski-Clayton, Maya Kristal Tenenbaum, Yujin Park and Rio Maye.

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This new musical captures a breathtaking display of courage and resilience for a limited time in London this summer.

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