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Nicola Wright

Review: A new MATILDA takes the stage at the Cambridge Theatre

Matilda The Musical - London When a little girl you have known since she was five is cast as Matilda you go along to one of her first performances with an open mind and ready to be entertained. I was not disappointed!

The new cast of children (one of four teams alternating performances) are superb and deserve the standing ovation they received. Emma Moore is one of four children cast as Matilda and her confidence and stage presence is extraordinary from one so young. Emma captivates the audience, just as Matilda enthrals the character of Mrs Phelps, the librarian, who she entertains with stories.

For those who dont know the story of this well loved adaptation of Roald Dahl's story, Matilda is the unwanted child of Harry and Zinnia Wormwod who wanted another boy and do not understand their daughter's love of books. Aged five Matilda starts school whose principal, Miss Trunchball keeps the children in their place with her permanant threat of throwing them in 'Chokey!' Miss Honey the kindly class teacher tries to protect the children but due to a secret of her own she lives in fear and intimidation of 'The Trunchball'.

Matilda has a strong sense of right and wrong and as her frustrations grow her hidden powers of telekinesis begin to develop with a climax which should thrill anyone however cynical!

From the moment I sat down and saw the stunning set design by Rob Howell I was spell bound. Miss Trunchball was brilliantly played by Craig Els and I also loved Michael Begley as Mr Wormwood. The music and lyrics by Tim Minchin stay in your head long after the show ends and the adaptation by Dennis Kelly is genuinely funny and remains loyal to Dahl's original book.

A must see for any child or for 'when you grow up'!