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Interview with Zachary Hunt, POLICE COPS: THE MUSICAL

Hear from one of the men behind the multi award-winning, globally acclaimed comedy company about the return of their smash-hit musical, Police Cops: The Musical.

police cops the musicalZachary Hunt in Police Cops The Musical, credit Pamela Raith

Indulge in uproarious laughter as one of the most uproarious musicals makes its triumphant return to the stage, now gracing the Southwark Playhouse Elephant. Prepare to be thoroughly entertained by Police Cops: The Musical crafted by the comedic genius of POLICE COPS, accompanied by an original score composed by none other than Brit Award winner Ben Adams.

Among the driving forces of its success is the talented Zachary Hunt, both a mastermind behind the scenes and a captivating star onstage. Join him as he delves into the heart of this sensational production in an exclusive chat with London Box Office.

Where did your journey with the comedy company Police Cops start?

We started the company together whilst we were in Drama School at East 15. We devised a comedy scene together and by chance it worked really well – it then all grew from there!

Before you created the musical, had you worked on any other musicals?

No, I hadn't worked professionally on a musical before this. At school my friend and I made a musical about one of our other friends called Jono. We called it Jono The Musical and no one understood it apart from us – which was kind of funny. Well, it was for us anyway.

You worked with Ben Adams who wrote the original score, how does that influence this work?

Ben is excellent at writing catchy songs based in the 80s, which fitted the show perfectly. His boy band background also worked really well for us, because in a way we viewed ourselves as our own (very unique) boy band.

For those who don’t know about Police Cops The Musical, what is it about?

Police Cops The Musical is about a young boy called Jimmy Johnson who, on his sister’s deathbed, promises her that he'll become a cop. But not just any cop – the best damned Police Cop ever. It’s essentially a buddy cop musical in which our hero Jimmy gets paired up with a badass renegade cop called Harrison, and they embark upon a wild mission to track down legendary ex-Police Cop (and all round baddie) Juanita Gonzalez.

It's back on stage, but this time at the Southwark Playhouse Elephant following its riotous run last year. For fans of the show can the expect anything different from this run at all?

Absolutely! The show is going to be really different compared to last years. I think it will be much more sophisticated in its stupidity, and there are brand new songs and lot more dancing. It’s certainly much harder for us, which means it’s going to be better. And if you come early on in the run, you'll be able to see us messing up a lot.

What is your favourite part of working on a show like Police Cops The Musical?

I’ve enjoyed the actual writing of it. Then getting the show in front of an audience, and seeing their reactions to the story and all the jokes that we’ve come up with, is really satisfying.

What audiences will this musical appeal to?

Fans of comedy and musical theatre alike! Particularly anyone who enjoyed The Book of Mormon. We’ve packed enough jokes in there that it hopefully appeals to everyone.

Police Cops The Musical is set in the 80s so what’s your favourite 80s song?

At the moment it’s ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds. An absolute classic.

Finally, why should people come and see Police Cops The Musical?

Because it’s really funny, and I feel like everyone needs a laugh these days. Whether you’re bringing the family, friends, or a date – we guarantee it’ll be entertaining for all.

Catch Zachary Hunt in Police Cops The Musical at Southwark Playhouse Elephant until 20 April 2024.

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