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Phil Willmott

Review of Constellations

Constellations If you fancy a sharp, sophisticated 90 minutes of theatre which I guarantee will make you feel cleverer afterwards I whole heartedly recommend Constellations, Nick Payne’s look at the twists and turns a relationship can take.

It’s a gallop through the consequences of boy meeting girl from first sight to... well I won’t spoil it for you but in the course of one short play you’ll laugh, be moved and your mind will boggle as various scenarios are played out then are replayed with subtle shifts of emphasis sending the whole course of the couple’s lives in different directions.

In the course of one short play you’ll laugh, be moved and your mind will boggle

It’s a talky piece with just two actors on a bare stage beneath a beautiful cloud of white balloons but in spite of its simplicity it was a big hit on its first visit to the West End and on Broadway.

This is the UK touring production which pitches up in London for a short run at the Trafalgar Studios.

Michael Longhurst's direction is razor sharp, drawing highly detailed performances from blokey Joe Armstrong as beekeeper Roland and Louise Brealey as nerdy cosmologist Marianne.

As they repeat significant moments in their lives together in this Ground Hog Day scenario you’re bound to recognise elements of your own relationships and to wonder how differently things might have turned out if things had gone a little differently.

Romantic, funny and touching it’s a perfect date night show!

Constellations runs at the Trafalgar Studios until 1 August.

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