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Full Cast Announced for The Go-Between

Michael Crawford As we’ve previously reported the producer Bill Kenwright is bravely producing a brand new musical in the West End, THE GO-BETWEEN, starring Michael Crawford who is returning to theatre for the first time since 2011, when he played in THE WIZARD OF OZ.

The press release describes THE GO-BETWEEN as “an adaptation of an LP Hartley novel by David Wood, with a new musical score by Richard Taylor. The story tells of a man who remembers a long hot summer of 1900 when he acted as a go-between for the upper class Marian and her tenant-farmer lover”

The rest of the cast has just been announced and Issy Van Randwyck will play alongside Crawford as Mrs Maudsley, while Stuart Ward and Gemma Sutton will take on the roles of young lovers Ted and Marian.

I’ve directed Issy Van Randwyck myself, in Arthur Miller’s THE AMERICAN CLOCK and she is a very classy performer indeed. She is best known for being part of the cabaret group Fascinating Aida, while Ward starred as Guy in Once and Sutton performed in the recent production of Gypsy in the West End.

At the heart of the story is a boy, the younger version of the character played by Crawford and the role will be shared by newcomers Luka Green, William Thompson and Johnny Evans Hutchison, alternating the part.

The rest of the cast includes Julian Forsyth, Stephen Carlile, Silas Wyatt-Barke, Jenni Bowden, John Addison, Archie Stevens, Matty Norgren, Samuel Menhinick, Jane Quinn, Jessica Duncan, Robert Traynor, and Michael Colbourne.

The Go-Between runs at the Apollo Theatre from 7 June to 15 October.

The Go-Between