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Interview with Kim Ismay, ELF THE MUSICAL

From the spirited North Pole to the bustling streets of New York City, ELF THE MUSICAL is spreading Christmas cheer to audiences at the Dominion Theatre. Kim Ismay who plays Debs in the West End production chats with London Box Office about the one show you must add to your festive plans.

kim ismay elf the musicalKim Ismay

You are reprising this role in ELF THE MUSICAL for a second year, what was it about this production that gravitated you back towards it?
It’s just such fun to be part of such a festive, joyous production! Plus, it’s lovely to be able to spend the holiday season with friends - and in such a happy show.

Is ELF THE MUSICAL a good translation of the film or can audiences expect more from it?
I think the main framework of the story is true to the film, but obviously, stage adaptations have to be a little different; and there are all the fabulous musical numbers, too!

What is your favourite part of being a part of this musical that you haven’t experienced from the work you’ve done previously?
I’ve worked with Santa before and I’ve also worked with a flying vehicle (Chitty the car!) but there’s something magical about Buddy’s story - it’s so delightful and the whole show has such heart and hope and love.

Tell us a little bit about your character Debs..
Debs is Walter Hobbs’s secretary and she is tremendously efficient (I wish I was as organised as she is!) She practically runs his office for him and tries to take away his stress. She is thrilled to meet Buddy and joints in all the fun immediately.

What makes ELF a brilliant production to go and see?
There is genuinely something for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, whether or not you’ve seen the film, whether you love Christmas or are feeling a bit “bah humbug” - you’re going to have an amazing time. It’s great seeing the children in the audience get wrapped up in the magic and the storytelling, but it’s equally great to see the adults get caught up in it as well!

ELF THE MUSICAL is obviously an extremely festive production, has it made you more festive early as a result?
Oh, I can’t wait to get all my lights and gorgeous decorations up! I don’t need an excuse… But Elf really helps you get into the Festive spirit!

Other than ELF obviously, what is your favourite Christmas film?
I absolutely love “White Christmas” And I am a fully paid up member of the group that believes “Die Hard” is a Christmas film!!

If you could spend Christmas in another place in the world, where would you spend it?
I was lucky enough to spend Christmas a couple of years ago in Zürich… That was incredibly Christmassy with lots of snowy mountains and Christmas lights. I’ve also spent Christmas in very un-Christmassy places, like Hong Kong. I’d love to head as far North as possible and see the Northern Lights - now that would be amazing for Christmas!

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?
Our family doesn’t have any exciting or unusual traditions - but we do sit around for ages in the morning, in our pyjamas, drinking tea and coffee and maybe a Quality Street or two. Or more. And when I’m cooking I always ask “is this too many roast potatoes” and it never is!

Why should people make a trip to ELF THE MUSICAL as part of their Christmas plans?
There’s nothing more magical - there’s Santa and his elves, fabulous singing and dancing, Santa’s sleigh flying and it actually snows - come and join us and get sparklejollytwinklejingley!

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