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Nicola Wright

Review: LA SOIREE at the Aldwych Theatre

La Soirée hits the West End Bursting back to London this Festive Season, La Soiree has a new home at the Aldwych Theatre, with a selection of brand new international and home grown performers all ready to entertain. Like a cheeky Christmas stocking, full of surprises, this heady mix of cabaret, circus and comedy acts is sure to have something for everyone.

Stepping into the theatre, and depending on your price band you are free to choose your seats, except if you go 'Posh', in which case you are seated on the stage, and should not be surprised if you become included in one of the acts! As you settle back with circus music playing and a drink in hand, a pole in central position gives a hint of what is to come.

Montreal's puppeteers, 'Cabaret Decadanse' open the show with a feel good number by a giant singing Diva puppet, followed swiftly by duo Rajesh Amrale & Rajesh Mudki, straight from Mumbai with the the art of Mallakhamb. Displaying extraordinary strength, speed and skill, they performed acrobatic moves using one wooden pole and gave a whole new meaning to 'pole dancing'.

The acts follow quick and fast, so even if one is not to your taste, another will follow swiftly on. The risque antics of comedy duo Daredevil Chicken and the sensational talents of Amy G gave the audience belly aching laugh out loud moments and the promised audience participation. Who knew what party tricks could be done with a banana and a kazoo! The first half ended with death defying act of 'Russian Cradle' by The Chilly Brothers. I was lucky enough to find myself seated next to one of the duo's mother and could only imagine how proud she must have been as her son brought gasps of genuine amazement from the crowd as he flew blindfolded through the air caught only by the hands of his trusted partner who acted as a human trapeze.

The second half flew by as fast as some of the acrobats flew over the heads of the audience below, LJ Marles using tension straps, Lea Hinz with her aerial hoop even Fancy Chance hanging by her hair all stunned and amazed the enchanted crowd.

La Soiree is the perfect night for the festive season, forget a traditional night out to celebrate, instead treat yourself to an evening of cheeky adult entertainment, to put you in the party spirit. Or beat the January blues before the season ends on February 3rd.

La Soirée