Phil Willmott

From Screen to Stage: Try our just for fun quiz

Sean Foleys staging of the classic British film comedy, The Man in the White Suit, which recently opened to mixed reviews, adds to the West End’d long list of recent, current and forthcoming shows adapted from movies.

Here’s our just for fun quiz based on London’s current crop of celluloid adaptations, running, leaving and about to open in the capital.

  1. The original film of the Man in the White suit originated from which vintage UK studio?
  2. Recent West End hit Heathers is about to embark on a UK tour. What’s the name of the high school where it’s set?
  3. Mary Poppins is soon to open at the Prince Edward theatre. What’s the name of the London street where the Banks Family live?
  4. Which other Disney Classic does it replace at the Prince Edward?
  5. A stage adaptation of Pretty Woman is heading to London from New York. The film features the classic song “Oh, Pretty Woman” Who recorded it?
  6. Block buster musical The Prince of Egypt will open at the Dominion Theatre next year. It’s based on a Dreamworks feature length cartoon. Who wrote the songs?
  7. A stage musical of iconic '80s film Back to the Future will open in Manchester next February and seems certain to head to the West End. Who played the young hero of the original film.
  8. Feel good musical Hairspray will open at the London Coliseum next Spring with Michael Ball returning to the role of Edna. In which US city is the musical and the original John Walter’s film set?
  9. A stage version of 101 Dalmations seems certain to delight all ages at the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park next summer. What’s the name of it’s villain?
  10. A stage version of the film High Fidelity will open at the Turbine Theatre on 21st October. Who played the central role on screen?
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  1. Ealing Studios
  2. Westerberg High
  3. Cherry Tree Lane
  4. Aladdin
  5. Roy Orbison
  6. Stephen Schwartz
  7. Michael J Fox
  8. Baltimore
  9. Cruella Deville
  10. John Cusack