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Production images released for SPIRITED AWAY

Take a look at the smash-hit Japanese production that has begun its European Premiere at the London Coliseum!

spirited away londonKanna Hashimoto (Chihiro) and Hikaru Yamano (Kaonashi or No-Face). Photo by Johan Persson.

Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away, created by legendary animator and director Hayao Miyazaki, has been re-imagined for the stage by Toho Theatrical Department and Olivier and Tony Award-winning director John Caird (Les Misérables).

Following a sell-out tour of Japan in 2022, the original Japanese cast is performing this spectacular production in London until 24 August 2024. Spirited Away is presented in the original Japanese, with English captions.

What is Spirited Away about?

Spirited Away takes you on an unforgettable adventure with Chihiro who gets trapped in a mysterious and enchanted world populated by spirits and creatures. In a quest to save her parents and find her way back home, Chihiro must navigate through a series of challenges while discovering her own courage and resilience.

The creative team of Spirited Away

Miyazaki’s masterpiece is brought beautifully to life with a live orchestra playing the magnificent film score by Joe Hisaishi arranged by Brad Haak (Mary Poppins), dazzling set design by Jon Bausor (Bat Out of Hell), wildly imaginative puppets designed by Toby Olié (Pinocchio: National Theatre), choreography by Shigehiro Ide (NODA MAP Series), and lavish costumes by Sachiko Nakahara.

The cast of Spirited Away

Starring in the European premiere are many people from the original 2022 Japanese production including Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi as Chihiro; Kotaro Daigo and Hiroki Miura as Haku; Fu Hinami as Lin and Chihiro’s mother; Tomorowo Taguchi and Satoshi Hashimoto as Kamaji; Mari Natsuki and Romi Park as Yubaba and Zeniba; Kenya Osumi as Aniyaku and Chihiro’s father; Sunao Yoshimura as Chichiyaku; Obata no Oniisan as Aogaeru; Yuya Igarashi as Kashira and Mayu Musha as Bo.

Mari Natsuki also returns to the role of Yubaba, having voiced the role in the 2001 Oscar-winning Studio Ghibli film.

The rest of the cast includes Rina Kawaei and Momoko Fukuchi as Chihiro; Atsuki Mashiko as Haku; Hikaru Yamano as Kaonashi or ‘No-Face’; Yuki Hana and Rion Misaki as Lin and Chihiro’s mother; Tomu Miyazaki as Kamaji; Hitomi Harukaze as Yubaba and Zeniba; Toshihiko Ito as Chichiyaku and Seiya Motoki as Aogaeru; and completing the company are Miyu Ayahashi, Kaito Arai, Yoko Ose, Wataru Oshige, Motoko Orii, Akino Konno, Ryo Sawamura, Mayu Suetomi, Rico Takahashi, Hayato Takehiro, Saya Chinen, Hanano Teshirogi, Ayame Nakagami, Yuuki Nishinomiya, Rei Hanashima, Yoshiki Fujioka, Norihide Mantani, Eiji Mizuno, Miffy, Maki Morita, Yuna Yasuno, Yamato, Kazuma Kimura, Annakanako Mohri, Marina Mori and Toshiki Hirose.

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