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Catherine Tate and David Threlfall to star in Paul Unwin’s new play.

Catherine Tate and David Threlfall will star in a new play in London later this year.

catherine tate and david threlfall in west end playCatherine Tate and David Threlfall to star in The Enfield Haunting

THE ENFIELD HAUNTING is a new play based on one of the most famous poltergesit events in the world.

The new play will play at Brighton Theatre Royal and Richmond Theatre, before transferring to The Ambassadors Theatre in London from 30 November 2023. THE ENFIELD HAUNTING will play for a limited season until 2 March 2024.


Written by Paul Unwin, and directed by Angus Jackson, THE ENFIELD HAUNTING is based on an extraordinary true story.

An ordinary, working-class family becomes part of the world's most notorious cases of paranormal activity over the course of eighteen months.

Janet, a teenager at the time, becomes the focus of the strange activity. There are tapes that show her growling for hours in a voice that professionals said would destroy a sixteen-year-old girl's vocal cords after a few minutes.

The events which took place at the council house in Enfield, North London gripped the British public and since have generated a TV series, books, and a Hollywood blockbuster film, The Conjuring 2.

Paul Unwin's new play focuses on one night in the spring of 1978. THE ENFIELD HAUNTING takes first-hand accounts from one of the ghost hunters and shows what happened when Peggy Hodgson tries to protect her three children from something that is deeply disturbing.


The new play will star Catherine Tate (Doctor Who) as Peggy Hodgson and David Threlfall (Shameless) as Maurice Grosse, a ghost hunter.

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THE ENFIELD HAUNTING will begin performances at The Ambassadors Theatre on 30 November 2023. This show is perfect for those curious about paranormal activity.

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