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The Enfield Haunting

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This show is now closed.
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The Enfield Haunting in London


Catherine Tate, David Threlfall

The British comedian and actress Catherine Tate brings a spooky real story to theatreland along with the amazing actor David Threlfall of Shameless fame. This is a fresh new West End thriller, the story behind which first appeared on TV in 2015 in a three-part horror-drama series commissioned by Sky Living. The play is based on Guy Lyon Playfair’s novel ‘This House Is Haunted’, which told the story of the extraordinary events behind the Enfield Poltergeist, the true tale of a haunted council house during the 1970s. Now it’s on stage in the West End, and we can’t wait!

The Enfield Haunting theatre tickets let you experience a fantastic play by Paul Unwin, directed by Angus Jackson and revealing one of the world’s most famous poltergeist hauntings. Catherine Tate plays Peggy Hodgson, a single mother who is desperate to protect her three children against the spooky goings on inside their home.

As the playwright Paul Unwin said, “Before Guy Lyon Playfair the poltergeist expert died in 2018, I spent a long afternoon with him in his basement flat in Earls Court. He and Maurice Grosse had spent months with the Hodgson family trying to protect them, but also make sense of what was going on. What Guy told me was terrifying. So much of what appears to have happened was impossible to fake and yet at the centre of the whole thing were real people trying to make sense of their lives. The Enfield Haunting is a psychological ghost story. It is a ghost story for now.”

David Threlfall plays the ghost hunter Maurice Grosse, and he’s thrilled to be working once more with the director Angus Jackson. This is his first time on stage with Tate, and he’s excited about that too.

The play kicks off at Brighton’s Theatre Royal and Richmond Theatre, then moves to London’s Ambassadors Theatre for a limited West End season. It’s on stage in theatreland from 30th November 2023 until 2nd March 2024, and we have some great quality cheap Enfield Haunting tickets for you.

What's the plot of The Enfield Haunting?

The Enfield Haunting tells the story of the most famous poltergeist event in the UK, if not in the world. It explores the poltergeist haunting that wreaked havoc in a north London council house during the late 1970s, a thoroughly disturbing supernatural force that terrified a family. The drama is inspired by the recordings and witness statements made at the time to reveal the weird supernatural events.

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    Saturday, 2 March 2024

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The Enfield Haunting reviews

3.9 out of 5 16 reviews

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Latest customer reviews

All reviews are from customers who have been invited to leave a review just after seeing The Enfield Haunting.


Excellent show very well presented

D Reviewed on 29 February 2024 by
Woking, United Kingdom


Better than expected

I booked the show before it had started it's run so had no reviews to refer to. We were in Stalls row 3 around the middle of the row. In retrospect the circle might have been better as we had a great view of the main stage but limited views of the upstairs of the set. Closer to the date of the show I happened to look at some reviews and found them largely negative so I wasn't expecting too much. However we all thoroughly enjoyed the show. I think it helped that I knew the story fairly well.

D Reviewed on 22 February 2024 by
Bridgwater, United Kingdom


A must-see

I loved this show because ... It starts out with an element of comedy that a) entertains you, and b) lulls you into a false sense of security. But it is both dark and scary. And you don't see it coming. It works on many levels. You must see this!

S Reviewed on 20 February 2024 by
Frating, United Kingdom



Confused as to what I saw. Muddled story, was it meant to be a comedy, horror, thriller or what? Would be a good way to spend an hour if ticket price was £20-30 but not at £100. Best part was the stage set but other than that difficult to find positives - even the acting was a bit stilted at times

N Reviewed on 18 February 2024 by
Chesham, United Kingdom



J Reviewed on 08 February 2024 by
Staplehurst, United Kingdom



M Reviewed on 06 February 2024 by
East Molesey, United Kingdom


We loved it!!!

We came to see Catherine Tate especially and came away loving not only her but the whole production. Some great scary bits but balanced with humour, loved it :)

O Reviewed on 06 February 2024 by
Burgess Hill, United Kingdom



A Reviewed on 04 February 2024 by
Shiremoor, United Kingdom


Cosy place and good play

Hello. I am from Norway. Easy to find teatre. I understand all the actors. They speak very good english. Thanks for nice evening. Regards Frode Bråtveit Norway

F Reviewed on 29 January 2024 by
Hafrsfjord, Norway


Mundane production of a good story

Very average show. After watching various tv and film incarnations of the story I was expecting something a little better. So much more could have been made of it allowing for the limitations of a state production. A better and more fluent script could have easily dissolved any of these reservations. Ending was a complete cop out, and really upended the show to being all about the mother and not Janet.

F Reviewed on 04 January 2024 by
Newport, Ireland


Terrible script

An overall great stage set up, great acting BUT awful storyline. It got confusing half way and when i thought the play was getting good it just ended. Definitely not worth £77 per ticket. Would not recommend.

S Reviewed on 02 January 2024 by
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom


Very scary. But if you are aware of that beforehand, you will be mostly fine.

R Reviewed on 13 December 2023 by
Auckland, New Zealand



The play was funny with a few jump scares. The only downside, it was a bit short at just over 70 minutes long.

M Reviewed on 08 December 2023 by
Fleetwood, United Kingdom



This was a very good production, although I felt it ended prematurely, without any real closure. It’s probably one of the most terrifying productions I have seen - the changes in lighting were the most enjoyable part for me and of course seeing CT large groups were walking in up to 15 minutes late, people we’re talking through parts of it and yet offended when a phone went off.

S Reviewed on 08 December 2023 by
Leicester, United Kingdom

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Catherine Tate and David Threlfall to star in Paul Unwin’s new play.