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Interview with Heathers The Musical's Miracle Chance

HEATHERS THE MUSICAL, a darkly comedic stage adaptation of the cult classic film, has captured the hearts of audiences at The Other Palace with its gripping storyline and unforgettable music.

Today we gain insight into the world of Heathers the Musical through the eyes of one of its remarkable performers, Miracle Chance, who plays leading lady Veronica.

miracle chance heathers interviewMiracle Chance and the cast of Heathers The Musical. Credit Pamela Raith

Tell us about your character in Heathers the Musical..

I play Veronica Sawyer, the protagonist in ‘Heathers’. She’s intellectual and caring, yet very much near the bottom of the high school food chain. Her peers consider her a geek, freak, nerd and a “greasy Nobody”, and her only goal at the start of the show is to make it through high school alive, so she can escape to the promised land of university.

I’m a huge Winona Ryder fan, having watched her movies as a kid, so I wanted to pay homage to her performance as Veronica, by embodying her quirky characteristics and her mix of chilled and neurotic vibes, in my own performance.

My favorite thing about Veronica as a character is that she’s an imperfect hero, who only saves the day by eventually recognising her own humanity, admitting her flaws and righting her wrongs. There’s a real psychological battle going on within her, and the rest of her school, yet she strives to prove “there’s good in everyone”. On a day to day level, we join her through several difficult teenage milestones, contrasted with the huge challenge of becoming an accessory to murder, and the chaos that levies.

She is perceptive, comical and sarcastic and so much fun to play. Combined with a truly incredible score, it’s so easy to fall in love with the character and my job every night, and it has been wonderful to make her my own.


Had you seen Heathers The Musical before you auditioned?

Yes! I first saw Heathers at The Other Palace in 2017. I had a few friends in it so I wanted to check it out, and I remember watching Carrie Hope Fletcher playing Veronica and instantly connecting to the role. I was so intoxicated by the tone of the entire piece and thought it was a pretty darn cool show. I always hoped I might try my hand at the role but it wasn’t until recently that I got the opportunity to audition for Veronica. I’m happy with how this has played out, feeling that this was the right time for me to tackle the role.


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I have quite a few pre-show rituals, and it usually varies from job to job. After we have done our fight call I like to have a cup of tea and have hot water with two slices of lemon on hand for the show. I find the tea perks me up, and the lemon, honey and ginger is great to have backstage in case I need something hot in between scenes. I also use mouthwash before both Act 1 and Act 2, and have to spit it out in the boy’s dressing room sink. This sounds bizarre I know, but It's something I did accidentally on opening night and now it’s become a bit of a superstition for me, so I do it every show… just in case.

miracle chance heathersMiracle Chance and the cast of Heathers The Musical. Credit Pamela Raith

Do you have a routine to unwind after a show?

When we first opened I had so much adrenaline after each show that I really struggled to unwind. I started reading after the performance (we now have Westerberg’s first Book Club which helps with this), so I would get on the tube and immediately focus on something else. This helped to give my brain the space I needed from the character and the show which is super intense. It’s good to have some distance so you can come back the next day fresh and with new insights for the next performance.

I try to only engage on social media straight after the show, and then once I’m home I might read, make dinner and watch a great series to unwind. If I’m able to work on other creative projects too (I’m a singer/songwriter) then that's always a bonus, but once I’m settled on the sofa that’s pretty much me. :)

How would you describe Heathers the Musical for anyone who hasn’t seen it before?

Heathers the musical is an intense, dark teen-comedy which sits just outside the conventions of its genre. It’s witty, funny and filled with a whole lot of heart; and combined with its killer earworm of a musical score, it will draw you in and spit you out as a corn nut and lifelong fan.


What is your favourite musical number in the show?

Firstly it’s a dream of a score to sing. Having a folk, pop and rock background I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in the music and finding my own relationship with the songs. So this is such a tricky question because I have so many favourites! I adore ‘Seventeen’, the melody is just beautiful and it’s such a vulnerable moment in the show. I also love the guitars and rock intensity of ‘Dead Girl Walking’. But I have to say that singing ‘I say No’ every night is extremely empowering, and is a wonderful vessel for acting through song; so for that reason I think it may be my favorite. (Other than of course listening to Katie Ramshaw’s unbelievably amazing performance of ‘Kindergarten Boyfriend’ every night).


If you could play a different character in Heathers the Musical, who would you play and why?

I would love to play JD. It would be incredible to embody his alternative perspective, and play the moves on the other side of the chessboard that is his and Veronica’s relationship. JD has such depth and an interesting backstory, and because Veronica has such an intense infatuation with him, I think I in turn have developed a strong curiosity towards the character. Also, ‘Meant to be Yours’ is an absolute masterpiece and I would love to have a go at it.


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