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Phil Willmott

The Extraordinary Moment When an 80 Year Old Music Teacher with Dementia Hears a Tune He Improvised Played by The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra – and Meets Stephen Sondheim

Paul Harvey I only came across this today. Apparently it’s been big news for about a week now but if it passed you by too don’t hesitate to click on the link below.

It’s 8 minutes of testimony to the power of music, of family and how wonderful things happen when good people come together to do something lovely.

As a result of this project a huge amount of money has been raised for dementia related causes.

Besides being a wonderful story it’s also a vivid demonstration of the orchestrator's skill and how, in the right hands, a gorgeous little tune can be developed into a powerful piece of symphonic loveliness with extraordinary emotional impact.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little cry. So go somewhere private, take ten minutes out of your day, sit back and enjoy.

And if it moves you too, share the link and pass on the love.