Stuart King

Review: SIX at the Vaudeville Theatre

SIX The Musical - Photo by Pamela Raith Henry VIII's six wives grab their mics and deliver a high-octane Tudor take on girl power, as they regale us with stories of surviving the Royal Court and grabbing their place in history — albeit by association — through marriage to England's most notorious misogynist monarch. It's rowdy, it's raucous and a whole lot of headlessonistic, decaptivating fun!

The Queens (Collette Guitart, Bryony Duncan, Natalie Paris, Cherelle Jay, Zara MacIntosh and Danielle Steers) discuss and compare their individual significance, whilst filling-in some historical gaps for the audience as they deliver oodles of campy sass, throw-away comic lines and some of the most impressive, corseted lung power ever to grace a West End stage.

Men have written the history down the ages but in Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss's gently revisionist exploration, details of the women's personal lives are revealed and consequently their competition gives way to a genuine on-stage camaraderie as a tangible sisterhood develops during the course of the show.

If an energised mix of catchy repartee, tight choreography, ballads and pop playfulness wrapped in an untaxing history lesson is your thing, you will have an absolute blast.

SIX The Musical