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Thunderbirds - Beyond the Horizon

Thunderbirds - Beyond the Horizon Tickets

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Show Closed
This show is now closed.

Do you remember Thunderbirds? Did you make your own Tracy Island, following the instructions provided on Blue Peter? If so you'll want to experience this brand new show. By all accounts Thunderbirds' creator, Gerry Anderson, is super-excited about this crazily brilliant production. He's even holding a ticket competition on his official website. No wonder when millions of people who were children through the '60s and '70s adored Anderson's quirky TV puppet drama, and no wonder so many of them will be flocking to see this uber-cool show, tapping into all that marvellous childhood nostalgia.

Your venue is The Buzz, at Mercato Metropolitano, London's premier purpose-built venue for immersive shows. Thunderbirds Beyond the Horizon is a pop up production designed to thrill. It's your job to jump aboard the magnificent Thunderbird 2 and play your part in International Rescue’s latest mission. You'll have to beat the clock, defeat The Hood and save the day. In fact, only you can save the world from potentially disastrous consequences. Are you up to the task?

This is a genuine theatrical adventure. The story is brand new. Welcome to a universe of immersive entertainment, interactive gaming, top quality nostalgia plus a bar jammed with Lady Penelope’s best-loved cocktails. Resistance is futile. 

Thunderbirds: Beyond the Horizon will delight you if you loved Alice’s Adventures Underground, can't resist the madness of Crystal Maze and have never forgotten your magical Secret Cinema experience. It's a whopping great sci-fi adventure from the West End company Limelight Productions, whose talented and highly creative team has made something genuinely amazing.

This grand show brings the original 1960s Thunderbirds back to sparkling life, zoomed into the present in the most exciting way. The plot involves a terrible cyber attack on Brains' Lab, with the arch-villain The Hood in the role of baddie. You'll love seeing the infamous Tracy Island in all its life-size glory, and grown ups and children are welcome.

Who is this show for?
This epic interactive experience is recommended for people aged eight and upwards.

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