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About Diana: A True Musical Story

Diana: A True Musical Story description

The Diana Musical – The extraordinary story of Lady Di

In the early 1980s the nation was charmed by the young Lady Di, a fresh, shy, innocent little thing. When she and Prince Charles got engaged, the world went crazy. It was a fairytale, a story of a relatively ordinary girl and a prince... but the magic didn't last. This is The Diana Musical and it's here in London, a treat for the millions of ordinary people who loved her.

New York's Longacre Theatre was the original home to this, the true musical story of the woman whose relationship with a prince went sour, went public, and changed the way we viewed the monarchy forever.

Diana was thrust upon the world's stage. The media adored her. She became the world's best-known woman. She stood up for ordinary people, for sick people, for the disadvantaged. She fought for her family, her country, and ultimately for herself. And her legacy remains. Mention Lady Di and people still smile.

What's the plot?

Lady Di caught the attention of Prince Charles in the summer of 1980. Their first date took place on board the royal yacht Britannia. The couple became engaged to be married in February 1981 and the world went crazy with excitement. In July of that year they married, watched by an international audience of millions plus 600,000 spectators lining the London streets. In August '97 Di was killed in a car accident, in Paris.

The musical takes you through Diana's early life, explores the romance and marriage, and ends when the marriage breaks down. In the end a liberated Diana breaks free, finds her own voice, and moves forward.

The Diana Musical creative team

The show is written by Joe DiPietro and David Bryan. It's directed by Christopher Ashley, and the choreography comes from Kelly Devine. Music supervision and arrangements are by Ian Eisendrath.

As the New York Times says, “Diana was many things — naïve victim; media-savvy manipulator; loving mother; fashion icon; lost soul; compassionate charity campaigner; femme fatale — take your pick. How you saw her depended on where you stood. But at heart, said Christopher Ashley, the director of Diana, she was a woman who dreamed of love — specifically the sort found in a romance novel or a fairy tale. And after landing a real-life prince, she discovered that princes — or at least Prince Charles — are not all they are cracked up to be.”

Who is this show for?

This musical is recommended for people aged ten and over.

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