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The Glenn Miller Story

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Starring: Tommy Steele, Marti Webb

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Show Closed
This show is now closed.

Glenn Miller's untimely death in  an air crash during 1944 was an international tragedy. More than seventy years later, the Glenn Miller Band is being celebrated in the West End with Brit music legend Tommy Steele in charge. It's going to be epic.

Tommy Steele holds the honour of being Britain’s first ever rock 'n' roll star, our own home-grown Elvis. He's been on stage for a long, long time, making his début way back in 1958 in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella, which sold out night after night at the London Coliseum. The London Coliseum is home to the English National Opera, a fitting venue for a very special show. Steele himself has always loved Glenn Miller's music. And Miller actually provided the inspiration the young Tommy needed to make it in show business. It's good to see the circle complete.

Now Tommy Steele returns to the Coliseum once more, this time to salute his idol Glenn Miller in a magical, fresh new musical production. And it is absolutely stuffed with Miller classics, from In the Mood to Moonlight Serenade, Pennsylvania 6-5000 to Tuxedo Junction, and of course the irresistible Chattanooga Choo Choo.

It took Miller and his band just four years to clock up more number one chart hits than Elvis and the Beatles, twenty three in total. As you can imagine, when the musician's plane disappeared in bad weather, during December 1944, while en route to entertain US troops in France, the world mourned.

The show's Producer is Bill Kenwright, and it's directed by Kenwright and Bob Tomson. Bill Deamer is the Choreographer and Mark Bailey the Designer.

Who is this show for?
This show is all about the music, and music is ageless and timeless. Anyone over five years old is very welcome.

If you want to celebrate the life, fame and untimely death of the legendary big band leader and trombone player whose tunes defined an era, grab tickets while you can. It's going to be a proper show-stopper of a night out.

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based on 12 reviews

Music was Great

I LOVE the music of Glenn Miller, and the story. This show was very very disappointing. Why on EARTH would you cast an 82 year old Brit to play a 30-40 year old American? Tommy Steel is a legend, and would have been fine if just narrating, but absolutely wrong in this role. He could barely stand straight ... in fact I don't think that he does at all ... and definitely couldn't take part in the dancing. Some of the costumes were very poor, I think of one of the US Army captains or something and it looked like he had a night shirt on. The set sometimes looked like something from a local amateur dramatics society The dancing was fun, and the music was fantastic. I left feeling deflated

London Box Office customer

A Nostalgia Trip

Tommy Steele was excellent,Marty Webb was wooden. The overal show lacked energy on the part of the dancers,looked under rehearsed, The Band were superb and expected more . A very pleasant show with fantastic music but some aspects of the rest of it let the show down a bit.

London Box Office customer

absolute magic

the most amazing show we have ever seen Tommy steele and Marti Webb and the team made us feel as if we were part of the performance True proffessional entertainers of which sadly very few are left We feel blessed to have had a chance to see them THANKYOU SO MUCH to everyone involved with the performance

London Box Office customer

Absolutely Brilliant

A story brought to life by such a legend. Absolutely brilliant

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


It was a brilliant show. Tommy Steele included the audience and you felt you were not in a theatre.

London Box Office customer

The music and dancing so good.

Definitely worth seeing

London Box Office customer

what an entertainer!

A superb evening out at the theatre.Do not miss this chance to see one of the best entertainers in the business...Tommy Steele. Truely amazing and you can see in his face he loves being on the stage. I found the show quite emotional for personal reasons . Glenn Miller being a favourite of my late parents and also being Bermondsey born just like Tommy. If you get the chance book your seat now,

London Box Office customer

A well told story by an excellent story teller

London Box Office customer

Thoroughly enjoyed!

I am truly thrilled to have seen the wonderful Tommy Steele singing and strutting his stuff in person, with as big a smile and glint in his eye as I have enjoyed from his films. The cast of singers and dancers were full of energy and looked like they were enjoying themselves. Having a band on stage playing the music in person added so much to the event and we enjoyed the sing-a-long at the end. My husband who just came to keep me company did really enjoy the performance too.

London Box Office customer

Must see, brilliant big band show.

A must see musical for lovers of big band music, dance & Tommy Steele!

London Box Office customer

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