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Lady Windermere's Fan tickets are on sale now as part of the Vaudeville theatre's Oscar Wilde Season. The same goes for his masterpiece A Woman of No Importance. Watch this space for dates for An Ideal Husband and The Importance of Being Earnest, tickets for which are due out soon. Excited? You should be. Welcome to the magic of Oscar Wilde.

Until recently the talented Dominic Dromgoole was Artistic Director of the Globe theatre. Now he's heading up a new theatre company called Classic Spring, an organisation dedicated to celebrating the ground-breaking work of proscenium playwrights like Wilde, performed in the kind of theatre they intended their work to be played in. In his words:

It has always been my pleasure and privilege to support the voices of writers, whether new writers at the Bush, the Old Vic or the Globe, or Shakespeare, the mainspring of our theatre culture. This is a wonderful chance to present the work of more writers, who still speak to us piercingly and profoundly today."

The wonderful Oscar Wilde Season runs from October 2017 and showcases four classic Wilde favourites. The satire Lady Windermere's Fan opens for business in January 2018, directed by the brilliantly funny award-winning writer, actor and director Kathy Burke.

What's the plot? It's Lady Windermere’s birthday party and everything is ready, perfectly prepared and in apple pie order. But when her good friend Lord Darlington plants a seed of suspicion in her mind, Lady W is sent into a rough spin. Is her husband having an affair, and will the 'other woman' have the cheek to turn up at the party? If so, Lady Windermere is ready for her... and she's armed with a fan!

The Oscar Wilde season also offers a couple of interludes, namely De Profundis, adapted by Frank McGuinness and playing from 3rd January 2018, and The Selfish Giant, a fantastic folk opera by Guy Chambers playing from April.

If you adore Wilde's acerbic wit and wicked dialogue, outrageous social commentary and unforgiving mickey-taking, hot-foot it to the Vaudeville for the treat of a lifetime.

Press Reviews

Saunders is stonkingly good The Times

Samantha Spiro is splendid and deeply moving The Independent

Jennifer Saunders delivers a scene-stealing, scenery-devouring performance The Stage

A sparkling production… The Oscar Wilde season now feels like it is hitting its stride London Theatre

Customer Reviews

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based on 17 reviews


Every word was clear. It is nice to go to a more intimate play rather than a musical on a grand scale It is amusing and gripping. I thought more could have been made of the story line in which Lady Agatha becomes engaged to the Australian and agrees to go and live in Australia. The many themes which run through the play are thought provoking and paint a picture of contemporary thinking.

London Box Office customer

A must for Oscar fans

Everything very good apart from enunciation from some actors meant if you were in the Grand Circle it was sometimes difficult to hear properly.

London Box Office customer

Fabulous UK theater at its best

London Box Office customer

I loved it!

A lot of humour and a wonderful plot!

London Box Office customer

Lady Windermere’s fan

hilarious show. Brilliant acting and directing. Went with Oscar Wilde novices who were very impressed.

London Box Office customer


Wonderful experience. Real pleasure to see one of the Wilde 's play on stage again. Without any modern twists or interpretations they are perfect and modern classics no matter when played. Thank you for a great evening!

London Box Office customer

Very enjoyable- clever dialogue

London Box Office customer

Lovely Jennifer Saunders

London Box Office customer


Even though the play was written more than 100 years ago the social mores are as relevant today Acting was fantastic and was audience participation between sets wonderful

London Box Office customer

A must in London!

Easy to book tickets. Nice staff who gave me a better seating. And what a performance!

London Box Office customer

Fantastic, very impressed by the performance

The show s very enjoyable & the performance was way higher than expectation. It’s a faithful production of Wilde’s play in which modern sense of humour merges perfectly with that of 19th century. I almost forgot that I was in 2018 instead of 1888!

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


I enjoy Oscar Wilde's plays enormously so I was extremely disappointed with how poorly some of the cast performed. The three principle women were very good and this meant that there was much to enjoy despite the distressing waste of Wilde's wonderful script through the scene in Lord Darlington's room. I don't recall being at a public performance and feeling that the acting was so poor. I imagine that something went very astray either in the casting or in the directing.

London Box Office customer

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The West End gets Wilde!

13 Jul 2017

Oscar Wilde Season After a popular and critically acclaimed time running Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Dominic Dromgoole has moved on to a new project aiming to demonstrate the power of the proscenium arch. What this describes is the traditional theatre set-up where by the audience sit in front of a stage and the action is framed by an architectural arch known as the proscenium, from an Ancient Greek term which roughly translates as “in front of the scenery”.

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