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Full cast announced for DEAR OCTOPUS

The upcoming revival by Dodie Smith (I Capture The Castle), starts performances at the Lyttelton Theatre from 7 February.

dear octopus national theatreDear Octopus Photography (Lindsay Duncan) by Kelvin Murray

The full cast has been announced for DEAR OCTOPUS.

Directed by Emily Burns, it will be the first time the play has been revived since the 1960s.

The cast and creative team of DEAR OCTOPUS

The full cast includes Amaia Naima Aguinaga, Alice Bounsall,Bessie Carter, Pandora Colin, Miriam Cooper, Bethan Cullinane, Lindsay Duncan, Kate Fahy, Tom Glenister, Jo Herbert, Billy Howle, Ethan Hughes, Deven Modha, Syakira Moeladi, Amy Morgan, Celia Nelson, Dharmesh Patel, Malcolm Sinclair, Natalie Thomas and John Vernon. Nine children will perform the roles of Kathleen (Scrap), Bill and Guinevere (Flouncy) over the course of the season - Kalyani D’Ambra, Ariella Elkins-Green, Serena Guo, Isla Ithier, Molly Jin, Felix Tandon, Ashwin Sakthivel, Tarun Sivakanesh and Asha Sthanakiya.

The creative team, led by director Emily Burns, includes set and costume designer Frankie Bradshaw, lighting designer Oliver Fenwick, sound designer Tingying Dong, composer Nico Mulhy, casting director Bryony Jarvis-Taylor, company voice work by Shereen Ibrahim and Liz Flint and staff director Júlia Levai.

What is DEAR OCTOPUS about?

Set on the eve of WWII, DEAR OCTOPUS centres around the Randolph family as they reunite for a 50th wedding anniversary. As the celebrations unfold, this family walks on a tightrope between intimacy and estrangement, camaraderie and rivalry, love and hate. DEAR OCTOPUS will showcase to audiences a moving dissection of family and what it means to grow up and return home. Expect it to be both heartbreaking and joyful.

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DEAR OCTOPUS plays at the Lyttelton theatre from 7 February until 27 March.