John Yap

Review: PRETTY WOMAN at the Savoy Theatre

Pretty Woman The Musical PRETTY WOMAN The Musical returns to the West End triumphantly at The Savoy Theatre with the packed house audience leaping to its feet, cheering it to the rafters at the end.

When the musical opened at The Piccadilly Theatre at the end of February 2020, it was on its way to becoming a “hit” when it was forced to shut down by the pandemic on March 16.

Now, nearly one and a half years later, the entire cast and production return with more confidence and panache. Everything is tighter, more relaxed and polished. Danny Mac’s singing even sounds like the composer of the musical, Bryan Adams, making his songs more natural and befitting. The “Red Dress” this time appears to be a perfect fit on Aimie Atkinson, who now gives a better relaxed and nuanced performance. Her singing is as secure and brilliant.

Bob Harms (multiple roles including the Hotel Manager) and Alex Charles (the Bell Boy) both deliver more secure and outrageous performances and dance so brilliantly that they almost stole the show. Rachel Wooding (the best friend) is just as good.

Because of the shutdown, the joy and determination of the entire company at the resurgence of the “live” theatre makes the transfer seem more like a brand new better and fresher production. It is astonishing.

The placing of the hit song that gives the title to the musical at the very end after the curtain calls is a master stroke. The ovation became frenzied when the iconic opening guitar chords lead the entire audience to leap up to sing and dance with the song. It sent the audience out elated and joyful.

As I have reviewed this musical when it first opened at The Piccadilly Theatre, here’s the link to it for the more detailed review.