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Sounds and Sorcery - Disney Fantasia
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Sounds and Sorcery - Disney Fantasia Tickets

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Immersive experience. Participants will be given headphones and an iPod touch to carry to experience the music, and so the event may not be suitable for young children.

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Booking until:
Sunday, 30 September 2018

In 1940, as war resounded across Europe and the carnage began in earnest, Walt Disney released a stunningly beautiful full-length feature animation called Fantasia. It had started life as a celebration of Mickey Mouse, designed to promote the character, but ended up as an extraordinary creative odyssey combining classical music and animation for the first time. Now it's being remebered in theatreland. Introducing Sounds and Sorcery, a show celebrating Disney's Fantasia.

What can you expect? This is an awe-inspiring and wholly immersive sound and visual extravaganza, where you are whisked through a series of magical underground tunnels to experience the music of Disney Fantasia while surrounded by amazing installations, performances and interactions. The idea is that the show contains scenes and experiences designed to take you on an emotional journey through some of classical music's greatest works.

The show is directed by Daisy Evans, the founder of Silent Opera. It's managed by The Vaults Production Company Ltd. The Musical Direction is by Stevie Higgins and the design by Kitty Callister. Video Design comes from Doug Foster and Lighting Design by Jake Wiltshire. The sound is designed by David Gregory, Associate Direction comes from Mark Burns, the choreography is by Carrie-Anne Ingrouille, and the art direction by Sean Turner.

The result is a show where the world’s most iconic classical music comes to life in an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. You'll meet the funky hippo, an animal who leaves you in a total celestial spin. You'll explore a goose-pimple-giving prehistoric landscape and meet the fairies who live in the forest of dreams. And, of course, you'll delve deep into the Sorcerer’s lair if you dare, in a surreal symphony that delights the spirit.

Director Daisy Evans, the founder and Artistic Director of Silent Opera, concentrates on using headphones to bring classical music to new audiences. This is her latest, most extraordinary project. The venue, The Vaults, is a maze of tunnels under London's Waterloo. You'll each be given your own headphones and iPod Touch to use, and the orchestra guides you on an amazing interactive journey through different spaces and fantastical environments. The technical side of things is brilliant, a combination of cutting edge binaural sound, 3D projections, complex set designs and dazzling lighting supported by a unique recording made specially for the event by a 96 piece orchestra.

What's the music? The show covers all eight classical pieces from the original animated film, including The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Rite of Spring, Night on Bald Mountain and the Nutcracker Suite.

As Kieron Vanstone, Director of The Vaults and Producer of the show said, “Fantasia is such an inspiring, iconic movie that truly features some of the most excellent music that has ever been scored. We were incredibly inspired by what Walt Disney and his animators achieved with this music in the original movie, and our immersive take on it will aim to be as ground-breaking, just as inspirational and sprinkled with the same amount of wonderful.”

Who is this show for?
This show is billed as being for 'everyone'. There are some dark bits, with flashing lights, and the fact that audience members are given headphones and an iPod Touch to experience the music means it probably isn't suitable for very young children. If you bring a child, you're responsible for their good behaviour.

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