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Cruise The Play

Cruise The Play Tickets

  • Opens: Tuesday, 18 May 2021
    Booking until: Sunday, 13 June 2021
  • Starring: Jack Holden
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About Cruise The Play


Jack Holden

Cruise The Play description

This is an extraordinary new show. It's being described as 'urgent, moving and inspirational', a one-man performance written and played by the awesome Jack Holden. It's called Cruise, it's a true story, and you can catch it on stage between 18th May to 13th June 2021 at London's glittering Duchess Theatre. Welcome to 1980s Soho. You're in for a treat.

What's the plot of Cruise?

Aria Entertainment and Lambert Jackson are delighted to present 'Cruise', a brand new play written and performed by Jack Holden, who plays Michael Spencer. With live music performed by John Elliott and direction by Bronagh Lagan, the play whisks us back to Soho, in 1988, to a night that just happens to be the star of the show's last night on earth. Or is it?

Channel 4’s It’s a Sin knocked us for six. This play does the same. Cruise celebrates life, queer culture and survival to deliver a hugely moving,uplifting and inspirational theatrical event. The 1980s sound track alone will whisk you dramatically back to the golden days that were blighted by the killer HIV AIDS virus, and the dialogue will seal the deal.

Michael is diagnosed with HIV in 1984, and is given a maximum of four years to live. He and his partner Dave decide to sell their house, sell the car, and spend the remainder of Michael's life partying harder than they have ever partied before.

Dave dies two years later and Michael parties even harder, spending every penny on booze and drugs. Four years to the day after his diagnosis, at the end of February 1988, Michael decides to leave this life. He dresses up in his best gear, goes to Soho, and spends the night saying his goodbyes... and survives. But how can he live now, after all he's been through?

Who is Cruise for?

This is being described as a kaleidoscopic musical and spoken word tribute to the survivors of the AIDS crisis and those who didn't survive. It isn't for children, it's a wholly adult performance that'll make you laugh, cry and rejoice. If any play inspires us to live every day as though it's our last, this is it.

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If you fancy being moved to tears, hurled into laughter, silenced by tragedy and inspired by unexpected joy, this one's for you. It is quite simply beautiful. You can buy tickets for Cruise here, and thanks to our brilliant theatre seating plan you can easily find the kind of seats that you love best.