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Mean Girls – In the West End for spring 2021

Watch your back! The mean girls are beautiful. The mean girls are stylish, and popular, and enviable... but they are also seriously nasty, wild and vicious. You know you want to sit with them, but it's dangerous. When Cady arrives at a new school she finds it a lot wilder and scarier than the hot, wild animal-filled African Savannah where she grew up. Will she find her place in the strange new world of Illinois?

What does true friendship mean? How does it feel to be someone's nemesis? These and more important school-life questions are answered by this splendidly funny show with a seriously bitchy edge. Can the naïve new girl in school, Cady Heron, break into the top stream and become a member of the gang, one of the most popular girls, the mean girls?

What's the plot?

Cady Heron grew up in Africa, used to steaming hot savannah landscapes studded with lethal animals. But lions, tigers and hippos have nothing on the mean girls she encounters as a newbie at a new school. They're just as wild and vicious, if not more so. Even so, stuck in a new life, in the burbs in an Illinois town, she is determined to get to the top of the pecking order.

Will naïve Cady rise to the top of the school popularity hit parade? She's going to give it her best shot, taking on The Plastics, three dreaded frenemies whose leader is the horribly charming and lethally bad Regina George. Cady comes up with a cool plan to shove the bitch off the top spot, but she learns a hard lesson: you can’t annoy a queen bee without getting badly stung.

The teenaged girls in the show are talented name-callers, there are references to sex and drugs, and the entire show is totally outrageous from end to end. If you ever encountered the mean girls at your school, and came away unscathed, you're lucky. And you'll recognise the vibe. What a fabulously entertaining musical this is!

The Mean Girls creative team

Billed as a 'ferociously funny new musical', Mean Girls comes from the director Casey Nicholaw, who wowed us with his work on Aladdin and The Book of Mormon and also does the choreography for this show. The composer is Jeff Richmond, who also wrote the music for 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The lyricist is Nell Benjamin of Legally Blonde fame and the book is by Tina Fey, who wrote 30 Rock and Bossypants as well as the screenplay for the Mean Girls movie. The show is produced by Lorne Michaels, Stuart Thompson, Sonia Friedman, and Paramount Pictures, delving deep into the heart of what it means to be a good friend, a worthy enemy, and a human being.

The show tunes

The fun is beautifully supported by a string wonderful show tunes, each as memorable as the last. A Cautionary Tale, It Roars, Where Do You Belong?, Meet the Plastics, Stupid with Love, Apex Predator and many more will rock your world, sending you home happily singing along for weeks afterwards.

Who is this show for?

This magical musical is recommended for people aged 12 and over.