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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 29 September 2018

It's a laugh a minute. Some of the jokes from the original 1974 smash hit film are really, really bad... but in a good way. The characters are hilarious, and the plot is ridiculous. Mel Brooks’ marvellous Young Frankenstein opens for its pre-West End season at the Newcastle Theatre Royal in late summer 2017, in preparation for its grand theatreland opening later the same year.

Young Frankenstein – The story

This fabulous stage show is inspired by the Oscar-nominated film, co-written with Thomas Meehan, who actually wrote the book for the musical stage adaptation in 2007.

When the famous medical lecturer Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, played by Gene Wilder in the film, finds out he's due to inherit his eccentric grandad's Transylvanian estate, he can't resist trying to reproduce the evil man's hideous experiments. His ancestor's servant Igor, brilliantly played by Marty Feldman in the movie, is still in residence. So is the lovely assistant Inga and the terrifying Frau Blücher. Once he's made a monster of his own, new complications arise thanks to his fiancee, who arrives in Transylvania out of the blue...

The show is produced by Mel Brooks, Michael Harrison, Fiery Angel and Hani Farsi, and the brilliant Broadway director and choreographer Susan Stroman is also involved. The all-singing, all-dancing new production is already being eagerly awaited. Watch this space to find out more about the cast when it's announced.

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Press Reviews

An evening of gloriously impure fun The Guardian

Bodice-bustingly bawdy Daily Mail

This is a wonderful night out, frequently reaching that all too rare comic plateau where it becomes literally impossible to stop laughing What's On Stage

A comic tour-de-force for the entire cast London Theatre

Hadley Fraser is wild-eyed and tirelessly exuberant as Frankenstein Evening Standard

Monster of a show that promises howls of laughter The Times

Customer Reviews

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based on 73 reviews

very funny

London Box Office customer

A pleasant, enjoyable musical comedy

Well known story delivered capably and enjoyably by a talented cast.

London Box Office customer


Funny and energetic! Truly fantastic and entertaining show - it had us rolling with laughter. Just maybe not suitable for under 15's.

London Box Office customer

Fantastic night out

We throughly enjoyed this show, exceeded our expectations and would highly recommend. Some great songs and laughs, brilliant acting. My only criticism would be the theatre itself. I don’t think the air conditioning was working on the night we were there, it was very warm inside the theatre, and I wasn’t the only person who was using his program as a fan, to try and keep cool !! Plenty of places to eat and drink within walking distance from the theatre.

London Box Office customer

A fun night out

Thoroughly enjoyed the show, although I think it might have been the understudy in the central role - but they were still excellent! Very funny in places, some of the songs had me in tears of laughter. When I went there were no plans to do a cast cd, which I thought was a huge shame - I understand there’s since been a change of heart.

London Box Office customer

Two hours of nonstop laughing

Impressive how they transformed the movie on stage , a bit smaller than on broadway but every single minute high entertainment. Fantastic stage set up and great finale. Fantastic cast

London Box Office customer

Good fun show - fantastic production

Our seats were upgraded so we actually sat in the stalls in row f. Close enough to see the full expression on the casts faces but I do like to see a show from above. Really enjoyed the show. All the cast are amazingly talented and it was a typical Mel brooks production - quite bonkers in places but funny and with so many multi talented cast you can’t fail but to enjoy yourself and be in complete awe if their skills. All in all a fabulous evening out.

London Box Office customer

Lovely adaptation

London Box Office customer

Mel Brooks Does it again

You want to experience laughter from 7.30pm to 10.10pm with a 15 minute break to adjust your jaws? Then look no further! Is it PC you bet it’s not! Will it offed snowflakes - absolutely yes! Will those lentil eating Guardian loving liberals wonder what the hell has happened? Yup! Every minute of it! In the days when it’s an offence to give your seat up on a train to a woman, this is a throwback to when comedy was real, lighthearted and when it left you happy! Brilliant cast, Igor magnificent! The monster - perfect facial expressions, even Frankenstein himself belted out his voice fantastically! And the housekeeper well she’ll frighten any runner at Ascot if her names mentioned! Go and enjoy Mel Brooks the man who links humour across the Atlantic and the years!

London Box Office customer

Funny, dynamic and a bit naughty

London Box Office customer

funny as f...

I can't believe that some people gave this show like 2 stars?! You must be old grumpy fart to not like it, literally, the whole theatre has been laughing. Ok, the humour was a bit cheap in some parts but overall I enjoyed the show a lot. This is no.2 for me after the book of Mormon in the west end in term of lough level.

London Box Office customer

2nd time in 5 months

I saw Young Frankenstein on a business trip last November and enjoyed it so much I brought my wife and daughter while on vacation in March. Somehow I missed it in NY - I'm not sure how that happened as I booked tickets to the Producers when they first went on sale in spring 2001 and managed to buy tickets for 9-11 and then managed to change then while Lane and Broderick were still performing. So I have made it up to Mel Brooks and he delivered in spades. This is an excellent show with a great cast. It remains one of the funniest comedies of all times on the screen or in the theater. So what if you start to laugh before all the punch lines. It just makes the laughter last longer. Frau Blucher!!!!!

London Box Office customer

Mel would be proud

Funny, true to the original adaptation. My Polish partner loved it and she has never seen the film

London Box Office customer

Don’t miss it

London Box Office customer

Fun filled evening

What an unexpected evening From the beginning until the end it was full of laughter and great entertainment.

London Box Office customer

Absolutely hilarious

Cheeky production, the actors having great rapport with the audience. I'm still not sure if the giggling and goings in between them was stage managed or spontaneous but it was hilarious either way.

London Box Office customer

Great fun

I loved the original film and wasn’t expecting the show to reach that level, but I was pleasantly surprised. The musical numbers and dancing were new, and very good, particularly in the second half. And even though the lines from the film were repeated almost word for word, there was delicious anticipation of what was coming, and I still laughed out loud. It was wonderful to watch the actors responding to feedback from the audience, enjoying themselves as much as we were. Brilliant. Well done, Mel Brooks and all involved in the production.

London Box Office customer

Creative must see!


London Box Office customer


polished performance with incredible dancing and singing Truely very funny. The sets were brilliant and very clever i enjoyed every minute

London Box Office customer

Excellent afternoon

An excellent show thoroughly enjoyed it as good as the film

London Box Office customer

Excellent well written and performed. Comic timing was perfect.

London Box Office customer

Girls night away

This was a last minute booked with turned out to be one of the best shows all 3 of us had seen was amazing fab cast. It was a laugh a minute lots of adult humour will definitely recommend this show to everyone. Was a very fun filled girls night with laughs and high energy xxx

London Box Office customer

Wonderful enti

Excellent show very funny

London Box Office customer

Barrel of Laughs

London Box Office customer


We loved it!!! Really hilarious!

London Box Office customer

Funny, witty, simply ace

I giggled from start to finish. Great show tgat had the audience tittering along. Definitely worth a watch

London Box Office customer

Very funny

London Box Office customer

Great entertainent

London Box Office customer


The show was funny, thrilling with a great story. Would recommend for older children and theatre lovers.

London Box Office customer

laghed from start to finish

Great performances - from all the actor and actresses, fantastic sets and backdrops, clever design, a brilliant story(very much like the film) all the cast looked like they really enjoyed performing....

London Box Office customer


Hilarious, stellar performance from entire cast. Beautiful costumes, great set and lighting. Would see it again if it tours to Australia!

London Box Office customer

So much more than I expected, great fun!

London Box Office customer

Laugh a minute

Fantastic night of comedy.

London Box Office customer

Loved the film, the show a bit less so

A bit Ho-hum for me although the 'putting on the Ritz' section is wonderful and Leslie Joseph was fun and the rest of the cast gave it the beans...the show probably compares unfavourably with the Book of Mormon which we'd watched the week beforehand. The seats were bang in the centre toward the back but the low hanging ceiling made you feel like you were missing half the upper set design, something that we should have been told before booking tbh. The couple behind us were having the same conversation too so it wasnt just us Sorry Mel, one of my faves turned out a bit 6/10

London Box Office customer

Great Fun

London Box Office customer

Original, very funny.

Adult humour and innuendo but funny. Very well produced and acted. Good comedy value

London Box Office customer

not to be missed

This show has all the elements of the 1974 film and more. Excellant casting and performances. Well worth the visit

London Box Office customer


Any fan of Mel Brooks will certainly enjoy this show. Come to think of it, anyone looking for a good laugh should watch this show. Really well done; cracked me up.

London Box Office customer

Frankensteen is Tremendous

The genius of Mel brooks brought to the stage in an outstanding musical production great performances from the cast and a standing ovation at the end must see production for fans of comedy and all those wanting to see a good show

London Box Office customer

Hilarious entertainment

Familiar yet surprising, exceeded expectations. Deserves a standing ovation.

London Box Office customer

Great Show, catch it while you can

Very enjoyable show, based on the classic film. Great acting and lots of laughs. Highly recommended.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Great laughs!

The show was superb. Great sets and costumes and fabulous comedy. My husband and I truly enjoyed it!

London Box Office customer

excellent show, very funny and the songs are great - almost as good as the movie.

London Box Office customer

a must see for a fun packed afternoon

London Box Office customer

Talented cast

We loved the comedy, music and dancing of a very talented group of actors. We had a very enjoyable night and loved the pyrotechnics when bringing the monster alive. Thanks

London Box Office customer


I don't think I have ever laughed so much at a theatre production. Great performances from all the cast. I especially enjoyed Ross Noble's 'Igor', comedic timing at it's best.

London Box Office customer

Fantastic show

Really funny great evening standing ovation

London Box Office customer

Great show!

Not to be missed.

London Box Office customer

Pure genius

London Box Office customer


I cannot imagine time better spent! What a fabulous fun evening in every respect.

London Box Office customer


a great adaptation of the film. the casting was excellent and the songs were brilliant.the show was very funny from start to finish and at times my laughter lasted minutes. i would see it again and i have recommended the show to friends and some have actually bought tickets on my recommendation

London Box Office customer

Insanely funny.

The musical only slightly differs in parts from the film, so the die-hard fans of the film might wonder why, but take no notice of that. You're watching a Mel Brooks production, so be honoured and feast on it. The sets, the props, the pyrotechnics all make up the atmosphere for the Frankenstein's monster story. The acting and singing is faultless and you'll be sniggering throughout the show. Thank you Mel for bringing the musical back to life!

London Box Office customer

Second Look: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at the Garrick Theatre

08 Jun 2018 in Reviews

Young Frankenstein It has been over forty years since Mel Brooks brought 'Young Frankenstein' to our screens, and it quickly became a cult classic. But, I wondered, is it still relevant to a new generation, will the musical version live up to its film predecessor? Would innuendo and jokes about forking and knockers still make an audience of today laugh, or does politically correctness frown upon such humour?

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Review: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN at the Garrick Theatre

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Young Frankenstein YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN was originally a movie written by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks back in the 1970s. A highly successful spoof of the B movie horror films that were filled with monsters running amok, angry village mobs with burning torches in hand, baying for blood and protagonists trying to manipulate death.

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Cast announced for Young Frankenstein

24 Apr 2017 in News

Young Frankenstein Garrick Theatre The cast has been announced for the London production of Mel Brooks' Broadway flop YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN. I enjoyed it so much when I saw the dress rehearsal of the original show in New York that I paid to see it a second time!

However there's no doubt that it was dwarfed by the vast New Amsterdam Theatre and buckled under the weight of expectations that it would be as funny as Brook's previous smash hit The Producers and worth the record breaking, high ticket prices cynical and exploitative producers were charging.

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Young Frankenstein heads for the West End

09 Feb 2017 in New Shows

Young Frankenstein Garrick Theatre I'm very excited! It’s just been announced that Mel Brooks’ YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN - described today as “the new comedy musical based on the Oscar-nominated smash hit movie” - will open in the West End on Thursday 28 September at the Garrick Theatre.

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