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4.9/5 - based on 9 reviews
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Amelie description

Amélie The Musical stars an entirely appropriate actor in the shape of the fantastic French-Canadian stage and screen star Audrey Brisson, who plays the starring role of the quaintly eccentric Amélie Poulain beautifully. Our very own Danny Mac plays Nino, and there's a large and talented cast – the original cast from the show's hit stint at the Newbury Watermill - supporting them to deliver a truly awesome story.

This is the hugely popular tale of the creative, imaginative, shy romantic Amélie, whose unusual gift for helping others is given a vibrant, fresh face in this magical re-conception of the beloved movie. The new orchestrations and everything else about this fresh version of the show have attracted acclaim from the critics and theatregoers alike, and it's due at The Other Palace from 29th November 2019 to the 1st Feb 2020.

What's the story?
Amélie is an extraordinary young woman. Her life looks quiet and calm on the outside, and she doesn't make a lot of impact on the world, but her inner life is loud and vibrant. She secretly makes tiny acts of kindness, things that bring happiness and joy to the people around her. But when the chance to encounter real love of her own arrives, Amélie realises that if she wants to be contented and happy, she will need to risk everything and actually admit, out loud, what’s in her heart.

Our times are tough for dreamers. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is going crazy. But against a backdrop of awful politicians, endless recessions, runaway climate change and mass unkindness, the character of Amélie is someone to believe in. You'll leave the venue uplifted, cheered, believing anything is possible and enjoying the renewed knowledge that kindness really does makes the world go round. If you feel strongly enough about the experience to create a few small, secret acts of kindness of your own, even senseless acts of beauty if you wish, you won't be alone. It's an inspiration.

Amélie the Musical is based on the 2001 romantic comedy film with music by Daniel Messé, lyrics by Messé and Nathan Tysen, and a book by Craig Lucas. The musical premiered at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, USA, in 2015, then opened on Broadway in 2017. The Director is Michael Fentiman and the Designer is Madeleine Girling. The Musical Supervisor is Barnaby Race and the Movement Director Tom Jackson Greaves. The Lighting Designer is Elliot Griggs, the Sound Designer is Tom Marshall and the Associate Director is James Ball. The Musical Director is George Francis and the brilliant puppets are by Dik Downey. Last but not least the fab set comes from Rocket Scenery.

Who is this show for?
Because of the cheeky references to sex and sex toys, this fabulous musical is probably best suited to people aged ten or more.

Amelie reviews

4.9 out of 5 based on 9 reviews

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Latest customer reviews
Must see!

Reviewed on 26 September 2021 by , London, United Kingdom

a wonderful love story which speaks to everyone

Reviewed on 19 September 2021 by , Belper, United Kingdom

Charming show - querky, philosophical, funny, touching

An intelligent adaptation of the film, keeping the real "French" approach to storytelling and a cracking cast. Times are hard for dreamers, but this show is what we need right now.

Reviewed on 19 September 2021 by , Bristol, United Kingdom

A delight!

Reviewed on 11 September 2021 by , London, United Kingdom

Fabulous show!

I liked how the actors were also the musicians and intertwined between roles. It was a brilliant cast. The story was beautifully told and definitely left with a feel good factor.

Reviewed on 06 September 2021 by , London, United Kingdom

The best piece of theatre in London!

I saw this musical 2 nights in a row because I loved it so much the first time! I found a single seat left on the next morning despite the show being sold out for the 9 days it is still on - so I grabbed it! I'm so glad I did... and honestly I'd go again tomorrow if I could! This has to be the best piece of theatre in London and I can't believe it is a limited run! I just wish I had seen it for the first time months ago when there were still tickets left and time to see it over and over! I have never immediately wanted to see any show again, let alone happy to do it the very next day! The cast were all incredible, also acting as the band and each playing at LEAST one instrument each at different points of the show, in addition to having amazing voices. They meshed so well together and I was utterly engrossed in the entire show. The music is just so perfectly suited to the already fantastic story and adds so much to it. The set is the final star of the show, and I cannot praise enough how well the space is utilised and the quality and versatility of set pieces.

Reviewed on 23 January 2020 by , London, United Kingdom

Claudia Duarte
Poetic...a must see!

Reviewed on 22 January 2020 by , Resende, Brazil


It was honestly one of the best musicals I've recently seen. Amazing acting, voice projecting, incredible musicians skills. I've cryed and laughed. I've felt like being in a nutribullet of my emotions. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Reviewed on 22 January 2020 by , London, United Kingdom

16 Dec
Phil Willmott

Review: AMELIE at the Other Palace Theatre

by Phil Willmott | Monday, December 16 2019, 11:41

Amelie the Musical I'm not sure of the science behind this but pretty much all of us, at one time or another need a hug. And this delightful musical is the theatrical equivalent.

The setting is a story-book France at the end of the last century where you’re never far from an accordion solo and everyone treats life’s ups and down with a good natured shrug.

Review: AMELIE at the Other Palace Theatre