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The Hope Theatre

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Running time: 120 minutes (including 15 minute interval)

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Show Closed
This show is now closed.

“Needy. Spiteful. Ruthless. And these are a few of her good points.” Flycatcher is a darkly comic thriller, which follows a web-woven world, where no one is seen for who they really are.

Madelaine is an awkward waitress with a buried past. Mae is a forgotten grandmother, who only wants some attention. Bing is a happy-go-lucky salesman, wanting to spread the American dream. Olive is a successful but emotionally distant art gallery owner.

These lives will come together when Madelaine tries to pull in Bing into her world. However, when Bing sets his sights on Olive, no one and nothing will stop Madelaine from luring any unsuspecting victims into her own psychological traps.

And so unfolds a complex and extraordinary series of events, all cunningly orchestrated by Madelaine and geared to, bit by bit, draw them all under the same roof. These schemes are at once hilarious and heart-breaking, but the closer they all become, the more each of their secrets emerge to cause the inevitable and catastrophic clash of identity.

Flycatcher is written and directed by international theatre maker Gregg Masuak, with original composition by collaborator Jake Walker. It stars Fiz Marcus, Emily Arden, Amy Newton, Alex Shenton, Susanna Claire, Melissa Dalton, Nathan Plant and Bruce Kitchener.

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The Hope Theatre
207 Upper Street, Islington, N1 1RL GB

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