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Forbidden Broadway: West End

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Forbidden Broadway – Side splitting comedy

Forbidden Broadway was originally released Off-Broadway, a musical revue that parodies the excesses of musical theatre, particularly Broadway musicals, to a tee.

Conceived, written and directed by Gerard Alessandrini, it ran for an astonishing 2,332 performances Off Broadway before transferring to mainstream theatres. Since its creation in 1982 it has played in more than 200 US cities as well as London, Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore and more. It's clear the show has a very wide appeal.

Alessandrini has rewritten his masterpiece over a dozen times over the years to include new hit musicals and bring the piece to contemporary life. The various versions of the show – which has been updated yet again for the latest run – have played more than 9,000 times in total.

The production lampoons the musical theatre scene, spoofing a host of famous show tunes as well as the characters and plots of today's most popular Broadway and West End musicals, gleefully mocking smash hits like The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Les Misérables, The Lion King, Spamalot and Annie. Nor are the perpetrators of these sell-out productions safe from ridicule. High profile actors, writers, composers, directors, choreographers and producers also come in for a pasting.

Expect a very clever, hugely witty four-person show with two men, two women and piano accompaniment. Together they rip the theatre to shreds in the most deliciously wicked way, and audiences have been known to laugh themselves to tears as a result.

If you love the music and just can't stop singing the show tunes, there's also an album available, the twelfth released since 1982, called Forbidden Broadway Comes Out Swinging!

In 2006 the show and its creator Alessandrini won the Tony Honours for Excellence in Theatre award, a huge accolade. It has been nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Revue five times and has won it three times, as well as taking the Drama Desk Special Awards prize in 1985 and 2009.

Forbidden Broadway - The story

Every industry has its clichés, weird habits and strange dysfunctions. And the musical theatre genre is no different. This remarkable show highlights the foibles, eccentricities and pretensions of the musical theatre scene with verve, charm and plenty of insouciance. Fabulous!

Forbidden Broadway theatre tickets – Musicals... as you've never heard them before

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Customer Reviews

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based on 19 reviews

Unless you have seen most well know musicals this is not one to see, you will not understand the humour of some acts unless you are a frequent visor of the theatre.

A great night out

If you love music theatre and know a lot of the songs it will be a really fun night. If you don't it's still a very funny show.

First class entertainment

Clever funny content from talented cast

Amusing entertainment

Enjoyed the show in particular the sketches relating to shows that I was familiar with.

A great show. Fantastic singing. The five people on stage really work hard. Some adult content

Laughed the whole show through

This show was fun and enjoyable, my friends and I laughed the whole wy through. The thetre is smlls o you get a good view from anywhere. The singers were very talented and with the shows they mimiced where i had been to the original I really could see the similarity. A great show if you want a good laugh and entertainment.

Honest review

My wife and I went to see this play last night. The four actors/actresses had fantastic voices. The main problem being is that unless you have seen every single musical like us you would be lost. I don't know background details of the `stars` who perform in these musicals and any joke about them went over my head. Sorry but would not recommend this unless you are a musical officianado.

Amazing birthday surprise

A light-hearted humorous evening entertainment!


well i have just booked to see it a fourth time. I would recomend for people that have a wide theatre knowledge.

not all all what i expected didnt even make it to the interval in my opinion it was the worst show i have ever seen total waste of money

Loud and Brash

Very loud as only in small theatre, 2nd rate slapstick , mediocre performences

A joy for the educated

Fully enjoying this show requires an understanding of specific individuals of the musical world, without which some jokes will fall very flat. However, for the shows I did not, the jokes were spot on and overall I greatly enjoyed the show.

Fun, fun, fun

This is just a delightful evening and full of fun. The performers are all terrific and have great voices. How they do this 8 times a week is a marvel. Have a great time, I know we did.

Broadway Fun

Forbidden Broadway: West End Forbidden Broadway: West End Forbidden Broadway: West End
Forbidden Broadway - Review

01 Oct 2014

Forbidden Broadway Stars are skewered and musical theatre sent up in this cult hit that has made the leap to the West End

Forbidden Broadway started life as a small fringe show that very quickly gained a cult following due to its spiky satire of mainstream musical theatre, and now this all-singing, all-dancing sketch show has planted itself in the very heart of the people and productions it sends up.

Review: Forbidden Broadway at the Vaudeville Theatre

19 Sep 2014

Forbidden Broadway A great spoof of musicals old and new, but it only works if you know the original shows. Take out a couple of the more abstract references to give it a wider audience appeal.

As a regular theatregoer, I love getting caught up in the atmosphere that surrounds the West End. Each production is unique, with moments that make you laugh, cry and cheer (hopefully). Of course, no show is flawless and each has its eccentricities. So when I heard that Forbidden Broadway, a musical revue that makes fun out of all of these weird and wonderful nuances, was coming to the Vaudeville Theatre I knew I had to go along. I wondered whether this show would pick out the same things that I noticed when seeing a musical for the first time. It did, but it also opened my eyes to some completely new and hilarious moments that I will definitely watch out for in the future.

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