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Killer Joe

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Trafalgar Studios (One)

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Starring: Orlando Bloom

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Show Closed
This show is now closed.

It's great to welcome Orlando Bloom to the British stage, the star of mega-movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings and more. This blackly funny play is based on Tracy Letts' excellent thriller. Welcome to the crazy world of Killer Joe, policeman by day and hired killer in his spare time, and Bloom is ideal for the role.

Directed to perfection by the talented Simon Evans, who absolutely smashed The Dazzle and Bug at Found111 and The Best Man, the play takes a look at the life of the Smith family, who would dearly love to see their estranged mother die so they can claim her life insurance. They eventually pay Joe Cooper, detective and occasional assassin, to to do the job. He's more than happy to oblige until he meets their sweetly innocent daughter Dottie while visiting the family's trailer home, an event that sends his plans flying out of the window.

Tense doesn't cover it. This play is super-tense, ultimately asking us to think very carefully about the fight for survival and the moral lines humans draw in the sand during it.

As Bloom himself told What's on Stage magazine, “Tracy Lett's Killer Joe is an incredible, adrenaline-fuelled piece of writing, with a dark and gritty character to play. It's an interesting comment on a disenfranchised view of the American dream... It's very different from many of the film roles I'm most recognized for. The play may be 25 years-old this year, but the relationships it portrays, especially between Joe and the innocent girl Dottie, speak so brilliantly to the empowerment we're seeing around the world in 2018.”

Killer Joe takes to the stage for a strictly limited season of 13 weeks, opening its doors on Friday 18th May and ending its run on Saturday 18th August. Your venue is Trafalgar Studio 1.

Who is this show for?
Because it contains adult themes, this brilliant play is suitable for people aged 16 or over.

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based on 8 reviews

Impressive story with good acting

London Box Office customer

Great acting, heavy subject matter

London Box Office customer

Brilliant! Very dark and cynical

I enjoyed this play way more than the film. It is dark and grim, like the film, and probably not for everyone if you're easily offended/upset, but also very funny. All great actors and perfectly directed. The decor is great and Trafalgar Studios is small so it adds to the tension - perfect venue for it. Time just flew.

London Box Office customer

Disturbing but powerful!

We had great seats, right in the middle. Warning: there is nudity in the show but it’s all in context. It’s a disturbing but powerful piece of theatre. Orlando Bloom is fabulous, as were the two female actors. Definitely worth seeing.

London Box Office customer

Terrible - bad acting bad story

The plot is weak and the story tries to shock and nothing more. The best part is that it eventually ended. The actors used over the top southern accents instead of utilizing their acting ability. I felt sorry for the actors who are probably talented but we're burdened with this dated script and terrible direction.

London Box Office customer

Slowly pulls you in until you are hooked

London Box Office customer

Terrible story

London Box Office customer

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Trafalgar Studios (One)
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