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Booking until: Saturday, 26 August 2017

Running time: 2 hours 40 minutes

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Booking from:
Thursday, 8 June 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 26 August 2017

Running time:
2 hours 40 minutes

The Kite Runner sold many millions of copies, seven million in the USA alone. It shot the author to literary stardom, touched the world and humanised the ongoing tragedy that is Afghanistan. Now the play of the book is due in the West End, and it's tipped to sell like hot cakes. Resistance is futile... this is powerful, moving stuff and you don't want to miss it.

The play has been adapted from the book by Matthew Spangler. It's directed by Giles Croft and was originally produced by Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company and the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse theatres. The Telegraph simply calls it, “A hit”. The Daily Mail calls it, “Outstanding” and The Times, “Exhilarating”. According to the FT it's “Beautifully performed” and the Mail on Sunday credits it as “Utterly absorbing from start to finish”. The Guardian says it's, “Gripping”. The critics are right, this is an awesome piece of theatre.

The author was a medical intern at a California hospital when he found out about the Taliban's cruel ban on kite flying in Afghanistan. He'd grown up loving it as a child, and was immediately inspired to write a short story about two boys flying kites in Kabul. Years later he rediscovered the manuscript in his garage and started working on it to create a full length book. As he worked the narrative became ever-darker, and a literary legend was born.

The Kite Runner covers multiple generations, focusing on the relationship between parents and children. In the first two years after publication it sold 70,000 hardbacks and a million and a quarter paperbacks. But in 2004 things really took off, and it soon hit the number one spot in the New York Times best seller list, staying there for two years.

The Kite Runner – The story

The scene is Afghanistan, a divided country on the brink of war. Two young friends, Amir and Hassan, are flying kites together, something Afghani people adore. But neither boy could have predicted the tragedy that overcame them on that sunny afternoon. The story from then on is rich in the themes of friendship, betrayal, guilt, redemption and the 'uneasy love' between fathers and son.

The story has crossed cultural, racial, religious and gender barriers with remarkable ease, and resonates with a huge variety of people thanks to its sheer, heartfelt humanity. Can Amir atone for his actions on that fateful day? The answer is yes, and you'll never forget his journey to redemption.

The Kite Runner tickets – The power of redemption

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Press Reviews

A spellbinding production The Stage

Impeccably acted The Sunday Express

An unexpected delight London Theatre

Just the ticket! The Metro

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based on 48 reviews

Just as the book easily identified

Very good

London Box Office customer

Very disappointing acting

I loved the book, so looked forward to the show. Sadly poor acting and direction, leaves you unaffected by the terribly sad story. I dare say in the second half I was fighting the urge to leave the theatre as bad acting became irritating.

London Box Office customer

Very true to the book!

After reading the novel, I was interested to see the play and was not disappointed. The play storyline was true to the book and although I read it a while ago and couldn'tremember the full story, it came flooding back. Heartbreaking! The setting was amazing, especially the kite backdrops.

London Box Office customer

Read the book

Couldn't understand where all the 4 star reviews on the promo poster came from. The book was amazing, didn't see the film but suspect that would've been better, the play didn't feel the right platform for the story. A good attempt by adult actors to play children but along the way the sense of innocence and vulnerability was lost. Also the scope, the landscape and backdrop was lost. In bridging the scenes the lead talking to the audience telling the story made it feel like a talking book and distanced the action and characters from the audience. Worthy attempt but not the right medium for this story.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer


The show was very true to the book. The acting was warm and engaging. Brilliant with the Tabas player as the accompanying music. The scenography in harmony with the rest of the show.

London Box Office customer

Creative must watch !

Really loved the show. Creative, emotional and fun show.

London Box Office customer


Such a wonderful show - did such justice to the book. Amazing acting and my goodness was it a rollercoaster of emotions!!! So glad we managed to see this - definitely recommend!

London Box Office customer


Absolutely brilliant, great story very true to the book

London Box Office customer


Authentic and true the book.

London Box Office customer


This show was captivating from the moment it bdgan. The whole performance was excellent and I wojld recommend any one to see it

London Box Office customer

Absolutely fantasic

I travelled from Ireland specifically to see this show and it didn't disappoint. I am a huge fan of the books so I was nervous to see how it would translate to the stage bit it was done with such dignity and remained true to the text. I thought the actor who played Hassan was incredible and it was overall a hugely emotive performance. I was honoured to have seen it. Fantastic!!!!!!

London Box Office customer


Powerful and moving play. I absolutely loved the book and this theatre performances didn't fail to bring out the same emotions I felt whilst reading the book. A must-see!

London Box Office customer

Powerful performances

Excellent production. Far better than the film but it can't beat the book. sensitive issues are dealth with in an emotive way that touches the whole audience. I was not disappointed with this production and the acting was second to none.

London Box Office customer

Compelling tale.

Firstly it would be good to have some background knowledge of the story of the kite runner. It is a sobering modern story. Although I was gripped by the play it felt a little long and overdone in places. Other parts of the story that were omitted that I felt could have added more drama and crescendo. The part where Amir re meets the childhood bully , now a senior Taliban official is rushed and felt under directed. Most problematic for me was our seating in the balcony because I could barely hear the actors, particularly the lead actor did not project. On a positive note the staff provided me with headphones which resolved the problem. The play felt a little long in the second half. However overall I l loved it as I knew the story well. It was pretty much as the author had written it.

London Box Office customer

Powerful story

Overall an enjoyable production (although shocking in parts - not suitable for children). I think the way the play has been written gives too much time to Amir (although I appreciate this is difficult to avoid due to the first person narrative of the book). The actor playing Amir was not particularly captivating to watch in parts. This said, the actors playing Rahim Khan and Hassan were strong and portrayed their parts very well. Another thing was that the story felt rushed (again, I appreciate this is hard to avoid due to the length/depth of the book). Perhaps it could've been split into two parts? To sum up, I found the production very adequate but felt it was carried more by the power of the story than the actors.

London Box Office customer

must see

London Box Office customer

Amazing show

London Box Office customer

Clever interpretation of the book

Condensed version of the book very cleverly portrayed with minimal props.

London Box Office customer

So enthralling!

London Box Office customer

Beautiful emotional story

This show was amazing and very well adapted from the book! The actors were very talented and portrayed the character with depth and authenticity. Poignant moments where we felt very emotionally lost in the story! Fantastic thank you !! Couple sat next to us were very distracting during key parts of the show but the ushers and managers delt with them very well! Ushers and the security were very helpful and welcoming attitude

London Box Office customer

Must See!!

Loved it soo much,coming back on 17th

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Great production!

London Box Office customer

stunning and poignant production

A superb if challenging production even more relevant now than ever before. A wonderful book brought to life in a beautiful event

London Box Office customer

Must see

London Box Office customer

The Kite Runner

Performance was true to book (which I have read many times!) Brilliant! My friend, who has not read the book, accompanied me and thought it was fantastic, too.

London Box Office customer

Absolutely amazing!

London Box Office customer

Made me cry

It was absolutely amazing. I haven't enjoyed anything as much for a long time. My daughter and I didn't stop raving about the show all the way home. Acting was supberb. Just loved it...

London Box Office customer

A must see.

Reading the story in advance would help but the story presentation on stage is clear enough if you haven't read the book.

London Box Office customer

Simply brilliant

I couldn't help but stand at the end. The acting was excellent and the way the play has been written for the stage from the book has been done brilliantly. I absolutely loved reading the book so it was great to enjoy it all over again on the stage. It's a moving story for those who have or haven't read the book, it's a must see!!

London Box Office customer


The Kite Runner is my favourite book and this adaptation didn't let me fiwn at all. Powerful performances from all the actors.

London Box Office customer

Must See, but be ready to shed some tears!!

Incredible story, touched the soul. Great performances.

London Box Office customer

Very powerful and emotional

Had read the book and seen the play so was sceptical about theatre production but I was pleasantly surprised. Had me captured from start to end

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Lessons to be learned.

In today's climate of terrerisom and civil war the message of honesty, care and loyalty manifested in this production should give us the message to employ these qualities towards one another. Because this play is very much a current issue I thought it excellent reason for thought and therefore a must see.

London Box Office customer


London Box Office customer

Didn't live up to expectation

Lacking in dramatic impact. Thoughtfully told but a little laboured. Ok rather than good.

London Box Office customer

The actors are very good esp with the different accents

London Box Office customer

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