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Comedy theatre shows to see in London

Embark on a laughter-filled journey through the vibrant world of London’s theatre scene with this guide to the best comedy theatre shows to catch in 2024. 

comedy theatre shows in london

From uproarious stand-up to side-splitting improvisation, this guide is your ticket to discovering the comedy shows London has to offer. Get ready to be entertained with household names like The Play That Goes Wrong to new additions like Kathy and Stella Solve A Murder. Here are just some of the must-see comedy shows gracing London's stages this year:

1. The Play That Goes Wrong

the play that goes wrong 2023 castThe Play That Goes Wrong 2023 West End Cast.

THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG has been playing at the Duchess Theatre for 10 years this year, making it a staple comedy show in London’s West End. Chaos ensues in this production as soon as the curtain goes up as the characters grapple with a series of increasingly absurd mishaps, from collapsing sets to missed cues and forgotten lines. Will the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society be able to save their production of The Murder at Haversham Manor in time for the finale? You’ll have to go and see it to find out.

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2. The Book of Mormon

the book of mormon west endThe Book of Mormon production image.

Fancy a comedy which contains wit and irreverent humour? THE BOOK OF MORMON tackles taboo topics with great intelligence resulting in a fresh perspective on religion and culture. Containing clever dialogue, catchy musical numbers and some satire too - THE BOOK OF MORMON undoubtedly earns its place in the West End as one of the greatest comedy shows of all time.

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3. Mrs Doubtfire The Musical

mrs doubtfire shaftesbury theatre londonMrs Doubtfire The Musical

MRS DOUBTFIRE THE MUSICAL is a timeless comedy show for numerous reasons. From its storyline resulting in a variety of comedic situations and misunderstandings to the effortless slapstick humour - this is a show that will delight audiences of all ages. It’s a beloved classic so if you loved the iconic film starring Robin Williams, you will not be disappointed with this show.

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4. Fawlty Towers

fawlty towers west endHemi Yeroham, Victoria Fox, Adam Jackson-Fox and Anna-Jane Casey. © Trevor Leighton

One of the biggest sitcoms in British TV history is heading to the West End in a brand new play and it will become one of the biggest comedy shows to see in the city once it opens. Set in a dysfunctional hotel run by Basil Fawlty, the show delivers a masterclass in comedic timing, wit, and physical humour. All of the iconic characters will be involved, including Basil’s formidable wife Sybil and the hapless Spanish waiter Manuel.

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5. Dr. Strangelove

dr strangelove londonDr. Strangelove promotional image.

STRANGELOVE is often regarded as a comedy due to its satirical take on the Cold War and the expansion of nuclear weapons. The stage adaptation of Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 film contains absurd scenarios, exaggerated characters, and dark humour. Besides the comedy, there is a powerful message about the dangers of power and the folly of war.

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6. Instructions For A Teenage Armageddon

instructions for a teen armageddonInstructions For A Teen Armageddon promotional image.

Heading to the Garrick Theatre following a successful run in 2022 at the Southwark Playhouse, INSTRUCTIONS FOR A TEENAGE ARMAGEDDON contains a lot of emotion but there’s also a hilarious exploration of grief and growing up thrown in too. Charithra Chandran makes her West End debut in this show which takes a look inside the world of a 17 year old.

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7. Kathy and Stella Solve A Murder

kathy and stella solve a murderKathy and Stella Solve a Murder production image.

A joyous new British comedy musical is heading to London. After performing to packed out venues, KATHY AND STELLA SOLVE A MURDER will certainly be popular at the Ambassadors Theatre when it opens in May. Join best friends Kathy and Stella, hosts of a failing true crime podcast. They decide to solve the murder of their favourite author, only to find themselves hurled into a madcap whodunit.

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London’s theatre scene offers an unparalleled array of comedy shows that cater to every taste and preference. Make the most of a night of hilarious entertainment with your friends and family.