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The Play That Goes Wrong

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4.7/5 - based on 1203 reviews
  • Booking until: Sunday, 3 May 2020
  • Running time: 2 hours 5 minutes
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About The Play That Goes Wrong

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Suitable for ages 8+

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  • Booking until: Sunday, 3 May 2020
  • Running time: 2 hours 5 minutes
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The Play That Goes Wrong description

The Play That Goes Wrong – British comedy on steroids

If you fell about laughing at Basil Fawlty's antics in Fawlty Towers you'll adore this smash hit of a comedy play, back in the West End at the Duchess Theatre after a long and hugely successful UK tour.

The production won the What's on Stage 2014 Best New Comedy award. It's directed by Mark Bell, and designed by Nigel Hook with lighting by Ric Mountjoy, and is presented by Kenny Wax Ltd and Stage Presence Ltd.

The stars of this extremely funny show include the talented Chris Currie, Dave Hearn, Rob Falconer, Henry Lewis and Alys Metcalf, plus Charlie Russell, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, Greg Tannahill and Nancy Wallinger.

The Play That Goes Wrong - The story

When the accident prone, inept Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society receives an unexpected financial legacy, the amateur group decides to put the windfall to good use. But when they attempt to put on a complicated 1920s murder mystery play, all hell lets loose. Everything that can possibly go wrong does so, to hilarious effect, and audiences find the resulting chaos so funny that the entire theatre ends up in complete, total, happy disarray, night after night.

If you see people streaming out of a West End venue grinning from ear to ear and wiping their eyes, it's probably the Duchess Theatre... and they've probably just seen this play!

Will the players manage to get everything sorted out before the final curtain rises? Come along and find out for yourself. As long as you're prepared to risk your composure, and don't mind completely losing your cool as the relentless funny stuff takes its toll, it's wholly brilliant!

Excellent comedy timing, expert verbal and physical funnies, it's one of the best comedies to hit the stage for sometime. What does the media say? Libby Purves, reviewing the play in The Times, calls it “ridiculously funny”. Janet Street-Porter said she hadn't laughed so much in years. And the play has garnered a host more excellent press reviews.

The Play That Goes Wrong theatre tickets – Marvellously, ridiculously funny

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Next Performances for The Play That Goes Wrong at the Duchess Theatre
tomorrow21st Aug 2019 7:30pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast
Thursday22nd Aug 2019 7:30pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast
Friday23rd Aug 2019 7:30pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast
Saturday24th Aug 2019 2:30pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast
Saturday24th Aug 2019 7:30pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast
Sunday25th Aug 2019 3:00pm

3-5 Catherine Street, London, WC2B 5LA GB

The Play That Goes Wrong Cast

The Play That Goes Wrong reviews

4.7 out of 5 based on 1203 reviews

What to expect:


Recommended for:

Anyone (83%)
Families (88%)
Teenagers (88%)
Couples (91%)
Theatregoers (92%)
Latest customer reviews
Laughed sooo much

Reviewed on 18 August 2019 by , Ely, United Kingdom


What a fabulous funny evening!

Reviewed on 17 August 2019 by , Kings Cliffe, United Kingdom

Laughed till I cried

Reviewed on 17 August 2019 by , Surbiton, United Kingdom

Laugh a minute

Reviewed on 15 August 2019 by , Liverpool, United Kingdom

so unexpected but title totally adds up - see it!!!

Reviewed on 14 August 2019 by , Clapham, United Kingdom

Excellent evening

We had a great evening

Reviewed on 14 August 2019 by , Ashtead, United Kingdom


This play had things going on all of the time. There was no way I could fall asleep and I am well known for doing that at the best if times.everyone from children to pensioners were laughing throughout. Get there early as the actors start setting the scene about 15 to 20 mins before the formal start time.

Reviewed on 13 August 2019 by , Woodbridge, United Kingdom

Can I get my money back?

Really disappointed in the quality of the show. It wasn’t really funny and we left at the interval.

Reviewed on 11 August 2019 by , Chantilly, United States Of America

Couple, 34, Londoners

Went to see the second time and still managed to make me laugh. It is absolute must for anyone if you want a good two hours of joy.

Reviewed on 09 August 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Cleverly scripted and funny.

Suitable to anyone and acting were great.

Reviewed on 09 August 2019 by , Tonbridge , Kent, United Kingdom

So funny

Very funny, great acting, friendly atmosphere

Reviewed on 06 August 2019 by , Tuam, Ireland

Ok for families

Reviewed on 03 August 2019 by , Lleida, Spain

The Play that Goes Wrong went Perfectly!

It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Reviewed on 28 July 2019 by , Lethbridge, Canada

Hilarious mayhem, brilliant!

An hilarious production of disaster and mayhem Side splitting laughter from all in the audience A great night out

Reviewed on 20 July 2019 by , Granton, Australia

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!

This show was everything I expected and more! It’s not only a brilliant slapstick comedy, but a smart one as well. The writing is perfect, so it’s the cast. I’ve loved every minute of it. A must see! Make sure to come a few minutes early because the show starts before the show starts!

Reviewed on 19 July 2019 by , Dublin, Ireland

Hilarious, so glad I chose it

Was written up as hilarious and it was. We were laughing before the official show even started. You had to keep your eyes everywhere as it unfolded. A great night out.

Reviewed on 06 July 2019 by , Ryde, Australia


Reviewed on 05 July 2019 by , Orpington, United Kingdom

A real good laugh out loud show

Reviewed on 04 July 2019 by , Prestwick, United Kingdom


If you like sheer farce, this is the show for you. But it wasn't just slapstick: there was also some very clever comic timing and deceptively difficult dialogue. And what happens to the set was also a theatrical miracle! Best of all, the cast seemed to be having as much fun as the audience, and they clearly wanted the audience to have a good time. Lots of the audience weren't first-language English speakers, but they still enjoyed the visual gags a lot.

Reviewed on 04 July 2019 by , Swansea, United Kingdom

Funniest Play In London

Extremely silly and very funny. Took two eleven year old girls who giggled throughout and applauded loudly. Probably one of the funniest shows I have ever seen; saw it four years ago when it first openened and still found it great, spotting different things this time. Can't wait to take the children to Peter Pan Goes Wrong at xmas. The acting and directions are first class with a stunning set.

Reviewed on 28 June 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Fantastically funny

Definitely a must see, from start to finish I was proper belly laughing. I want to come back again but this time bring my kids.

Reviewed on 17 June 2019 by , Billericay, United Kingdom

Incredibly funny! Will recommend to anyone!

Absolutely fantastic show, loved how they involved the audience, it made us feel like we're part of the show too! The comedy was top class and hats off to everyone there for a play that's meant to go wrong!

Reviewed on 17 June 2019 by , Stanmore, United Kingdom

Great Show - a must see.

Reviewed on 10 June 2019 by , Ivybridge, United Kingdom

Just great

Reviewed on 09 June 2019 by , Baden, Austria

Absolutely incredible!

Absolutely incredible, the detail of everything was just so outstanding. Cried of laughter through all of it and the atmosphere in the theatre was huge. The characters are incredible too just really really well directed. In love with all characters and will be returning to their shows all the time and would strongly recommend anybody to go and watch and just enjoy it!!

Reviewed on 09 June 2019 by , Cannock, United Kingdom

Enormous fun!

....and excellent participation with the audience!

Reviewed on 07 June 2019 by , Budleigh Salterton, United Kingdom

One of the best comedies ever

Reviewed on 06 June 2019 by , Taylorsville, United States Of America

Very, very funny throughout

Reviewed on 05 June 2019 by , Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Very entertaining

This is a well acomplished comedy. They get you into the story and make you laugh. It is said that is easier to make people cry than laugh. Well, these actors accomplish that.

Reviewed on 05 June 2019 by , Eagle Pass, United States Of America

Sooooo funny.

Saw it now for the 5th time. Too funny.

Reviewed on 04 June 2019 by , Capelle Aan Den Ijssel, Netherlands

Extremely hilarious

Reviewed on 30 May 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Most entertaining

Reviewed on 24 May 2019 by , Cheslyn Hay, United Kingdom

A good chuckle

Fantastically funny play and would recommend it to anyone who wanted a light hearted and funny play with great actors .

Reviewed on 23 May 2019 by , Wigan, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 15 May 2019 by , London, United Kingdom


This show is a must see, The show is hilarious and the cast give their heart and soul to their performances .The actors are rewarded by a jubilant and enthusiastic audience from start to finish. If you had any cares or worries when you arrived at the theatre I guarantee they will disappear while you watch this show and you will definitely leave the theatre a happy bunny!

Reviewed on 14 May 2019 by , Broadstairs Kent, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 10 May 2019 by , Herndon, United States Of America


Really didn’t know what to expect and was laughing throughout from start to finish. I literally was crying with laughter 🤣 100% recommend this hilarious well written quality comedy acting with spot on comedy timing to all ages. Would definitely see it again 👌🏻👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Lorri Thomas

Reviewed on 07 May 2019 by , Rotherhithe, United Kingdom

A good laugh

A good choice for some light-hearted fun. Not sure how to rate “music” as it isn’t a musical, however the choices for mood music/sound effects worked well enough so 5 stars. If anyone has been involved in or seen student/community amateur theater you will cringe with laughter as you recognize characters/moments in the show that you will have witnessed in real life. Went with my sister who giggled from beginning to end, I had quite a few big guffaws, we both walked away in a great mood enjoying some British-style humor but also in awe of the coordination of the whole thing - there were some moments that if off just a little could’ve had a horrible outcome. Wouldn’t recommend for families with very young children, but definitely a show that is enjoyable across a variety of generations, tween and up to elderly.

Reviewed on 06 May 2019 by , Darkan, Australia

Good for kids; not a laugh for adults

The laugh points were for kids; you can see too many those type of silly things elsewhere, making these no longer laughable

Reviewed on 05 May 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Fun show

Well cast. A little muddled at the end, but a fun lighthearted evening.

Reviewed on 05 May 2019 by , Port Coquitlam, Canada

Great entertainment all ages

So much fun from start to finish, highly recommended.

Reviewed on 29 April 2019 by , Versoix, Switzerland


The show was funny start to the finish . We could feel all the actors were having a great time and so did we. We were impressed that the whole two of the show we were laughing every minute. After watching this performance we would definitely return with our children to watch again , reccomend to everyone. We are now looking to buy tickets to the other performances from this theatre company . Outstanding performance from all involved. Well done .

Reviewed on 29 April 2019 by , Newbury, United Kingdom


Lame jokes, poor script and very tacky. Too stupid too talk about. I am gutted I’ve wasted so much money on this, when there are so many other outstanding shows on offer in London

Reviewed on 28 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Funny Show

Second time we have seen this show. Liked it so much in Southampton we met up with my sister and husband and saw it again in London.

Reviewed on 26 April 2019 by , Andover, United Kingdom

Great show

Reviewed on 25 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Great time

Reviewed on 23 April 2019 by , Middletown, United States Of America

Great slapstick! Big belly- laughs!!

V little more i cannot say.

Reviewed on 21 April 2019 by , Liverpool, United Kingdom

Every scene is enjoyable!

Reviewed on 20 April 2019 by , Derby, United Kingdom

Witty and unique

Unusual and very refreshing performance. You will laugh a lot

Reviewed on 18 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

entertaining and funny

We found the show entertaining and it made us laugh. The humour was mostly physical and slapstick. Clever

Reviewed on 13 April 2019 by , Basingstoke, United Kingdom

Excellent hilarious comedy

Reviewed on 12 April 2019 by , Reigate, United Kingdom

Very funny and entertaining show with wonderfully skilled actors

Reviewed on 10 April 2019 by , London, United Kingdom


Hilarious, good laugh with my daughter(11) Thank you!

Reviewed on 06 April 2019 by , Ware, United Kingdom

Creative and hilarious - a must see!

Reviewed on 02 April 2019 by , Apo Ae, United States Of America

Incredible! Must see!

Reviewed on 31 March 2019 by , Ballingeary, Ireland

Laugh out loud comedy

A very good comedy play. Giggled all the way through

Reviewed on 31 March 2019 by , Swindon, United Kingdom

So funny

Hilariously funny and just enjoyed my evening watching the show! I recommend to anyone

Reviewed on 30 March 2019 by , Cardiff, United Kingdom

Fantastically funny and amazing finale

Unbelievably well written play, superb acting, very very funny with a fantastic finale. Granny, myself and my teenager just loved it.

Reviewed on 26 March 2019 by , Bamber Bridge, United Kingdom

Alex Neil
Alex Neil

The show is so fast moving, very funny, well written and very well acted. It's so good and fast moving that you can't describe it, you have to see it.

Reviewed on 22 March 2019 by , Hull, United Kingdom

Very funny

Reviewed on 22 March 2019 by , Lincoln, United Kingdom


The play is extremely well scripted and the best laugh I have had in a long while. Take your seats at least 10 minutes prior to performance as there is some pre show laughs to be had.

Reviewed on 16 March 2019 by , Horley, United Kingdom

Very funny and enjoyable play

Reviewed on 14 March 2019 by , Chelmsford, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 13 March 2019 by , Taunton, United Kingdom

Old time Comedy

Reviewed on 13 March 2019 by , Roswell, United States Of America


The humor was very "silly" and the way how it was performed made me feel relaxed. The play made me laugh for over two hours. It was progressing fluently, no weak spots.

Reviewed on 12 March 2019 by , Jaklovce, Slovakia


Reviewed on 10 March 2019 by , Kesgrave Ipswich, United Kingdom


Laughed so much! Would love to watch another show by the same director

Reviewed on 17 February 2019 by , Hastings, United Kingdom

Excellent performance

You really feel for the director trying to get his am dram in shape ! Superb

Reviewed on 16 February 2019 by , Walkern, United Kingdom

Cheeks are sore from laughing. Great show

Reviewed on 16 February 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Local theatrical production goes bonkers, Hilarity ensues!

Reviewed on 14 February 2019 by , Ottawa, Canada



Reviewed on 12 February 2019 by , Aylesford, United Kingdom

lots of laugh out moments

Bought these tickets as it was one of the few plays offering a Sunday evening performance. So glad we did. It was funny from start to finish. Bit Basil Fawlty meets St Trinians type humour.

Reviewed on 11 February 2019 by , Tavistock, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 11 February 2019 by , Dagenham, United Kingdom

Funny and very silly

The show was ok. Some bits were very funny but a bit too much sillyness and not enough substance. Story line ok, but the who dunnit was all a bit rushed at the end.

Reviewed on 08 February 2019 by , Burnham, United Kingdom

Hard work.

Less than the reviews however with a few good laughs, too much slap stick/farce.

Reviewed on 06 February 2019 by , Brentwood, United Kingdom

Lots of fun!

I haven't seen a good farce in years and this was worth waiting for. The husband and I really enjoyed the show.

Reviewed on 04 February 2019 by , Dublin 6w, Ireland


Reviewed on 04 February 2019 by , Wonga Park, Australia

Hysterical !

A brand new theatre experience for all to enjoy. Laugh out loud funny and put together by geniuses !

Reviewed on 31 January 2019 by , Bexleyheath, United Kingdom

Very enjoyable, a must see!

Reviewed on 30 January 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

Wet your pants hilarious!

So funny! Took a few mins to explain the concept to my 7 yr old but once she understood the premise of the show she was in stitches too.

Reviewed on 28 January 2019 by , London, United Kingdom

hilarious to tears

I watched same comedy in Milan last friday and came to London to see the original!!! Fully enjoyable!

Reviewed on 27 January 2019 by , Cusano Milanino, Italy

Such a brilliant show!

So much laughing, a sheer joy to watch. The first half was better than the second, but the whole thing was so great we are going to see one of their other shows today!

Reviewed on 27 January 2019 by , Thurlton, United Kingdom

Very good

The play "A Bank Robbery goes wrong" is funnier

Reviewed on 24 January 2019 by , Faversham, United Kingdom

Proper belly laughs.

Really enjoyed the play, put together really well and some proper belly laughs had. All the cast worked together well and with the audience.

Reviewed on 21 January 2019 by , Bampton, United Kingdom

So funny I would see again..

Reviewed on 20 January 2019 by , Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Definitely recommended

Reviewed on 16 January 2019 by , Mt. Prospect, United States Of America


Very funny and entertaining.

Reviewed on 06 January 2019 by , Coppell, United States Of America


Laughed right through the entire show

Reviewed on 03 January 2019 by , Abbeyleix, Ireland

Very Entertaining

This was very entertaining and a very enjoyable show. The cast were excellent, the timing of the actors was impeccable. The audience in this small intimate theatre also seemed to thoroughly enjoy the show judging by the constant laughter.

Reviewed on 01 January 2019 by , Orpington, United Kingdom

Uproariously funny!

Reviewed on 01 January 2019 by , Walton On Thames, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 01 January 2019 by , Old Hunstanton, United Kingdom

Good clean humour

Reviewed on 31 December 2018 by , London, United Kingdom

Could't stop laughing

Classic British farce with hilarious extra bits -all the time!. An impressive set managed marvellously (and bravely) by the actors. Haven't laughed so much at a play for decades.

Reviewed on 30 December 2018 by , Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Marvellous family entertainment

Full of fun. Suitable for all ages.

Reviewed on 29 December 2018 by , Luton, United Kingdom

Funny night out

Unpredictable and good for a laugh.

Reviewed on 29 December 2018 by , Cambridge, United Kingdom

Very funny

Lovely small theater, I went with 2 teenage boys and they also thoroughly enjoyed it. Very funny and entertaining plus great acting. I would definitely recommend this show.

Reviewed on 29 December 2018 by , Stockton, United Kingdom

I laughed so much, I could have died..... with what went on on stage I was surprised no one did... It all went so wrong!!!

As above

Reviewed on 29 December 2018 by , Fareham, United Kingdom

Absolutely hilarious!

The whole family, from 9 to 17 and mum and dad loves this.

Reviewed on 28 December 2018 by , Teddington, United Kingdom


Reviewed on 25 December 2018 by , Sunny Isles Beach, United States Of America

Countless laughs a minute!

Reviewed on 23 December 2018 by , Asheville, United States Of America

16 Jan
Phil Willmott

New cast of bank robbers as Mischief Theatre conquer the world

by Phil Willmott | Monday, January 16 2017, 11:43

Mischief Theatre It’s great when theatre folk achieve unlikely success through sheer hard work and talent. Of course those two qualities alone are no guarantee of success in an overcrowded market but add a dash of good luck and you could be the next Mischief Theatre.

In just a few years, have gone from being a bunch of unknown graduates performing on the London Fringe to one of the most successful and sought after performers and creatives in the industry.

New cast of bank robbers as Mischief Theatre conquer the world
13 Jul
Oliver Mitford

New cast for West End hit The Play That Goes Wrong

by Oliver Mitford | Monday, July 13 2015, 12:41

The Play That Goes Wrong The Olivier Award-winning production of The Play That Goes Wrong has announced a new cast for their sell-out run at the Duchess Theatre.

New cast for West End hit The Play That Goes Wrong