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The Play That Goes Wrong

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4.7 1931 reviews from 1931 verified reviews
  • Booking until: Sunday, 4 May 2025
  • Running time: 2hr. Incl. 1 interval.
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The Play That Goes Wrong in London

The Play That Goes Wrong – British comedy on steroids

If you fell about laughing at Basil Fawlty's antics in Fawlty Towers you'll adore this smash hit of a comedy play, back in the West End at the Duchess Theatre after a long and hugely successful UK tour.

The production won the What's on Stage 2014 Best New Comedy award. It's directed by Mark Bell, and designed by Nigel Hook with lighting by Ric Mountjoy, and is presented by Kenny Wax Ltd and Stage Presence Ltd.

The stars of this extremely funny show include the talented Chris Currie, Dave Hearn, Rob Falconer, Henry Lewis and Alys Metcalf, plus Charlie Russell, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, Greg Tannahill and Nancy Wallinger.

The Play That Goes Wrong - The story

When the accident prone, inept Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society receives an unexpected financial legacy, the amateur group decides to put the windfall to good use. But when they attempt to put on a complicated 1920s murder mystery play, all hell lets loose. Everything that can possibly go wrong does so, to hilarious effect, and audiences find the resulting chaos so funny that the entire theatre ends up in complete, total, happy disarray, night after night.

If you see people streaming out of a West End venue grinning from ear to ear and wiping their eyes, it's probably the Duchess Theatre... and they've probably just seen this play!

Will the players manage to get everything sorted out before the final curtain rises? Come along and find out for yourself. As long as you're prepared to risk your composure, and don't mind completely losing your cool as the relentless funny stuff takes its toll, it's wholly brilliant!

Excellent comedy timing, expert verbal and physical funnies, it's one of the best comedies to hit the stage for sometime. What does the media say? Libby Purves, reviewing the play in The Times, calls it “ridiculously funny”. Janet Street-Porter said she hadn't laughed so much in years. And the play has garnered a host more excellent press reviews.

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  • Booking until:

    Sunday, 4 May 2025

  • Running time:

    2hr. Incl. 1 interval.

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    Ages 8+.

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The Play That Goes Wrong reviews

4.7 out of 5 1931 reviews

What to expect:

  • Recommended for:
  • Families (89%)
  • Teenagers (88%)
  • Couples (90%)
  • Theatregoers (91%)
Latest customer reviews

All reviews are from customers who have been invited to leave a review just after seeing The Play That Goes Wrong.


A breath of fresh air!

I was expecting a comedy and something different but this really does surprise and exceeds all expectations. Feel good and entertaining from start to finish. Super for families and youngsters too 👍

L Reviewed on 08 June 2024 by
Stafford, United Kingdom



Absolutely brilliant play. Very clever and well choreographed. I couldn’t stop laughing.

M Reviewed on 08 June 2024 by
Immingham, United Kingdom


Laughed til we cried

Just incredibly funny!

A Reviewed on 07 June 2024 by
Leeds, United Kingdom


Fabulous farce

Arrive early the performance is taking place as you take your seats. The audience was convulsed with laughter throughout the very professional performance

G Reviewed on 05 June 2024 by
Glasgow, United Kingdom


Very good

M Reviewed on 01 June 2024 by
Alzahra, Kuwait



Really enjoyed the show. Great fun for the audience

J Reviewed on 01 June 2024 by
Surrey, United Kingdom


One of the best !!!

A Reviewed on 31 May 2024 by
Betley, United Kingdom



A spirit lifting two hours! GOOD LAUGHS!

P Reviewed on 26 May 2024 by
Ashford, United Kingdom


Goes Wrong In All The Right Ways!

A must see! Covers all genre's. Hilarious, fun for all!!

S Reviewed on 15 May 2024 by
Inkster, United States Of America


Great night out for all!

Fun from start to finish 😊

T Reviewed on 12 May 2024 by
Melbourne, Australia



K Reviewed on 11 May 2024 by
Bristol, United Kingdom


Unoriginal not funny at all

Although those close by did laugh a lot I found absolutely nothing funny in fact boring predictable and unoriginal. Deeply disappointing. The idea play within a play had potential but failed - the inside play should have been a farce but the writers failed. The only interesting thing was trying to figure out why people laughed

R Reviewed on 11 May 2024 by
New Rochelle, United States Of America


A must see

The show is absolutely brilliant and extremely funny.

R Reviewed on 09 May 2024 by
Stockport, United Kingdom


It was ok but need good audience and the audience was crap

R Reviewed on 08 May 2024 by
Burlington, Canada


Everyone has plesure, very very nice.

Lovely, lovely , lovely, lovely

B Reviewed on 07 May 2024 by
Alkmaar, Netherlands


Good Old Laugh Out Loud Fun!

A fantastic production full of lots of laughter and brilliant comedic timing from the actors. Can't wait to see more!

J Reviewed on 05 May 2024 by
West Midlands, United Kingdom


Wonderful fun

Escape from all worries and enjoy two hours of pure and inventive humour. Laugh until you cry. And no rudeness for bonus.

M Reviewed on 05 May 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


My husband and I attended the show. From start to finish we were in hysterics. The funniest show we have seen in years. The staff were all brilliant. Would highly recommend it.

G Reviewed on 30 April 2024 by
Clonmel, Ireland


Absolute Reconmendation

Very funny and easy understanding for us Austrians 😃 The only thing that wasn‘t so good was the Quality of sitting.

M Reviewed on 29 April 2024 by
Graz, Austria


Great show.

S Reviewed on 28 April 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


crazy, extraordinary - must watch!

F Reviewed on 27 April 2024 by
Graz, Austria


Hilarious ❣️

Absolutely brilliant,from the cast to costumes,set,writing and venue.Sooo pleased I went,haven't laughed soo much in ages.Thanks to the writers!

D Reviewed on 24 April 2024 by
East Yorks, United Kingdom


Stupidly funny.

Basil fawlty comes to mind. Mood lifting hilariously stupid.

S Reviewed on 21 April 2024 by
Crewe, United Kingdom


Comedy at its finest and funniest

An absolute must see, haven't laughed so much in a long time

J Reviewed on 17 April 2024 by
Goole, United Kingdom


Very entertaining

I was a bit uncertain as there are mixed reviews. Although it was recommended by 2 of our friends. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this play, it is funny in many parts (not side splitting hilarious but silly and slapstick) it appealed to our sense of humour. What I liked is that i didn’t notice any swearing or crudity which is rife in many aspects of our society now. So it would be safe to take older children along. We had a great evening.

T Reviewed on 11 April 2024 by
Ingatestone, United Kingdom


Great a laugh a minute

It takes a lot to make mum husband laugh but u all managed it wonderful performance

A Reviewed on 10 April 2024 by
Warrington, United Kingdom


Great fun !

Great Show, as always, I’ve been four times now. It was my Granddaughter’s first introduction to theatre, she lives in Dubai, and I think she is hooked! Very professionally done. I’m a great fan of the acting compan. and try to see them as often as possible. .

C Reviewed on 06 April 2024 by
Burford, United Kingdom


Laugh out loud

Laughed so much! My kids loved it and so did the adults!

S Reviewed on 05 April 2024 by
Milton, Canada


Laughing & smiling along the way

Thoroughly entertaining from the start to the end. Would recommend the upper seating area to appreciate the show.

K Reviewed on 04 April 2024 by
Scunthorpe, United Kingdom


A good laugh, just what we needed

After a difficult week seeing this show was a great way to unwind and release all our stress with a great laugh. Really enjoyed the show, cant remeber when I last laughed so much.

A Reviewed on 02 April 2024 by
Papamoa Beach, New Zealand


The show was very amusing in parts but too much going on all at the same time, making it hard to follow the action/lines being spoken at times. A bit too much slapstick generally. It was ok for a chilled night out but rather overpriced for what it delivered. Sorry!

J Reviewed on 01 April 2024 by
Year, United Kingdom


Whole family absolutely loved it especially the teenagers. The actors walking about in character before the show and during intermission was a bonus. Laughed and applauded throughout the show, total entertainment.

E Reviewed on 01 April 2024 by
Richmond, United Kingdom


Pure escape through laughter

Leave any cares you may have at the door and be part of hilarious nonsense for the evening. We should all do it. What a tonic. What a show.

G Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by
Elland, United Kingdom


Hilarious! Must see!

B Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by
Petah Tikva, Israel


Fantastic Show!

A Reviewed on 31 March 2024 by
Lincoln, New Zealand


Very funny

I really enjoyed the show. Well acted and funny. Great when the audience was involved.

J Reviewed on 30 March 2024 by
Wimborne, United Kingdom



So much fun!

F Reviewed on 26 March 2024 by
Lisbon, Portugal


A rip-roaring canter through farce with much trickery and mirth to boot. Very enjoyable and very funny.

See above

P Reviewed on 24 March 2024 by
Waltham Cross, United Kingdom


Very funny and clever play

Very clever plot to cover every possible thing that could go wrong staging a murder mystery from ‘bad’ acting to stage prop failures-brilliant! All actors were excellent.

S Reviewed on 22 March 2024 by
Fowey, United Kingdom


A wonderful, farcical comedy featuring A A highly skilled performers!

Even better than Brian Rix’s work and his farces were brilliant! I was impressed by the performers’ timing, particularly when a number of things on stage were taking place in parallell. No one missed a beat. Occasionally, a comedic device was over-used but not enough to prevent this being a top rate show!

N Reviewed on 21 March 2024 by
Ulestraten, Netherlands



Was disappointed, was led to believe it was the funniest show and I would be crying with laughter, it wasn't it was corny.

E Reviewed on 17 March 2024 by
Chester, United Kingdom



If you are a theatre goer it has to be a definite must.

B Reviewed on 13 March 2024 by
East Twickenham, United Kingdom



One of the best shows I've ever seen. Superb acting, belly laughs from start to finish.

M Reviewed on 06 March 2024 by
Dublin 22, Ireland


Excellent fun night out

A must see, very well acted such great comic timing

V Reviewed on 06 March 2024 by
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom


If you don't like this show then it is a red flag!

Such an amazing show, not a second went by where you weren't enjoying yourself!

A Reviewed on 05 March 2024 by
Vejle, Denmark



Great timing and agility from the actors and a great laugh.

S Reviewed on 04 March 2024 by
Longfield, United Kingdom


Absolutely hilarious

If you are looking for a show which makes you laugh all the way through, this is it. It was funny from the start to the finish. Highly recommended.

S Reviewed on 03 March 2024 by
Sidcup, United Kingdom



Slapstick show. Chaotic fun.

F Reviewed on 03 March 2024 by
Gex, France


Dog face!

A very clever funny play!

N Reviewed on 28 February 2024 by
Gloucester, United Kingdom


Didn’t stop laughing

H Reviewed on 24 February 2024 by
Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom


Lots of fun and laughter

O Reviewed on 22 February 2024 by
Karmeim Yosef, Israel


Good clean fun

Reminded me of good old fashioned farce or slapstick . Mixed audience, some clearly tourists whose first language was not English. Also good mix of ages. All seemed to enjoy the mayhem 😂😂

P Reviewed on 21 February 2024 by
Twickenham, United Kingdom


Have not belly laughed so much for a long time!!

I can't recommend this show enough. The acting was fabulous and I have not laughed so much for a long time. If you want to go and see a show, go and see this one!!!

A Reviewed on 20 February 2024 by
Godalming, United Kingdom


Superb acting and hilarious !

The performers were superb, play was hilarious; we laughed from beginning to end ! Very fast moving and the actors didn’t miss a beat. Great interaction with the audience which was very funny. Overall, a brilliant show & I recommend it 100%

S Reviewed on 18 February 2024 by
Beckenham, United Kingdom


Hilarious show

Fabulous “ slap stick” show. No opportunity left if a one liner or “accident “ could be used . Really great fun , all the cast were great and the special effects were amazing.

E Reviewed on 18 February 2024 by
Petersfield, United Kingdom


A must see!

I had a really tough week, and this play made me laugh and forget about everything! Thanks to the professional actors, such an amazing performance and excellent acting!

A Reviewed on 17 February 2024 by
London, United Kingdom


Laugh Out Loud and Let Yourself Go

Lighten up and watch the funniest show in London by a country mile. Amazing acting and plot that would not be bettered were Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel, Hardy or Lloyd in the cast.

I Reviewed on 14 February 2024 by
Wakefield, United Kingdom


Wonderful ham acting

D Reviewed on 14 February 2024 by
Dumfries, United Kingdom


Comedy of errors

This was an easy show to watch. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it was what it was supposed to be so I think people should go to it even to see if this is their type of theatre!!

N Reviewed on 13 February 2024 by
Roscommon, Ireland


Very funny

Excellent show a good laugh

H Reviewed on 27 January 2024 by
Herts, United Kingdom


Amazing - We have laugh continuously

Better than a medical treatment ! A Masterpiece Thank you for this moment of pure pleasure

M Reviewed on 26 January 2024 by
Castillon La Bataille, France


Very enjoyable, laughed a lot

T Reviewed on 26 January 2024 by
Bracknell, United Kingdom


Hehe, stage go boom.

It go boom. Just kidding, I actually could not stop laughing for the practical entirety of the run time.

H Reviewed on 21 January 2024 by
Asker, Norway


Sometimes it was difficult to hear what they were saying in the dress circle

J Reviewed on 18 January 2024 by
Middlesex, United Kingdom


Great Night Out

Very funny play. Thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. Ages ranged from 18 to 85 so a great night for the whole family.

C Reviewed on 17 January 2024 by
Gravesend, United Kingdom


Silly but worth a visit

Didn’t know what to expect but chanced it. Very silly but seemed to hit the funny bones of some audience members who were in hysterics. I thought it was a little CBBC …Chuckle Brother humour where you find yourself smirking a lot but only a few times did I laugh out loud. The actors were in their 20/30s and did a very good job. I would say go enjoy at a reasonable price and like popcorn, will forget a few days later

G Reviewed on 17 January 2024 by
Santa Rosa, United States Of America


Fun play

P Reviewed on 13 January 2024 by
Currumbin, Australia


I liked it.

Get there early. It's really good!

D Reviewed on 13 January 2024 by
High Wycombe, United Kingdom


Soooo funny

Great show highly recommended

C Reviewed on 13 January 2024 by
Ballyclare, United Kingdom


an evening of laughter

excellent show. Great fun

P Reviewed on 06 January 2024 by
Leiston, United Kingdom


Outstanding, laughed beginning to end.

M Reviewed on 06 January 2024 by
Reading, United Kingdom



Hilarious. No criticism. Each person suited their part so well! Bravo!!

R Reviewed on 06 January 2024 by
Roscommon, Ireland


So much fun

Absolutely hilarious

G Reviewed on 06 January 2024 by
Barry, United Kingdom


Hilarious show and a great night out.

This was a brilliant show, everything that happened was well thought out and although some bits were a bit predictable because of the nature of the show, some bits were a great surprise. The actors were all great and played their parts brilliantly.

A Reviewed on 31 December 2023 by
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom


Fun to watch

M Reviewed on 29 December 2023 by
Alzahra, Kuwait


Great fun, silly farce for the family

R Reviewed on 28 December 2023 by
Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom


Fantastic. Very funny… I took my teenage nephews. Great for all ages. Brilliany

L Reviewed on 24 December 2023 by
Chigwell, United Kingdom


Comedic masterpiece

Honestly the best show I've seen, I take my grandson to the theatre every Xmas and we both loved it laughed the whole time so so so funny and I would recommend it to anyone just a great night the entire cast were hilarious

W Reviewed on 23 December 2023 by
London, United Kingdom


The show was so right

Really enjoyed the show that goes wrong fun and laughs we're so right would recommend for all the family

V Reviewed on 10 December 2023 by
Wellingborough, United Kingdom


Extremely hilarious

We loved how the “extras” were included in the show! The visuals were excellent! The stage set was amazing “falling apart”. This was such a fun show and I was crying from laughing. Hope they find Winston!!

C Reviewed on 09 December 2023 by
Dubuque, United States Of America


So much fun

C Reviewed on 04 December 2023 by
Hitchin, United Kingdom


very entertaining

K Reviewed on 03 December 2023 by
Larnaca, Cyprus



The play was fantastic right from the moment you entered the theatre! Was hilarious all the way through, it really was side-splittingly funny, I can't stop thinking about it and laughing. Costumes were fabulous and, of course, the acting was brilliant! Perfect timing. We all loved it.

J Reviewed on 03 December 2023 by
Easton Royal Pewsey, United Kingdom


A good laugh, well put together. Timing excellent

R Reviewed on 20 November 2023 by
London, United Kingdom


Its an absolute must see. If you havent i more than recommended. Dont wait for an occasion just GO!!!

It was an absolute delight. Full of fun and laughter and definitely interactive with the audience

V Reviewed on 12 November 2023 by
Lewisham, United Kingdom


laugh a minute

M Reviewed on 11 November 2023 by
Barnet, United Kingdom


A scream from beginning till the end

R Reviewed on 11 November 2023 by
Oostende, Belgium


Silly comedy hard to follow the story

Not a good production. Over the top banana skin comedy that made it hard to follow the story behind it. The guy who plays the brother of the bride (funny) was a good actor. He needs to change the play. Seats too squashed. Same opinion shared by the couple next to us.

M Reviewed on 09 November 2023 by
Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom



This show was excellent. The acting started before the actual show started. The actors were personable, professional, and hilarious. Had so many laughs I would see this show again. Great job!

M Reviewed on 05 November 2023 by
San Diego, United States Of America


Good fun

D Reviewed on 29 October 2023 by
York, United Kingdom


Rip roaringly hilarious!

We were in stitches from the very beginning right through to the end. The show ranged from being side splittingly funny to gigglesome to cover-your-eyes outrageously hilarious. A laugh a minute is an understatement! The company were brilliant across all comedy fronts.

L Reviewed on 27 October 2023 by
Hove, United Kingdom


Need some laughter - this is for you

W Reviewed on 23 October 2023 by
Swindon, United Kingdom


A must see

Fantastic comedy! All the actors were incredibly talented. The set design was genius as with the script. Laughter from start to finish. A must to see.

E Reviewed on 23 October 2023 by
Kristiansand, Norway


A must see

Amazing performance. My daughter recommended and glad she did. Laughed from start to finish. The team are superb. My fingers are crossed that the tour in Scotland with their next production.

C Reviewed on 20 October 2023 by
Cumbernauld, United Kingdom



Excellent funny show! Small theatre but good view of stage. Refreshments in bar and could take them into show. Ice cream available in interval.

J Reviewed on 16 October 2023 by
Cardiff, United Kingdom



if you are looking for a good laugh this is the right thing to watch

K Reviewed on 16 October 2023 by
Old Bakery Street (triq L-ifran), Malta


Slapstick at its best.

P Reviewed on 15 October 2023 by
San Francisco, United States Of America


Hilarious show

Very funny, not laughed like that for a while, brillaint show - lots going on on stage and sometimes didnt know where to look for the best

P Reviewed on 12 October 2023 by
Ramsbottom, United Kingdom


Fantastic comedy for all ages

C Reviewed on 09 October 2023 by
South Croydon, United Kingdom


A fantastic show, brilliant timing and all round really entertaining

R Reviewed on 08 October 2023 by
Caddington, United Kingdom

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