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Monday, 2 October 2017

Booking until:
Saturday, 30 December 2017

What happened when a couple of determined Norwegians laid the ground for peace talks between Palestine and Israel? The talks were until recently a close-held secret, now the fascinating political cat is out of the bag, transformed into a play by J. T Rogers.

It was a runaway 2017 Tony Award winner. It enjoyed a brilliant sell-out run on Broadway as well as gathering a whole load of critical acclaim along the way. Now it's transferring direct from Broadway to the West End for a strictly limited season. You're going to adore Oslo!

The year? 1993. The world's media have just watched in awe as the leaders of war-torn sworn enemies Israel and Palestine shook hands on the Whitehouse lawn. But how many of the observers realised that the infamous deal had only been struck thanks to the hard work and dedication of a few key negotiators working in secret in a remote castle, in the middle of a forest just outside Oslo?

This wonderful play tells the story of those long-ago events, set up by a couple of maverick Norwegian diplomats who coordinated the top-secret talks. But they did a lot more than arrange things. They also managed to create lasting, strong and seemingly impossible friendships between Israelis, Palestinians, Norwegians and Americans.

The Norwegians were heroes in a typically quiet and un-ostentatious way. Their subtle heroics led to the ground-breaking Oslo Peace Accords, which in turn saved potentially thousands of lives that would otherwise have been lost to the conflict.

The multi award-winning director Bartlett Sher is at the forefront of this glittering production of J.T. Rogers’ critically acclaimed new piece. It's a magical blend of intimate personal storytelling and an enormous, wide-reaching historical epic, and it's so good it's due to be transformed into a movie. Head to the splendid Harold Pinter theatre in autumn 2017 for a theatre experience you won't forget in a hurry, fresh from a run at the National Theatre.

Press Reviews

Witty, gripping, Shakespearean in scope. Delivered by a flawless ensemble The Financial Times

Toby Stephens is brilliant The Times

A fast-paced, quick-witted intellectual thriller. Remarkable The Independent

A drama-filled dream of peace and diplomacy Metro

Watch, learn, marvel. Epic drama makes history The Daily Telegraph

Lydia Leonard is excellent Evening Standard

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Review: OSLO at the National Theatre

22 Sep 2017 in Reviews

Oslo - Harold Pinter Theatre You won't want to miss this extremely classy evening that's intellectually fascinating, very entertaining and showcases the very best of New York and London's theatre talent.

The knotty but engaging play premiered on Broadway last year. It collected a raft of top U.S theatre awards before being remounted with the same director but a British cast for this brief run at the National Theatre, before it transfers to Harold Pinter Theatre in the West End.

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Review: OSLO at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater (Lincoln Centre), Broadway

09 Sep 2016 in Broadway Shows

Oslo When comparing London and New York theatre most critics agree that exciting new drama tends to be developed in London while New York is the town for innovation in musical theatre. It is therefore with huge excitement that I report that OSLO, at Lincoln Centre’s intimate Mitzi Newhouse space, is one of the finest new plays I have seen in years. Already a sold out smash in its limited run this summer, Lincoln Centre has announced that the show is transferring to its larger, Broadway venue, the Vivian Beaumont later in the year. No doubt this wonderfully theatrical and thought provoking production will be making its way to London soon.

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