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This show is now closed.
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The Comeback description

The Comeback – A comedy treat from an award winning duo

Isn't it heavenly to see the West End gradually opening its doors to drama-starved audiences once more? We're genuinely thrilled to be able to introduce a brand new comedy, The Comeback, described as 'brilliantly original and hilarious', and perfect for comedy-lovers of every age. The Noel Coward Theatre is your venue for a performance that will, of course, take place under social distancing rules. The play is crafted beautifully by The Pin’s award-winning team Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen, and it's being billed as side-splittingly funny.

What's the plot?

We could all do with a good dollop of escapism at the moment, and this lovely show delivers plenty of that. It has a good, warm heart, as well as an extra bit of fun on the cards for audiences each night. There's even a different celebrity guest on stage nightly, tasked with turning to fun dial up to eleven and beyond.

The Comeback reveals the tale of two double acts, each battling to gain control of the most vitally important gig of their lives. It's tipped to have audiences doubled over with laughter, and the humour is wonderfully heart-warming. Enjoy this quirky exploration of bittersweet nostalgia, and learn all over again about the remarkable power of friendship.

When Alex and Ben are booked as the warm-up act for a well-loved but old fashioned double act’s comeback tour, nobody is particularly happy about the situation. The crowds are tiny and the seaside town they're playing in is half asleep, hardly a buzzing metropolis. When the comedians discover there's going to be a Hollywood director in the audience, both duos scent their big break on the wind. But a series of unexpected goings-on spoils everything. Expect sabotage, mistaken identity and endless mayhem, and you won't be disappointed. An hilarious fight for the limelight ensues, with on and off-stage arguments, and the results really are madly funny.

Who's on the creative team?

As Sonia Friedman herself said, “I am absolutely thrilled to be announcing The Comeback as SFP’s return to the West End. I was excited about The Pin’s debut play long before lockdown, but after the year we’ve had, it feels like the perfect tonic.” The fun is directed by Emily Burns. It is written by and stars Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen, AKA The Pin. Set and Costume Design is by Rosanna Vize, Lighting Design by Prema Mehta, and Sound Design and Music comes from Giles Thomas.

What are the critics saying?

The Times says The Comeback is “Exquisitely silly and very funny... makes you feel as though you might be hearing the next Mitchell and Webb”. The Guardian calls it, “One of the most dazzling comedy shows in Edinburgh” and The Times reviewer says "I had a knot in my stomach from laughing so much." According to The Telegraph it's a “very classy, very funny show indeed”, and the Evening Standard says it will “simply make you laugh your socks off”.

Who is this show for?

The Comeback's age restrictions are not released yet, so keep your eyes open for news.

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27 Apr
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The Comeback – 2021 West End Dates

by London Box Office | Tuesday, April 27 2021, 10:12

The Comeback Comedy Update for The Comeback at the Noël Coward Theatre

Being billed as both hilarious and heart-warming, The Comeback is a dazzling new comedy by Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen, the talented duo known as 'The Pin'. The play reveals the backstage war between a couple of rival comedy duos and the result is a brilliant contemporary farce. No wonder it attracted critical acclaim and five-star reviews before the second lockdown. Now it's back.

The Comeback – 2021 West End Dates
10 Dec
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The Comeback – See exclusive production images!

by London Box Office | Thursday, December 10 2020, 16:06

Ben Ashenden and Alex Owen in The Comeback - Credit Marc Brenner We're excited to announce exclusive production images for The Comeback. Described as hilarious and heart-warming by critics and audiences alike, The Comeback was a smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe. The show weaves the story of an almighty backstage battle between two rival comedy duos, and the result is a dazzlingly exciting contemporary farce that's guaranteed to delight.

The Comeback – See exclusive production images!